by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

On the shores of the Caspian Sea

My friend and lover waits for me

With arms wide open as the Sea

A passion as deep as the Sea


A bright and shining light in the distance, I do see

It is your light that guides my path to thee

Always beckoning me to cometh to thee

On the shores of the Caspian Sea


The waves do echo your words

Which the wind carries to me

So gently, your voice caressing me

“Come join me by the Caspian Sea.”


For decades  dreamt of how it was to be

Embraced we shall dance upon the waves

Our hearts beating as one

Upon the shores of the Caspian Sea










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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

not logged in Iranian friend

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I do my best to be better than I was the day before. Please do remember that I am human and well I am flawed.

You are correct, I do not feel myself at all superior to anyone but rather I am humbled by so much brilliance within the Iranian community.

Iranian culture and history is vast and rich.

I hope one day to be fluent in your beautiful native tongue. :o)

solh va doosti

peace and friendship

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Kheyli Sepaas! :o)

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

not logged in Iranian Friend, Ebi and IRANdokht,

Thank you so much! I am glad that you liked it.



by IRANdokht on

What a sweet, romantic and lovely blog!

Thanks Natalia jan


ebi amirhosseini

Natalia aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on


Ebi aka Haaji


Thank you

by not logged in (not verified) on

Beautiful poem and videos.

Thank you for being such a sweetheart Natalia jan.

It's sad to see others who come in here every day to preach to us and pick on various people just to imply they're superior somehow.
I wish we had more people like you.

An Iranian friend