Picking Up Guys Iranian Style

by n.zanincanadai

There was a clip posted on the main page of this website about MOZAAHEMAT. A young lady was standing on the street, suggesting she wanted a taxi. When the men were approaching, she was getting very onogh and bi mazze and even rude. Of course, the men were branded as pigs who were aziating dokhtareh mardom.

We all know there are legitimate cases of mozaahemat in Iran. No doubt about it. But I wonder if all Iranian women in Iran appreciate being displayed as victims who can't take care of themseleves. Little girls who are always being chased...

This one goes out to the girls I love....

Farrokhlaghaa I love you.


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The girls know

by YS (not verified) on

The girls know they are having fun and so do the guys!
It's just teasing, kinda "at a distance". Both groups know they can just drive off if they feel like it.
I saw this same type of thing happen in France some years ago with a car full of Italian guys.
There were 4 of us(girls) in our car 2 Iranians , one French, 1 Lebanese.
Our French friend ended up dating one of those guys for a while.
It was just for fun and we were students at the time and so were they.

Ms Judy Golshani

Thank you for sharing

by Ms Judy Golshani on

As an American woman married to an Iranian man, I found it quite interesting!!


What gets on my nerves

by n.zanincanadai on

What gets on my nerves about people like anonymoush is that alaki dava daran.

You can look at something and voice your opinion. Why do you have to be so fudging rotten all the time? SHEESH

Can't you just look at something and not comment? wait a minute don't answer that. Can't you just look at something and send an articulate comment without being so antagonistic?

I swear to god i'm not kiddig when I say that ever since I started conversing with people here I've turned into one mean bad akhlagh witch.

Maybe some people here need to get laid. Or go to a party. Or a movie. Or something...ANYTHING

It's bad to hang out with nonor onogh torsh people. It rubs off on ya! I really need to stop....Monday...Monday will be the beginning of my new contract and I swear I will reduce my time here. Beshinid ba ham dige enghad bazi konid ke hoselatoon sar bereh... Keep talking about opressions and this and that. When you have figured out the answer to Iran's problems....write an article and enlighten the rest of us.




Anonymoush: If you want

by n.zanincanadai on


If you want to go beyond the joke aspect of this video there's so much in it!

Making fun is not right. No guy or girl should be ridiculed.

But I doubt the guy is a victim here. The number he gives is probably fake and he probably gave it to many people. This is a game they are all playing for fun. No harm.

And no one was making fun of anyone in the video. They were all having fun. One guy was referred to as ugly but that car ignored the girls first and their response was to call the guy ugly. The rest was just teasing.

I'm not sure what point I'm missing here. I posted it to say that the Mozaahem video on the main page was not a full representation of Iranian women and how they deal with these sorts of pick up situations. I wanted to show that sometimes, younger ladies are active participants in this game. And it happens every where. It's called...javooni.

" You're a victim of not having many options for a fun pass-time."

Dude where did you grow up? Anyone who grew up in the west will tell you that most western teenagers are bored our of their wits. Ever visited suburbia???? have you ever been to a mall???? What are YOU talking about?

We are all oppressed, khialeh khodeto rahat kon. The difference is that these people are either unaware of it (ignorance is bliss) or are doing the best they can. And THAT's healthy.




by Abarmard on

Don't be angry. If you need to be angry then take a look at a society that is blind to see a civilization destroyed by them, generation of life and livelihood vanished and they are thinking whether they should continue on with their atrocious act or not.

Nothing is wrong with a healthy fun for young girls and boys. In the US, My friends and I used to drive around looking for girls or parties.


what are you talking about!

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

This behavior is not healthy. To mock a guy, pretend to be interested, ask for the phone number so he would say it on video that is being uploaded to youtube, laugh at him and give him the wrong name, is not a sign of these ladies not having been oppressed!

If you are saying that just because they can listen to music in their car and sing along, they're free and not victims, then you need your attitude towards the IRI restrictions reevaluated, maybe you should travel to Iran and find out how not oppressed the women really are.

Some of them are probably visitors from abroad and are being driven around for some cruising. If you noticed some of these girls are speaking english amongst themselves
If you visit a country and driving around picking on the men driving other cars in the road is your idea of having a fun time, then you're a victim of oppression too. They have nowhere else to go!! do you get it? They're taking it out on the guys and you are cheering them on!

Yes! even if you laugh and introduce yourself as Farrokhlagha. You're a victim of not having many options for a fun pass-time.

I hope you delete this blog too, you get on my nerves since you never get the point.


Good memories

by Abarmard on

Thanks. Girls are balaa in Iran


Phone number

by Troneg on

As it is public in Youtube, I wonder if many people called to guy's phone number :-)

Unfortunately, I heve never been picked like that by any girl (Iranian or European) :-(  


Fed Up: Age mesle bache

by n.zanincanadai on

Fed Up: Age mesle bache adam khahesh kardeh boodi, I would have posted it for your viewing pleasure. Boycot me, you won't be the first and you won't be the last. It actually makes me cooler.

I always delete my posts. It's my signature thing.

sz & alborzi. 100% ghabul


The Iranian Style

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Dating Iranian girls has always (even back in 1970)
was different than the western girls. I undrestand one limitation is now moot, but there may be others, just like then the Iranian girls are very erotic. I think people who just see the limitations are haaloo


The weakling Iranian women

by sz (not verified) on

You put your finger on the punch line of the whole exercise. That is, perpetuating the Islamic Republic’s core ideology of considering women as weaklings, za’efeh, this in turn requires the protection of the fatherly pious Islamic regime. Notwithstanding the loutish tone of the Islamic policewoman/bait who sounded like she has been around the block more than once, any Iranian man can testify to the fact that Iranian women are more than capable of defending themselves with class and finesse.


Questions for a spoilt brat

by Fed Up! (not verified) on

What happened to your Havas post? Don't bother writing anything new. I am boycotting reading you until you put all your deleted posts back. Enough is enough.