Persians on holiday - The Great Escapes

by MDarzi

Greetings all. With so much negative thoughts I think of good escapes. I hope to make holiday soon and would be good to know of preferred locations Persians holiday. Where do many travel to popular and good hosts to Iranians? I hear Malaysia, Thailand, and Viet Nam are growing to be popular. What are your replies and suggestions. This could be good topic Blog for community and good life or place where foreign Persians can hope to see countrymen and share a bit of home.

Good ways to cover the blog comments are Age Groups; Costs (for students, professionals, family); preferred airlines from Iran; where do you stay; and how do you make your plans (one place for many of days or many places for few days each)?


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

how about  TAJIKESTAN,UZBEKISTAN where you can hear farsi every where or their local dialect reminds you of being in the middle of road some where in villages of Iran..

the food and peoples are amazing, every thing is cheap but don't look for any 4 star accomodation cause there is none but they are very clean and cozy.

why you want to meet more persians on your vacation ? just take your laptop and voila IRANIAN.COM will be at your fingertip!!

BON VOYAGE where ever you (and your family) decide.         Maziar


The island of Crete.  My

by desi on

The island of Crete.  My family and I flew from the US.  However when we were in Crete, there were many Iranians vacationing from Iran.  The culture and food are like home and the beaches are to die for.  It's cheap while you're in Greece.  It's very family friendly too.  Take an empty water bottle to any vineyard and they'll fill it up with organic wine for just a couple of Euros.  The historic sites are amazing.  Be prepared for the tour guides to refer to most every site as "The Persians destroyed this".  But for some reason they loved us.  Fly in to Athens and then fly to Crete on Olympic.  It's reasonable and only 45 minutes.  It's only an hour flight to Alexandria Egypt too.



by yolanda on

Mexico is very pretty! I watched this video here on IC about an Iranian student's medical school graduation. The views are from Guadalajara Mexico:


It is true that Mexico is full of drug violence. It kills 5000 people a year. The death toll is as high as the American casualties from 7 year Iraqi war. You have to go with a tour group..... The drug lords even practice beheading after the Tijuana, this Mexican dude was arrested for dissolving 300 dead bodies with have to go with a tour group.

Good luck!


Kush Adasi,Turkey

by bahram9821 on

Last year while visiting Iran we took a family vacation to Kush Adasi Turkey. I was very surprised by the nice accommodations, friendly people and the number of Iranians having a vacation there. I talked to the lady in charge of our Tour, she said every year approximately 1 million Iranian visit Turkey. Here is a short clip of my trip to Turkey.


Love Mexican food

by pedro on

The food the music I just love. Never been there, have no plan to go there any time soon. I've heard horrendious reports of rape and abuse of college girls in their spring break visit to Cancun, Puerto Ballarta. There was a report on NPR about child sex trafficing being big in mexico. Very convinieny for pedophiles in US. Watch your wallet. Make sure you are not kidnapped by drug cartel and held for ranson. Do not wonder off in the desolate montains around Tenochtlan,you may end up as a humen sacrifice to the Aztecs god. Drink bottled water and take along a bag full of Pepto bismol.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

I love Mexico, and I couldn't even guess how many times I've been there but going there on vacation NOW seems like a really bad idea! My mother went on a cruise with destinations in Mexico last year and they only had one stop, at a town neither of us ever even heard of, because all the normal destinations are too dangerous now! They spent most the time at sea.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

It's a country full of wonderful surprises. It's hard not to fall in love with its people, culture, architecture, landscape...


Where Do you Prefer to Holiday?

by MDarzi on

So where are Persians going to travel on holiday?  Any still going to Dubai and returning with still money or who goes to Southeast Asia countries?