Photos of Dr. Mossadegh during his visit to the U.S.

Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Photos of Dr. Mossadegh during his visit to the United States.

My favorite is the one where Dr. Mossadegh touches the Liberty Bell. Dr. Mossadegh was given a tour of the Supreme Court by his long time friend, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, William O. Douglas.








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by Nadias on

Thank you,  for sharing a moment in history that I was not aware of

Wishing you and your family the best

solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié




Masoud Kazemzadeh

Democracy good; dictatorship bad; duuuuuh

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


I have only a few minutes. There are many errors in your post.

1. Mr. Mehdi Bazargan was leader of Nehzat Azadi. NA split from JM in 1961. JM is not responsible for Mr. Bazargan.

2. The revolution was due to many serious concerns such as brutal dictatorship, repression and the widespread belief that the shah’s regime as subservient to American interests instead of protecting Iran’s national interests.

3. The revolution constituted a broad sector including JM, leftists, and Khomeini forces. After the shah fell, the differences emerged. You seem utterly unaware of the situation before, during, and after the revolution.

4. To blame the atrocities of Khomeini on JM is sooooooooooooo ridiculous, no rational person would accept. In actual fact, the JM opposed Khomeini from the getgo when he did dictatorial things. To blame JM for Khomeini’s atrocities is like to blame FDR for Stalin’s atrocities after 1945. To add, before 1979, khomeini had not done the bad things he did after 1979, whereas stalin’s terror dated back to 1920s. Your attempt to blame JM for the actions of our enemy is ridiculous to the nth degree.

5. On Dr. Mossadegh. Again you are wrong. No paper was closed by JM. In actual fact, to the very end the CIA was planting false stories in Iranian papers such as Dr. Mossadegh being a communist, a Bahai, a Jew, wishing separatism, all at the same time. JM-Mossadegh did not close down any of these papers. These are actual facts.

6. The Majles was closed with the referendum. Referendum is the HIGHEST law in any democracy where the people can decide. The closure of the Majels was NOT unconstitutional.


7. The shah could not dismiss the prime minster when the majles had not granted it. Iran’s 1906-07 constitution was basically the translation of the Belgium’s constitution which is the written and codified form of the British system. Can the British monarch appoint and/or dismiss the prime minister? Or after the decision of the parliament, the monarch’s role is a ceremonial one whereby the monarch simply signs the decision of the parliament. The shah’s constitutional role was to toushih [sign] the decision of the majles.

If in a system the king could at will dismiss or appoint the prime minster, then that system is NOT a constitutional system. Then, that system would be called a dictatorship. Unfortunately, in actual practice, the Pahlavi kings did not abide by the consitution. And that is precisely why we have had sooooooooooo many problems.

If there was no coup in 1953, our infant democracy would have consolidated. In such a system, an extremist violent psychopath like khomeini could not have fool so many and brutalized so many. The seeds of Khomeini’s tyranny was sowed in 1953.

I hope this is helpful. There are a lot of good basic history books on Iran. I suggest you take a course on Iranian politics or history.




P.S. This is not to say that JM did not make mistakes.  We did.  But JM is a democratic organization that has made mistakes.  and this is not to say that Dr. Mossadegh did not make mistakes.  of course he did.


But it is weird to compare our main democratic organziation with superb record on civil liberties with other dictatorial groups in our country.   



Fundamentalist reigme is an extremist fascistic terrorist regime.  It needs to be sent to the garbage can of history.


Democracy and History as defined by JM

by botshekan (not verified) on

Mr Kazemzadeh,

In a charcteristic style of the JM (Jebhe Mellie) supporters, when they are cornered and confronted with their misdeeds, you hide behind a shield of slogans and rhetorics, accuse your critics of being in error, being confused, not having an understanding of politics and re-define the terms and rules as are accepted universally.

After a long winded statement of the obvious about how murderous is Islamic regime (something we all know in more details than you seems to be aware of) you faltly avoid addressing any of the point raised in my post, except for misreading of one tiny part: did I say that Kianouri was a Qajar? I wrote Mossadegh used his family ties to certain leader of the Tudeh party to serve his personal agenda, among them Maryam Firooz (his cousin) and her husband Kianouri (I guess when one marries one's cousin, they become related through marriage or perhaps you would like to redefine the meaning of family ties as well?!!).

JM's record of collaboration with the Islamic regime (in the crutial first year of the revolution) is among the darkest pages of Iran's contmeporary history. When Mehdi Bazargan accepted to be Khomeini's first prime minister and Allah-Yar Saleh famously annouced his pride in voting for the Islamic Republic, JM had its hand in the subsequent murder, executions and rapes that were commited by the Islamic regime.

Stalin was not aided by Churchil or Roosevelt in his rise to power, whereas, Khomeini was supported and intimately assisted by Jebhe Mellie in his rise to power.

You keep distorting the facts. Yes Mossadegh did close down many news papers; he unconstitutionally shut down the parliament and went against the constitutional decree of the Monarch who had removed him from the post of prime minister.

You obviously have a very down-sized view of history.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Democracy good; dictatorship bad; helloooooooooo

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dariush jaan,

It is our honor to be attacked by enemies of freedom and democracy. We have to worry when folks like botshekan and supporters of the fundamentalist terrorist regime support us. (I am not saying bot is a supporter of the terrorist regime. I think s/he is confused.) When these kinds of people attack us, it shows that we are hurting the fascist regime and therefore we should continue what we have been doing.

And thank for the link and your work.







fahesheh siasi refers to those who are not fundamentalists but provide their services to whomever is in power. The political prostitutes are those who are not fundamentalists but help the fundamentalist regime for money or for access to Iran. If tomorrow, the fascist regime was overthrown and monarchists came to power, these political prostitutes would provide their services to monarchists. If we democratic republican came to power, these same persons will offer to provide their services. If the Mojahedin came to power, these very same individuals (who are right now providing their services to the fundamentalists) would offer their services to the PMOI.

These political prostitutes do not have any principles or values. They simply serve any group that is in power.

Khomeini was a genocidal psychopath. He utterly lacked any decent human emotion of empathy. He ordered the mass murder and mass rape of thousands upon thousands of human beings including little boys and girls. Khomeini did not have positive feeling for Iran and the Iranian people. He was an extremist fundamentalists. He used Iran and Iranian people like toilet paper to serve his own perverse megalomania.

Your post contained numerous errors of fact and interpretation. Kianouri was not Qajar. He was grandson of Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, the reactionary mullah who was hanged by the constitutionalists. His wife was a Qajar. Qajar kings had hundreds of wives and thousands of children. Being a Qajar did not mean a whole lot. Some of them (e.g., Farmanfarmaian clan) quicky switched ans collaborated with Reza Shah, other individual joined this group or that group. It is not one’s blood that matters, but rather the content of one’s character and the values and principles for which one fights. If someone supports a reactionary group such as the ruling fundamentalist terrorist regime, their DNA is irrelevant. They should be condemned.

If someone supports freedom, democracy, and human rights, they are supporting something good and it is irrelevant if they are Khomeini’s grandchildren or a Qajar, or a Pahlavi, or a Mossadegh grandchild or someone from an orphanage.

In other words, we should condemn those who support dictatorship and repression. And we should support those who support freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Since 1949, Jebhe Melli has been fighting for independence, freedom, democracy and human rights. Not one single person was executed, imprisoned, or tortured by JM during our rule. Not one single newspaper was closed by us. In a parliamentary system, one has to make alliances and coalitions with OTHERS. We are NOT responsible for the actions of OTHERS before and after the minimum program of the alliance. Should the US, UK and France not make an alliance with Stalin in order to defeat Hitler? FDR is not responsible for the mass murders of Stalin became he made an alliance with him in order to defeat Hitler.

Unfortunately, you lack basic political understandings. We to get rid of this hellish regime. JM is Iran’s main democratic organization. JM is not perfect. No one is perfect. JM is the best we have despite all our shortcomings.




And as for political prostitutes ...

by botshekan (not verified) on

Mr Kazemzadeh,

It is such an irony that you should bring up the concept of political prostitution. I cannot imagine there would be a politician who'd say that he or she is not acting in the best interest of their country. Some, like your object of hate, Khomeini and his clan, put the interests of Islam ahead of their national sentiments but even these Islamists would not lose time to remind you that in their view Islam would serve the national interests of Iran far better than any other idealogy, faith or system of governance. BUT, the question is: at what price? A female prostitue who is forced to earn her living through immoral means may argue that she (or he to be politically correct) does no harm to the disapproving members of the community. In other words, those who would like to use her services do so without causing much upset to the rest of the society. But, what of those hookers whose deeds would embroil a much larger expanse of the society? And this is where, your party of choice, jebhe Mellie enters the forum. I don't need to go through volumes of well documented works by various researchers to show you how your object of zeal, Mossadegh, befriended and sought cooperation from Ayatollah Kasahni, while at the same time used his family ties with the leaders of Tudeh party, such as Maryam Firooz, Kianoori and the Eskandari family to foment trouble against the Shah. You don't need to be reminded that Sha'ban Jafari was first a hired hand among the pro-Mossadegh thugs until his Islamic sense of loyalty forced him to change sides. Mossadegh's overtures to Kasahni were so loud and lurid that he, together with the band of his so-called democratic followers, voted in Majless in favor of a pardon to be granted to the murderer of General Razm Ara, i.e. Khalil Tahmassebi who was eventually release from prison and was honored by Kashani himself. All these thanks to the political prostitutioning of Jebhe Mellie and their leader Mohammad Mossadegh.

Twenty five years later, the same followers lined up behind Ksahani's protoge, Khomeini in the hope of sharing the looted seats of power, or in their case stools of power! The treachery and whoring deeds of the Mossadegh's relics, which were in line with their beloved leader's practice of the same profession, is enough, to put to shame any prostitute who would sell her or his body to the best bidder. At least in this case, she is not harming any one but the bidder but the shameful actions of Jebhe Mellie destroyed a nation.

Being a zealout Mr Kzaemzadeh, as you so proudly boast about, is being blind to historical facts. You are no different from the very Islamic fascists you claim to oppose.

Darius Kadivar

More Photos on the pictory section

by Darius Kadivar on

Here are a few more from the pictory section I tried to contribute to:


As for Botshekan's aggressivity towards me, I don't mind because I suppose he can claim to be a self proclaimed anonymous too afraid to express his opinions with his real name.

In anycase Wishing Peace and Unity for All Democratic Forces. 



I agree...

by Hassan Agha (not verified) on

It is very hard to judge dr. M with so little proven record. His good image does not fit the culture of iranians of the time. Let's face it, we have ever hardly had any decent price or prime minister in our history, but we all believe that dr. M was perfect and was overthrown by west. Even if that was true, a single person cannot fix a country. And anybody appeared as perfect as he was turned out to be a fraud and a disaster (aka khomeini, rajavi, kianoori, dr. yazdi).

He was flirting w/ americans to borrow $300M to stand up to brits. Whatever shah was or was not, he managed to marginalize those potentially nasty characters (mullas and tudeh) and take the opportunity to do "some" good until it was overthrown in 1979. Even today, when one walks the iranian cities, whatever sign of modernity and progress that one sees (including you and me, educated and prosperous) are due to those short decades of pahlavis.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dariush jaan,

You are welcomed. I am happy you liked them.









1. There are a lot of inaccuracies in your post. One exception being that you correctly identified yours truly as a zealous following of Dr. Mossadegh.

2. I did not just find these pictures. A long time ago, I send a note to JJ and suggested he post them in this site.

3. There is a reason why I posted them here YESTERDAY. Ahmad Batebi just came to the U.S. and visited U.S. Congress. I knew that the fascist fundamentalist regime will sent its goons to attack this poor soul. The fascist fundamentalist terrorist regime has on its payroll members of Ministry of Intelligence, it has its supporters, and it has what we in the opposition call them "faheshe siasi" [political prostitutes]*, those who sell their services to the regime.  These forces will be attacking Batebi.



Therefore, by posting these photos of HERO of Iranian nationalism visiting and honoring symbols of America and his photos meeting with various Americans such as President Truman, Acheson, Douglas, I intended to convey that it is perfectly fine to visit U.S. Congress and meet American officials as long as they are open, and that one is promoting Iran’s national interests.


What is WRONG is the secret meetings such as the meeting between American officials and officials of the fundamentalist terrorist regime in the Iran-Contra scandal. That is why we should condemn liars and charlatans like Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Mir Hussein Mossavi, Khamanehi. Or if a collaboration is against the national interests of Iran such as the collaboration of those who committed the 1953 coup and the post-coup regime (e.g., Shaban bi-mokh, Tayeb, Ayatollah Kashani, Ayatollah Brujerdi, Akhund Falsafi, Fadaian Islam, Ruhollah Khomeini...).


In conclusion, my post was designed to counter the propaganda of the Ministry of Intelligence and the activities of the supporters of the fundamentalist terrorist regime who will be attacking Ahmad Batebi.




I hope this is helpful.





* My apologies to the prostitutes. Those who engage in activities that promotes the interests of the terrorist regime have no honor or integrity. Poor prostitutes do their job, by and large, due to financial difficulties. The latter are desperate. Whereas the so-called faheshe siasi are the most disgusting persons in the world, who sell their services to one of the worst regimes on the planet.



Thanks to Mr Kadivar, who is

by botshekan (not verified) on

Thanks to Mr Kadivar, who is a part-time supporter of Pahlavis, part-time mourner of Mossadegh, and part-time flirter of Ebadi , we have another lesson in political impotency from our self-appointed filmcritic.

First, these pictures, discovered so late by one of Mossadegh's zealous followers had been referenced on this site by another follower of Dr M a few years ago - so wakey wakey Mister!

Second, what are the lessons from these pictures? Mossadegh was in a desparate bid to win the trust and support of Americans. Look at his facial language. What do you read from it? Phoney smiles and hand-shakes, comical laughters and generally insincere gestures. Well, all his deceitful overtures didn't help hime to convince the American authorities that he was the man who could secure their interests. They considered him, weak, vacillating, and double crossing (Qajari and Tudehi connections).

Instead they invested a lot in the Shah who was proven to be equally ineffective toward the end of his reign

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I've seen these photos. Really interesting to see them with the passage of Time. I think photos often speak for themselves, we Iranians have a problem about the past and often refuse to look at the past under the pretext that we should forget in order to progress. That is an error. We can learn a great deal from the past and at the same time putting things in a historical context allows us to understand the period with more accuracy and even be reminded by details (good or bad) that drew attention of the press and people at the time of the events.

Thanks for Sharing.