Worldwide Video Messages of Support for Iranian Students

by move4iran

پیامهای جهانی‌ همبستگی‌ با دانشجویان و فرهنگیان ایران

For more than seventy years, Iranian students and academics have been one of the leading defenders of basic freedoms and rights. For this, they have paid dearly, with imprisonment, torture, rape and their lives.

Following the June 12th elections and the brutal crackdown on peaceful protestors during last summer, students and scholars, along with others including the members of women’s movement, once again led the struggle.

Since the universities have opened in late September, Iranian students and scholars have again assumed a brave and active voice.

These messages have been sent from all over the world to make the 70th anniversary of the International Students' Day, a day of global solidarity with Iranian students and academics and to honor their bravery and struggles for basic human and civil rights.


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Worldwide Support for Iranian Students
Nov 19, 2009
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