Open Letter to VOA’s Persian News Network Director


Mohammad Alireza
by Mohammad Alireza

Like you I have spent most of my life outside of Iran but unlike you I have not sold out to the American Empire, which you obviously have.

When I watched the live broadcast of the twin towers collapsing when living in California I spent the next two weeks reading everything I could find as to what was going on. The conclusion I reached was that there was a 50-50 chance that America would attack Iran. At that time I decided which side I stood on and sold everything and returned to Iran.

The fact you have been an advisor to the current CIA director and are supposedly bringing “truth” to the Iranian people makes you an agent of the American Empire. No matter what you say or do you will always be viewed with suspicion by the Iranian people.

You weasel out of giving a straight answer to why Melody Navab-Safavi was fired and then you expect us in Iran to believe that you are sincere and have the interest of the Iranian people at heart?

What a laugh.

You are so deluded that you are not aware of the fact that you are serving the interest of those that control the government of America; you have been hired to NOT report the fact that America committed war crimes in Iraq.

Yes, the fundamental aspect of responsible journalism is to be the American public’s check on the governments operations, but you are failing in this fundamental duty.

You are not broadcasting the truth to Iran.

You are not reporting the fact that America was instrumental in Saddam’s use of chemical weapons on Iranians.

You are not reporting the fact that America would start bombing Iran tomorrow if it was not for the increase in oil prices.

The list is so long, and even if I wrote page after page, it would not do any good because you are an American “drone” that happens to have some Iranian blood.

I am glad VOA is jammed and it should stay jammed until you learn to present BOTH sides.

I use to listen to Sazegar until I discovered he is now being paid by the Bush Institute.

You and the rest of the Iranian-American staff at VOA are no different to the prostitutes that walk the streets of D.C.

I apologize for the rude and harsh words but you and your staff are enabling the military industrial complex to extend its reach and gain complete control of the Middle East, and you are doing this through your mostly insipid programming.

You are not working in the interest of the Iranian people, which at this time has the prevention of war as its number one priority.

And you are not working in the interests of the American people.

You are working for the American Empire.

And you are making war more likely.

The fact that you fail to report anything about the atrocities of America’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and pretend they will not do the same to Iran makes you deluded, brainwashed, and pimped.

The fact is American’s themselves do not have control over their own government even though they like to think they do.

They were not able to stop the illegal war on Iraq.

They were unable to close Guantanamo.

They were unable to prosecute the con artists on Wall Street.

And they are not even able to elect a non-warmonger because the defense industry is out of control and hand in hand with Wall Street is only interested in funding election campaigns that ensure continued war spending.

And that can only happen if there is an “enemy”, and Iran is the latest “enemy”.

If you want to write this rant off as being from a supporter of the IRI be my guess because it’s convenient for you to do so --- it’s convenient because you have nothing for your defense. Show me one minute of your broadcasting that has shown the American Empire as it really is?

I have three interests and that is peace, true democracy, and the rule of law. And if you had any inkling of what was happening in America you would realize that these three things no longer exist in America. Hopefully we Iranians will succeed in bringing them about here but we will do it alone and without the “help” of bombs dropping on our heads.

Look back to this date when with the help of your PR services the warmongers get their war. Look back on this date when you watch Iranian children and women get blown to pieces from the comfort of your D.C. condo. When Iran is poisoned by Depleted Uranium and leukemia rates skyrocket in children ask yourself if it was worth it.

Panetta says it was worth it to destroy Iraq.

I am sure they will say the same thing about Iran….if you let them! Wake up!


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Mohammad Alireza

To Bruce Bahmani:

by Mohammad Alireza on

I don’t know if your blind display of loyalty to the American Empire will satisfy Homeland Security or not but at least it should be worth a nicer cot than the others at the Interment Camp.

By the way have you considered writing for The Weekly Standard? Because I’m sure they are looking for saps like you.


Reply to: Your Reply:

by bahmani on

Nothing you say or have said suggests that you support the IRI. Obviously you are smarter than to do that.

But more obviously, you are a true and blessedly naive patriot.

Really? You watched Arabs take out the twin towers and thought the US would attack Iran? Because I and about 99% of Iranians here, didn't even consider that for one minute. Maybe 2% of us posed the "Japanese Interment" conspiracy theory, but that's about it.

So you packing up and sticking your quivering head into the sand of Iran, like a frightened Iranian Ostrich (unfortunately unlike the Asian Cheetah, this animal is not extinct yet), is proof your position is to be at least questioned. Especially here on this forum, that allows it, one you insist on posting on.

a) The "illegal" war in Iraq has ended, Afghanistan is next (true it was a waste of time)

b) Guantanemo is in the process of closing. Sorry, you cannot simply free everyone in there. Probably for good reason.

c) Many wall street baddies are being prosecuted. Sorry it takes longer than on TV.

d) Obama is far from a warmonger, but even the close proximity you grant him, is part of the democratic process of continual correction. I know you want perfection Aziz-Joon, but they don't have that toy at WalMart for your Maman-joon to buy for you (yet). Until then, you need to wait for heaven for that. Here on earth, in the planet called "reality" there is an ongoing struggle to "achieve" perfection. We may never get there, but the democratic process and system is so far the best vehicle to ride in that direction.

Me calling you a collusionist is primarily due to your incorrect assertion that war with Iran is certain. This is precisely the kind of mass hysteria inducing control statement that the islamic-military-industrial-bazar-complex that you sir, "work for", uses to control folks and induce fear. Fear that trumps your desire to object to your continued oppression.

Wake up, and for God's sake stop watching so much Iranian TV news, and pick a different side than you did in 2001.

Again, Iran getting bombed, if it happens, will only be Iran's fault for testing and tempting it's fast slipping fate, on this most unarguable of points.

The poisoning of innocent Iranian children will be from Iranian radiation coming from Iranian Uranium. If you are so worried about that happening, put it back into the ground and stop playing with it!

a) You don't know how to play with it.
b) If you keep playing with it, it will go off, either on it's own or from a US or Israeli attack they warned you about!
c) You have NO BUSINESS playing with it for electricity WHEN YOU HAVE 500 YEARS OF NATURAL GAS TO USE!!!

Hala hey bargard o biya ba een argumenteh ahmaghaneh keh, mah beh energy-eh atomi va isotope hayeh bimarieh saratani niaz darim!


Actually, Dude, since you over reacted to 9-11 so quickly, it is perfectly in your nature to over react to this fear as well. In an ironic way, you will have been correct and right to move there in 2001, if the US or Israel bombs Iran now.

Personally I'm planning on moving to Machu-Pichu in 2012. Somehow being at the heart of the Inca doomsday prophesy sounds like the best place to be when the really big one hits.

Oh, and seriously, I love You Man.

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Mohammad Alireza

To Bahmani

by Mohammad Alireza on

I challenge you to find a single sentence in everything I have posted on over the past years that shows my support for this regime. I am certain you won’t find anything. So either post a retraction or cut the crap.

If I take an antiwar position and you presume this automatically means defending the regime that is your problem, not mine.

Your rabid hatred of this regime makes you come across like a drooling child screaming for more baby food. Write something constructive instead of spewing jibberish.


America’ might and influence comes in many forms….

by Bavafa on

Just as US military is an instrument to follow and execute the polices made in Washington, VOA is no different other than only they use soft arm as oppose to bombs and tanks.


VOA, a tool that was created to broadcast US propaganda into homes of their adversaries has been banned by law to be broadcast into America and its own population.  Once wonders WHY.

  As to go and blaming the bombing ahead of its event, only goes to show and proof one’s [lack of] judgment and [lack of] objectivity in arriving in those judgments.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Bombing will be Iran's fault

by bahmani on

We all know that the US and Israel resort to bombing when they are pushed past a certain point in the argument. Saddam learned this with his nukes when Israel bombed them.

The question now remains, is Iran this daft to tempt this well known certainty?

The fact that Iran is pushing it's luck in the face of the US and Israel, is actually Iran's fault! And yours too if you stick to the ridiculous notion that you appear to be defending.

At the end of the day. A fully oppressive and tyrannical government like the one you are barely able to breathe under, is wrong.

May I remind you, here you are, actually arguing that it is OK for Iran's leaders to risk the lives of Iranians over a principle that is utterly indefensible.

Do you actually think Iran and Iranians should be so low and crass as to use the retarded threat of nuclear war to co-exist in the world? Are we that un-evolved?

Finally, I find it highly ironic (but unfortunately typical of out-of-touch and ignorant and arrogant Iranian pseudo intellectuals like you), that you would post such a ridiculous piece, on a website THAT IS BLOCKED BY THE VERY GOVERNMENT THAT YOU SO DEARLY AND CLEARLY DEFEND!!!

In fact even posting your support veiled as criticism of the US, is an illegal act, punishable by jail time in Evin.

So while I can admire and congratulate your courage and bravery to risk your life by posting on this illegal site, I hope you get the point, that you are really really really on the really wrong side of the argument, if you continue to insist that Iran getting bombed for having Nukes is the fault of the US.

Some countries like the US (maybe China) are Super Powers. They've earned that through a long period of global domination.

Some countries like Iran (when it was Pre-Islam Persia), used to be Super Powers, but squandered that by staying tyrannical and (adopting Islam) and not shifting over to Democracy when they had the first chance to do so.

This iteration of Iran is an ugly, belligerent, sneaky, back stabbing, get someone to do your dirty work for you (Hamas, Hezbollah), always have a plausible alibi, always keep a shit-eating grin on your face as you hold hostages for money (1979 and Hikers), illegitimate, utterly unearned dictatorship.

These are irrefutable facts. These are valid criticism of what this Iran has done to kill off what's left of it's international reputation.

Yes, the US has done it's fair share of poking Iran in they eye. Yes we all know about Mossadegh and the UK/US conspiracy.

But at the end of the day, Mossadegh was arrested by Nasiri, an Iranian. And his name graffitied on the walls of Tehran as a communist by Shaaban-bi-Mokh, an Iranian. And the rumor mongering articles written in Iranian newspapers to discredit Mossadegh, by Iranian journalists.

At some point we, all of us, Iranians, pro- or con-, need to come to grips with this very ugly character that we have developed (funnily enough, ever since we "adopted" eslam), of being less than patriotic, and having lesser principles of right and wrong, and having a minimum sense and standard of what national loyalty means.

Happy Yalda!

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The truth

by hirre on

The real truth lies in between two versions of it.

Anyone in 2012 thinking IR is 100% right or VOA is 100% right is an idiot.

Mohammad Alireza

Ignorance equals blood on your hands

by Mohammad Alireza on

Bombs do not distinguish between the IRI and Iran.

On anybody that advocates an antiwar position is automatically branded an IRI supporter, which is almost always based on presumptions.

The only collusion that is taking place is by American-Iranians that are ignorant of how they are supporting those that want to destroy Iran.


“A pimp for

by vildemose on

“A pimp for fascism”



Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson

It's not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems but is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made im


Mr. Mohammad Alireza,

by Arthimis on

Mr. Mohammad Alireza,  "Stockholm Syndrome" indeed! (as Mr. Bahmani rightly suggested here...) 

You have been so brainwashed by I.R. that now you are expressing empathy and have positive feelings towards your captors (I.R.)... Or maybe you are one of them to begin with!!! Anyway,  Shame on you...  Forget about United States and others... PAY ATTENTION to the crimes against humanity (for over 32 years!) committed directly by the Islamic Republic Regime in power against unarmed and peaceful Iranian citizens!  What is this ridiculous blog here? You write well in English, but are you insane or perhaps you think Iranians and sane people of the world are ... ?

In any which case, I suggest you seek help from a psychologist/psychiatrist immediately and ask for some medications while at it... 


برو بابا دکونتو جمع کن



نشستی تو اروپا و بلبلی میکنی. یکی یکی میان سراغ همه تون. 

Anahid Hojjati

is it so difficult to understand

by Anahid Hojjati on

that if you ask a US federal or state government oficial why someone who worked for them was fired,they will not respond? I don't think so but it evidently is out of grasp of some Iranians.



by vildemose on



MA: Do you support

by vildemose on

IRI is not Iran. Do you understand that concept?? 

MA: Do you support IRI??

Yes or no! If you are, you are considered a domestic enemy of Iran. Why do think you are any better than Voa?? If you support IRI and in anyway have blood on your hands to prolong the tyranny of IRI, then you're the enemy of Iran, a traitor. Your commeupance will come sooner than later...Your anti-imperiasm bs will not mask your anti-Iranian (pro-IRI) treason. 


 Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson

It's not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems but is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made im


And you are a collusionist coward

by bahmani on

Sorry, selling out to Iran is just way far worse. I mean you know that right? I hope so, otherwise I can easily forgive you for being just one more sad example of those typical conflicted Stockholm Syndrome Iranians (sympathizing with his kidnappers). In this case with the added sad affliction of Turrets.

What you so easily forgot to understand in your mad flight to run away from your paranoid fears of a 911 anti-Iranian retribution (which never happened by the way, so, uh sorry for your knee-jerking that one!), was that at the end of the day, what America is selling is Democracy and freedom. Maybe true, selling it at the the end of a rather sharpened stick, but that is Iran's (and apparently your misguided) choice to pose and argue that in the 21st century, with the boundaries and scientific realities of the Universe known for certainty, that insisting on using a quaint, rather poorly written, romantic poem, is a far better way to run a country, than the simple freedom of choice that Democracy offers.

Forgive the US for not getting and accepting this retarded idea, and for worrying about your alternative plans, as a serious threat to peace and everyone's security. Because people like you, when faced with the proposition that what you think turns out to be Oh so totally wrong, tend to snap.

Especially get this, that America and Americans cannot ever accept any alternative to Obvious Moral Certainty.

What's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong. Democracy and Freedom are right (not perfect but right), and Iran's crazy ideas are simply wrong. You know this. A simple test proves it. Pick ANY test YOU want.

Like it or not, Iranians, in spite of what Khamenei says that God told him to tell you, have the right NOT to choose Islam as a natural governance system. Especially since God has not EVER appeared himself, to everyone, to tell everyone, that you don't need to elect one, Khamenei is the Supreme Leader in charge.

If God EVER showed up to say this, I would be right there with you buddy. Until then, I have to stick with sanity. Or until "Faith" stops costing cash.

You see, you are so oppressed, that you've actually been taught to think oppression is a kind gift that you get from God. It feels so good when the Basijis stop beating you, that you almost look forward to it.

But bow to God now. Because I just said the word "God", and you need to keep re-inforcing the reflex. Other wise someone might see you hesitate, and not take your prefabricated piety serious enough.

Yes, Democracy is certainly flawed and does not even try to guarantee you entrance into heaven. But Democracy has built in mechanisms to right wrongs, and fix what's broken. As soon as the people (not God, or his self-appointed minions you prefer) decide something needs to be fixed.

Your obviously preferred system, which you have no choice but to admit and accept as merely classic 19th century flawed Marxism, with a hefty yet sneaky dose of Islam thrown in to smooth out the ridiculous parts with splatterings of "Faith", that you have just blessed as better than Democracy, doesn't in fact allow for ANY improvements. Because Islamic Marxism operates from the very basis of perfection. Which is in fact the very same sin of Vanity in Islam, as well as every other religion that Islam has taken it's ridiculously obvious cues from.

But it certainly appears (since you can't get out of Iran to come to the US now) that you'll just have to wait until you are allowed to be given the keys to heaven as determined by your Supreme Leader, the cartoon that is Khamenei, to find out, that they won't in the end, in fact ever let you in.

Because at the end of the day, the brave and just and above all the right, get in. And the weak, cowardly, and hilariously wrong don't.

I would plan on meeting you at the gates just to see the stupid look on your face when you get there and realize all this, as you are turned back, but unfortunately I am planning on going to hell, where my father is already waiting for me. :)

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