I am a Jew...

by Midwesty

Did I get your attention now…
So sit down and read the rest:

You might have noticed that recently I posted a blog, imagining all of us on a tour bus to Iran. I don’t know what your individual take was on the whole idea but something today profoundly touched me. As I was searching for something on my blog, I noticed the avatar for ‘humanbeing’ has changed. She has posted her own picture. What it tells me is that something about the atmosphere in Iranian.com was momentarily changed that allowed an outsider, according to her, feel comfortable enough to show her picture.

This warm and fuzzy feel of comfort, this very small step towards trust, this burst of courage, this human side that differs us form the cold and black text that we hide behind, this fine and brittle, thin piece of humanity that is different from the faded and blurred picture of things that we chose to post as our avatar, is what it should shake us to the bone.

I know all of you love either Iran and Iranians in specific or humanity in general. I know this because you passionately fight for your point of view. But when you are bringing down your hammer of opinion, think for a moment, that there a gentle finger that has touched the stunning body of other-angle-of-view, might have naively laid on the cold vise of opposing view.

Humanbeing jan, you look fabulous. Just remember next time take the picture AFTER you change into your swimsuit. You never know, I might one of these days come up with a crazy idea like Iranian.com swimsuit calendar.

Love you all!



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by Midwesty on

No, it was a small community about several thousands and I worked with them also. Maybe the correct way of saying it, is,  I lived and worked among them.


ps 'living with them'

by humanbeing on

i also gotta run. but when you get a chance, what do you mean 'living with them'? do you have jewish roomates at college?

gotta run to finish cooking for 15-20 in my chaotic kitchen.




by Midwesty on

I cross my fingers also.

Nice talk! Take care!


teasing is not a bad tactic

by humanbeing on

hey, whatever it takes to get people to stop bickering. or to bicker and get past it. there are all kinds of ways to engage people's empathy.

i cross my fingers for the future of iran.


"i guess the Jewish people

by Midwesty on

"i guess the Jewish people you come into contact with are really nice as a

Yes, they were very nice people, a lot of chatters though but when they reached a conclusion they would stick to it.

I developed the top 10 list a while living with them. As a matter of fact it's part of an article that I never submitted. Anyways, when I was thinking about this list I had Iranians in my mind so the points are normalized with Iranians as a reference (this is another way of saying Jews compare to Iranians are like this).

But this is only my perception or maybe something to teas my people about to work together.



midwesty, i'll abstain from irony

by humanbeing on

you are right it is better to keep it clear. i should have put quotation marks around 'stereotype' or used another word. stereotype is not always for bad things. all 10 points were good, and so i meant good stereotypes (like the 11th, too). yes hollywood does massage things into a clean rosy picture.

i guess the jewish people you come into contact with are really nice as a group.

i live in a place governed by jews, without the 'american way of life' and values. it makes for a much more complex picture. not all good. but the bad things are not necessarily because they are jewish either. human faults. different constellation. and yes, lack of communication and wrong packaging.

but i don't want to ruin your ideal view on it. not at the moment.

you are absolutely correct about people dying because of lack of communication



by Midwesty on

It seems my attention grabber and David_Letterman-kind-top-ten-list caused some turmoil. Don't you think my "stereotype" was rather a positive generalization coming from my own experience living amongst Jews for years?

You said, "one stereotype you didn't mention which i value is the learnedness label
stuck on to jews. i'd go for that one any day".

I see your frustration, but if you think I am in anyway politically correct then you haven't known me for long.

You know who is stereotyping Jews mostly? Hollywood. I think you also acknowledged that by "learnedness".

One thing I learned in my career is to not leave anything to chances, which includes miscommunication. Almost all accidental death are because of it. I rather prefer to become accused of simplification than giving false impressions. 

However, it is not too far fetch to realize how the misconceptions/miscommunications dominate our lives:


This is from the world most powerful foreign minister in one of the highest level formal meeting with someone whose country was for decades in (not too cold)war with.

The level of resources that the US had gathered through all these years to counter Russian influence is unimaginable.

But still they couldn't manage to put the right words on the darn red button. Ironically, no one since the concept was developed, engraved, manufactured and finally handed out to Lavrov noticed it .

These are the same people think that they do understand Iranians.

These are the same people who have their fingers on the red button.

You will be surprised how many people have died and will die simply for the lack of communication and demonizing the each other.

This and my last blog was to show not to you but everyone...that Iranians are human beings and open for engagement no matter how much the Media demonize and stereotype them.

Good night humanbeing.


glad you brought it up

by humanbeing on

my avatar is really not important. but since dk often urges other bloggers to be more transparent, i wanted to show i care by exposing a bit of my 'real' self behind the hafez avatar. the glasses and hat were partly a snap back at ayhab's jabs, and partly my way of showing i identify, partly a way to hold back from full exposure. i'm not the mother theresa rosie makes me out to be.

i think you are all a bit 'careful' with me because of my background. you don't have to be so politically correct!

one stereotype you didn't mention which i value is the learnedness label stuck on to jews. i'd go for that one any day.

but seriously, i started surfing ic out of curiosity, and started engaging in it more actively because i felt you guys were also curious. in a global atmosphere of division, boycotts, violence, partisanship, demonization, and impasse, i think more should be done for rapprochement, acceptance of differences, reconciliation, and toleration.

the late-in-life baby is sleeping, i have to go use this precious time for the older ones

good night



by Midwesty on

Sorry, I don't have enough time to follow all the threads on this site. I wasn't aware of other comments but being there and seeing that, this might do the justice for the injustice that you have just endured.

I was long looking for a chance to blog about this and when I saw your pic, I didn't even think twice. This blog is rather a suggestion than confirmation.

There are a lot of pretext, prejudice and prejudgments going on among us and I have been on the look to find and magnify things that could break the barriers without giving me the feelings that I am being controversial. This is the hardest part. I too have weakness to make everyone happy. But it is not really a weakness. It makes you mentally stronger.

I very well welcome your new avatar and would like everyone to do the same by not just complementing you but walking the fine line between being assertive and courteous not just to you but to everyone else.

On the side note, I thought women didn't pass age 26. Once they reach 26 they stay there forever ;O). To us, the parents, kids are always our babies with or without diapers. But other than that I might agree with your husband that men never get used to the diapers scent.

I used to think, the weight tag on the diaper's bag was the maximum weight of poo it could carry! ;O)


yes, the court jew, or courtesan jewess

by humanbeing on

'jewess' sounds more tempting than 'jew' as flavour of the month on a pinup calendar. if you knew how ancient i am, you wouldn't offer me such a flattering proposition.

it's important to laugh at ourselves.

btw, i'm not a very stable person. am very private, but can all of a sudden 'expose' myself on the avatar. can decide at 40+ to change my career, and demand a baby after my husband thought we're past the diapers/babysitters/pta meetings. this is an impulsive thing i did, and rosie was right, it was triggered by an injustice which threw me out of my equilibrium. i won't deny that the bus trip softened me up.

i want everybody to be happy. that's one of my weaknesses.

Was Rosie

Well, Donna's a much more lovable Jew than I am...

by Was Rosie on

that's for sure.


10 things I love about the Jews:

by Midwesty on

1-      They are united.
2-      They are coordinated.
3-      They are open-minded.
4-      They do lots of volunteer works.
5-      They spend wisely towards their own self or community.
6-      They have sense of humor.
7-      They take care of each other in the times of hardship.
8-      They try to protect the nature.
9-      They are family oriented.
10-  They keep at their religious rituals but by not being too religious.

Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

Humanbeing (Donna) changed her avatar to protest Ayhab's vicious character assassination blog on one of the most important members here in solidarity with the victim by using her own photo the way he does,--dressing how Ayhab describes him, telling us her name the way he does, and claiming to be an ALCOHOLIC like Ayhab slanders him of being.  



And, NO, you did NOT get my attention for saying 'I am a Jew'.