The Holy Ma'gi


by Midwesty

During this spring break, god blessed me with the privilege of performing my most imperative religious duty, the one that god has demanded me to perform as soon as I become financially, mentally and physically prepared in full. As the call of duty came, and the light of compassion shined down on my heart, I came out of my business outfit, abandoned work and materialistic life, changed into my shorts and T-shirt, put on my flip-flops and took my son to the Disney World.

As a newly honored Ma’gi (rhythms with Hajji, who has performed the Hajj, but linked instead with Magical Kingdom) I had the privilege of running between Epcot and Animal Kingdom in a hot Orlando day, seven times, while carrying my son, a hefty backpack full of joyful nourishments and having a close eye on my wallet in my back pocket, since I could no longer sense the presence of my own butt.

Aside from the expected results from our journey, I came to realize there were more intended purposes to be pursued. The sweating back, carrying a tireless boy who was trying to save as much energy for the rides as possible, thirst and overcoming the temptations of whether to put down the boy to take a small sip out of my water container that I was carrying, lead me to a path to a greater vision. I felt the pure joy of nothingness while I was lost amongst the masses of dedicated people doing the same ritual.

The turning point of this voyage of self-realization was at mid day of our first day of trip. I saw the light as I was lost in the middle of his majestic kingdom, surrounded with devotees who were even more confused than I was. Under the sizzling sun, looking at its ancient map, I was helplessly trying to find out the scale of the map in order to estimate my approximate position. I hardly could focus my mind since the bottom of my shirt was frequently yanked by a boy that I could no longer identify.

At the verge of my desperation, I looked up right into the sun and asked god for guidance. When I looked back down, I could see nothing. In addition to my confusion in four senses, I gratefully lost my last one to his blind sighting light. So I gave up weeks of planning and the fear of not getting the most bangs for the bucks, and I asked my son to choose anything he wants. That was his day, so rightfully he shall be the leader and the decider. God shall help me to overcome the feelings of regret that I have now as I still wander in my mind searching for answer as how I came up with a huge budget deficit.

After that inspirational moment, god gave me an X-ray vision, not for observing the female pilgrims, since there was no need and they already had changed into their ancient two- piece pilgrim clothing, but to look inside and into the true nature of events in conjunction with people from all walks of life.

The proof of my magical and inner achievement came after staying in a two-hour line to take a three-minute ride that would had otherwise pushed me to the edge of despair and awe, and had challenged my immediate logic, wanting me not only to throw stones but my slippers at the laughing devil, but I didn’t.

Although the circling wait lines had no Hajar-ol-Asvad which can risk one’s neck getting stock in the narrow opening after he reached to kiss the holly stone as his body was being carried away from his head by the circling masses, but there were a few moments the line-hoppers unconsciously took with them my backpack along my back.

But to my surprise I was completely submerged into the god’s compassion as in no occasion, not even when we missed our ride after a long wait due to a mechanical failure, or the great disappointment after a malfunction in the Carousel of Progress that left us standing still in 40s, I lost my chill or focus. We were in god’s hands and there were no worries.

The shinning moment did not come by noticing a sophisticated woman who was bravely and in accordance to tradition against all modern feminist messages was breast feeding her child in public, but it came at the end of exhausting day while searching for my car in the lot in which no longer looked like the one that I left at the beginning of the day.

It came when my son unexpectedly put his arms around my legs, as I was standing in the middle of the dark lot scratching my head with a stupid look wondering what happened to my car. He pushed the right side of his head against my lap and said, “Thank you Daddy!”

That was when I realized all my due religious practices have been accepted and perhaps that was the moment the greeter at the gate with a fake smile wished me for, as he was grabbing my $14 for parking and saying “Have a magical day!”.


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Thanks Abarmard Jan,

by Midwesty on

Inshalah, god naseeb everyone. Now that Magi son has seen it once he wants to ziyaarat it every year.


Wonderful piece

by Abarmard on

Ziyaarat ghabul Magi Midwesty. Great story and fun to read. Thanks