A US Casualty of war, A threat to World Peace: Clinton dehumanised



A lone voice of conscience, in a readers’ letter in the Guardian newspaper (24th April) asks:What would she do if Israel attacked Iran (which is more likely)?”.This is the question Clinton should have been asked and the question she should now be asked by the world community. So should statesmen, politicians and journalists internationally be questioned on their views on the US presidential hopeful’s mass genocidal intents.


The shameful exposition by the Americanpresidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton, of her mass genocidal intentions towards Iranians was tragic proof of the dehumanising impact of warmongering on anelite western mind. It is said that humanity is the first casualty of war and this has been starkly clear, notonly in the murderous boasting of the presidential candidate’s preparedness to “totally obliterate” an entire nation, to prove her appeal as the American president, but worse still, in the meek and acquiescent response or no response at all of the western mainstream journalists, politicians and intelligentsia.

Where are those super champions of human rights and western liberal values who were so ‘outraged’ by the announcement of Fatwa on Salmon Rushdie? Does that loud and sanguine defense of “freedom of expression” translate into this blood-soaked acquiesce to the liberty of threatening an entire nations to “total obliteration”?

And compare this complacent silence to the flooding of the airwaves and newsrags with propaganda bombardment over the Iranian president’s misquoted “wiping Israel off the map” remark, which has gone on incessantly for three years despite frequent attempts at clarification and correction. Such was the “outrage”. Ofcourse, many people take their cues on how to respond to the avalanche of complex news, from the mainstream media itself and from politicians. So the silence is a cue heavy with meaning and menace.

The Orwellian double talk and double standards are so part of the fabric of every day political culture that they now go down without the need for a pinch of salt and are comfortably digested. However, when the threat of mass genocide, amidst overwhelming silence or inaudible whimpers, is interpreted as a “gaff” (Timothy Garton-Ash, Guardian 24th April),and a rare objection describes it as “probably imprudent” (Lord Malloch-Brown, Guardian24th April), this is the unmistakable indication of the deadening of sensitivity and tolerance of violence towards nations who are deemed as ‘dispensable’; as in Iraq and in Palestine.

This deadening of humanity is the mostserious casualty of the immoral invasion of Iraq in the aggressor countries,and if not recovered, there will be dire consequences for the entire world.

The “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”, of the United Nations, defines Genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racialor religious group”. as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; …”.


Hilary Clinton is threatening the destruction of a “whole national group” and by her violent threat is causing them “serious mental harm”. In her ABC News interview, she has unequivocally threatened that:"I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran”. "In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them." This was in reply to the question on how she would respond if Iran attacked Israel by nuclear weapons.



Not only, according to the intensive IAEA inspections, there is no evidence of Iran working towards weaponisation or indeed any rationale for such a threat, but even if, hypothetically, such athreat existed, the threat of “total obliteration” issued to an entire nation remains an insane and criminal intent. This threat of total annihilation which would presumably imply the use of nuclear weapons is directed against a helpless population with catastrophic consequences. Such an attack would not compensate against any unlikely hypothetical attack from Iran, neither would such a threat act as a fearsome deterrent– as it is claimed to be. Just as it is intended to grab the presidency through fear mongering and to feed the monster of America’s continuing wars with paranoia, similarly the impact of such fear in Iranians would be the anxiety to defend oneself againsta deranged president and a population that goes along with it. According to theUN definition of genocide, Hilary Clinton is threatening mass genocide of an entire nation of 70 million. Is this violent woman fit to hold the presidency of a country with the most powerful war machine in history? Have we become so dehumanised by our incessant killing that we have lost any capacity for outrage?


With over a million Iraqis and thousands of coalition soldiers killed and maimed, the prospect of Hilary Clinton’spresidency, who voted in favour of that illegal and immoral war, and has publicly declared her voracious appetite for mass genocide, is a truly terrifying specter.

A lone voice of conscience, in a readers’ letter in the Guardian newspaper (24th April) asks:What would she do if Israel attacked Iran (which is more likely)?”. This is the question Clinton should have been asked and the question she should now be asked by the world community. So should statesmen, politicians and journalists internationally be questioned on their views on the US presidential hopeful’s mass genocidal intents.

Mehrnaz Shahabi is an Iranian-British peace activist, translator and independent journalist. mshahabi@blueyonder.co.uk



Excellent article ! Keep writing Mehrnaz.

by Khashayar51 on

Excellent writing by Mehrnaz in exposing how Fascism Ala Americana is taking shape and sheding light on the root causes. Not simply all home-loving Iranians but any decent, concerned and still not dehumanized person of any nationality, religion or ethnicity, would condemn, expose and stand up against the ultra-fascist remarks by Hilary Clinton, John McCaine and all the other fascists-in-disguise.

Shame upon the chained lackies and paid and unpaid boot-licking servants of the CIA and Mossad who are dead silent -in acquiescence, of course- to threats of genocide against their own nation and country but keep slurring dirt and nonsense upon the sole courageous people who dare to stand up and draw attention to the dehumanizing atmosphere in the dominant "culture" in the US of A.


Labeling people who defend Iran and humanity


Yes, thank you.  Well, let's call them "taa abad nokaraan" and that would include all that you list, and not waste any more time on them. Zende baad Iran. 


Labeling people for defending their mother land is pretty cheap!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Maybe some of you consider being a true patriotic Iranian who loves their country and people and are against acts of agression against her as IRI agents.

So be it. We know who we are and what we are about.

However, what do you guys call yourself, when you don't defend your mother land and are always supporting U.S. and Israeli acts of agression against Iran? Shall we label you as Pro-Zionist, Pro-Israel Lobby, the $75MM club, CIA paid Agents? MEK Agents?


Regime Agencion

by karagah (not verified) on

It,s pretty obvious that terror regime in tehran has it,s agents all over the cyber media..most of them are sons and daughters of the regime lackies in IRAN.by estimates of the mullah regime in tehran there are over 75000 paid cyber informers in occupied land in Iran.just imagine the amount of money spent on this item alone and figure out the lenght that these khelafehgary regime is willing to pay to stay in power.this alien force and it,s agents have taken Iran hostage as a milkin cow to fund their jihadist network.Iran means nothing (even their constitution wrtten in arabic adhere to it..it,s only a primery base)..no wonder they have forcefully deleted the whole of Iranian history prior to invasion 1979AD in high school books many centuries deleted replaced by Mullah terror culture glories..Agents of these rulers get paid by blood money..are you then surprised to see them cleanse and defend them?...dare you not!!!


Excellent article. thank you!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Mehrnaz is absolutely right!!

The U.S. is so used to bloodshed that the death of millions does not mean anything to it. This is how the American Republic came to being by the act of genocide and wiping out the American Indians. The U.S. not only participates in genocide itself but watches its ally Israel commit this act on a daily basis. Have you ever heard during any of these presidential debates any questions being asked about the one million deaths of Iraqi civilians, and the 4 million displaced, or how many Afghans were have been killed? No?

Or what do they think about the situation in Gaza? No! This is a taboo as it relates to Israel.

This is the same United States who allowed Israel to continue the bombardment of Lebanon and prevented a ceasefire until Israel had finished its job!!

This is the same U.S. who watches every day, how the people in Gaza are dehumanized, fenced in a prison and deprived of all requirements to survive.

The world watches in silence as the U.S. and its greatest ally commit these atrocious acts with no impunity whatsoever.

In return the more appropriate question should have been "Senator what would you do if Israel attacked Iran with nuclear weapons?"

After all it has been Israel who has been threatening to wipe Iran off the map and not Iran for many, many years:

• Israel has as early as 1992 prepared public opinion in Israel for the prospect of a war with Iran. In this respect it has also continuously used propaganda to provoke the U.S. and the West to take action against Iran. (Open Secret: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policy by Israel Shahak – February 24, 1993)

• Guardian Unlimited – Straw rejects Israeli call for attack on Iran – Tuesday November 5, 2002

“The Foreign secretary, Jack Straw, today dismissed an Israeli call to attack Iran immediately following a strike on Iraq, and called a war on Iran the “gravest possible error.”

“In an interview in today’s Times, the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon identified Iran as a “centre of world terror”. Mr. Sharon advocated military strike against the country as soon s the U.S. and Britain had completed their proposed attack on Iraq.”

• In early 2002, a senior Israeli delegation arrived in Washington D.C. which included both Ariel Sharon and his defense minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer. Ben-Eliezer met with VP Cheney on February 8, and emphasized that Israel’s number one concern was Iran, not Iraq; and Ariel Sharon met with President Bush and indicated that Iran is the greater threat and upon attacking Iraq he should finish the job by invading Iran. (Scott Ritter - Target Iran)

• … In late April 2003, [the Israeli daily] Ha’aretz reported that the Israeli ambassador in Washington was calling for regime change in Iran. The overthrow of Saddam, he noted, was ‘not enough’. In his words, America ‘has to follow through. We still have great threats of that magnitude coming from Syria, coming from Iran.’ The neo-conservatives, too, lost no time in making the case for regime change in Tehran … As usual, a bevy of articles by prominent neo-conservatives made the case for going after Iran.

And ever since, Israel has been using whatever pretexts to create an atmosphere of hysteria and demonization of Iran; and of course has used its strong Israel Lobby to gather support for an invasion of Iran.

It is a joke to consider Iran a threat, when it is Israel who has 200 to 500 nuclear weapons. In fact the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons who can obliterate all of the countries in the region.

It is Israel who has the 4th largest and most sophisticated army in the world, and not Iran.

It is Israel which has not signed the NPT, nor has it signed the 1972 Treaty for banning the use of chemical weapons, Iran has!

Iran has called for a nuclear free Middle East, Israel has refused this!!

It is not Iran who has invaded or occupied any country, but Israel!

With nuclear weapons, and such a strong military I hardly think Israel needs the U.S. help to obliterate Iran.

Iran is not a threat to Israel, you have it wrong, it is the other way around, Israel is a threat to Iran, Syria, and any country which does not play by its rules.

Also let's not forget since she says she has gained much experience from her husband's presidency, it was during President Bill Clinton, that an Aspirin Factory in Sudan was bombed, it was during her husband’s Presidency that Afghanistan was bombed, it was during her husband's presidency that sanctions were imposed on Iraq killing over 500,000+ Iraqi children, in fact it was during the Presidency of Bill Clinton that the ground work for the Iraq war was laid for G.W. Bush to carry it out.

As such even if the question was posed to Senator Hillary Clinton: “What would you do if Israel who has nuclear weapons attacks Iran?”

I am confident that even if this question was asked of her, she would have still twisted it around for the benefit of Israel and start her barrage on Iran.

This was by no means a gaffe. She may be able to fool some ignorant people by stating she was not giving authorization to Pres. Bush to invade Iraq, but she can't fool everyone.

To all of those Iranians and non-Iranians who try to avoid providing a clear response to Hillary Clinton’s statement by twisting the question around to IRI, you guys are really blinded by your hate, such that there is no difference between you and what Hillary Clinton's disgusting response “obliterate them" was. Shame on you!


CASMII in desguise

by Fred on

In the interest of full disclosure the author of this blog should have mentioned that she is an active member of CASMII, an Islamist lobby. This lobby delegitimizes any pressure on the Islamist Republic’s woefully errant foreign and domestic policies blaming it all on the West. The logical end result of this sort of lobby is the kind of irresponsible statements by Clinton and others.


Clinton declares war on humanity

by Gilda (not verified) on

Thank you for this wonderful article. America was built on the blood of others, the genocide of the native Indians, and it wants to conquer the world with the genocide. It has its partner Israel situated in the Middle EAst to do this, and as the writer said, it has the most powerful warmachine. But Americans can stop it, if only they wake up from their slumber. Killjoy and buddy, learn to live. change must come from within, yours. Not by thinking about the death of others.



by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Nice point, I loved it


throw & catch

by maziar58 (not verified) on

most likly this administration will keep the ball of treat in hand till election time when is ripe one side will draw either the stupid move or the smart one .
come on america we need our $.99 gas agallon and $ .50 draught here


A Simple Solution!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

The threat of a war will always remain, as long as the mullahs and their goons are in power in Iran.

Iranians who REALLY care about world peace and Iran in particular should unite and overthrow the mullahs.

That's the only way the threat of another war involving Iran directly can be eliminated, once and for all.

BTW, who's copying who? Mehrnaz copying Soraya(Sepahpour) or Soraya copying Mehrnaz. I couldn't help noticing the extreme similarities between their styles and choice of false information!

iraj khan

Rebuke Clinton

by iraj khan on


This is a critical juncture in US history. Therefore, as Americans, we must speak out with a clear voice to ensure that President Bush’s cowboy diplomacy leaves the White House when he does, and is not emulated by the next US President.

Click here to take action: //capwiz.com/niacouncil/issues/alert/?alertid=11305286

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Thank you