Graham Greene

by n.zanincanadai

I Believe *

I can believe only in love that strikes suddenly out of a clear sky:

I do not believe in the slow germination of friendship

Or one that asks 'why?'

Because our love came savagely, suddenly, like an actor of war,

I cannot conceive a love that rises gently and subsides without a scar.


After Two Years *

In a plane your hair was blown,
And in an island the old car
Lingered from inn to inn,
Like a fly on a map.
A mattress was spread on a cottage floor
And a door closed on a world, but another door
Opened, and I was far
From the old world sadly known
Where the fruitless seeds were sown,
And they called that virtue and this sin
Did I ever love God before I knew the place
I rest in now, now with my hand
Set in stone, never to move?
For this is love, and this I love,
And even my God is here.


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Getting to know him

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Henry Graham Greene (2 October 1904 – 3 April 1991) was an English writer. Catholic religious themes are at the root of much of his writing. He suffered from bipolar disorder which had a profound effect on his writing and drove him to excess in his personal life.


Throughout his life, Greene travelled far from England, to what he called the world's wild and remote places. He was recruited into MI6 and he continued reporting to British intelligence until his death.


The novelist's relationship with Lady Walston, the frustrated wife of a civil servant, led to the classic 1951 novel The End of the Affair, which has twice been made into a film.


Both Greene, 42, and American-born Walston, 30, were married when they embarked on the affair in 1947. Lady Walston was a renowned society beauty. The poems he wrote for his mistress were a closely guarded secret which Greene wrote for the couple's small circle of friends. Their surviving letters are full of secret messages such as “I W T F U” (I want to fuck you), “C I L Y”, (Catherine I Love You).


The passionate nature of his relationship with Lady Walston is constantly referred to in his poems.

- Various Sources

persian westender

very beautiful. welcome back.

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very beautiful. welcome back.

American Wife


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I cannot conceive a love that rises gently and subsides without a scar

I've got goosebumps.  Awesome.