I Dream Today

by n.zanincanadai

Of jam and Santa’s post,

Casper the Friendly Ghost

And wines we toast

With delicious glazed roast

…I dream today

Of sweeter days

And better ways

And funny childish plays

Of reading Wuthering Heights

In the middle of Thousand Islands!

Of 4th of July

Only by the shores at Lake George

Giggling at innocent bonds we forge

Of…silly secrets

And learning to kiss

Such sweet bliss!

Of roller coasters and ferris wheels

With Cabbage Patch deals

Wishing for adulthood and high heels

In the summertime,

Oh! Fridge water with lime

I dream today…

Of Recess Pieces

And Cinderella

Yup! Toast with Nutella

I just dream today…


Of Wayward ways and smoke filled days

And showers in a sleepy haze

And phony theories with tarnished glories ablaze

And undeserved praise without a single raise

And of this talk about all the gays

…I’m sick today

Of lies and deceit

And passionless heat

And poverty

And scarce water and expensive wheat

And mad cow diseased meat

And child hookers on the street

And religions with a stoning treat

…I’m sick today

Of Silent good byes

And violent cries

And fake prophets on the rise

And fat thighs with super plus sized pies

And the flies with the fries

And quiet spies

And basically, of all you guys

...I'm sick today


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Very nice..

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Very nice, I love its rhyme and the connectivity of the words...Beautiful!


Thanks all for reading

by n.zanincanadai on

Thanks all for reading


This is nice

by Anonymouse on

Sometimes you do get tired of talking about something over and over again. And then we forget.



by Anonymous_ (not verified) on

...and im sick of dreaming today


I edited the ending 3 times

by n.zanincanadai on

I edited the ending 3 times and decided to stick to the original. The "guys" is not you guys reading. It's about people like myself who complain but do nothing.


Honest Hassan


by Honest Hassan on


The feeling is mutual :-)