Caspian Makan in Israel

by marzutra

Neda Soltan's fiance arrives in Israel and gives an extensive interview to Israeli
Channel 2. He is later scheduled to meet Israeli President Shimon Peres.





In response to Mr. Soltanpour's criticism of Makan's trip

by Qajar1 on

Though I oppose Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians, I do however believe Makan has every right as an Iranian to travel and live in any part of the world he desires in safety and security. It is irrelevant to hypothesize how he obtained visa’s to travel to Canada and the EU. Western democracies do have provisions for compassion and asylum. It is this fact that attracts hundreds of thousands of refugees to the west every year. Therefore it is safe to assume that the gesture by the Canadians and the EU to grant Makan a visa in expeditious circumstances was for humanitarian reasons and not on conspiratorial grounds.The Islamic regime in Iran has lost any legitimacy to tarnish the humanitarian activates of Makan or any other Iranian. His trip to Israel is a demonstrative gesture of peace and civility in opposing Ahmadinejad’s hate rhetoric.Your criticism of Makan’s trip to Israel implies that you and Ahmadinejad share a similar hate  for Jews and Israel. Such sentiment in today’s world are shameful....Toe Kaz Mehnat Digaran bi Ghami  Nashayad Keh Naamat Nahand Aadami


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is pretty sad. Israeli media is state controlled

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

What happened to his fiance was disgusting. However, the same thing will happen to other Iranians, only the shooters will be Israeli.

When the war starts, there will be many Nedas standing in the wrong place at the wrong time in the cross hairs of inhumane men.

I don't understand why he has done this, but it could be that his justifiable hatred has driven him to do the thing that would spit on the regime the most. So sad that he is a pawn for Israeli media which is beating the war drums for Netanyahoo. Iranians are always being used and against each other. It's the saddest part of our story. 


Makan is a makiavelist

by Saead Soltanpour on

When Makan was in Toronto. I wrote an article with some facts that there is almost impossible to be able to get out from Iran and in tow weeks to be in EU and then in Canada.  the visa for Dr. Baraghouti , Palestinian MP and human right activist to tour Canada was delayed for several weeks while Makan got into Canada very easilyAlso, so many Iranian refugees are wasting some years to get result from UN makes the enter more questionableit looks to me he is abusing Neda’s tragic death for his personal interest.his trip to Israel could be a part of dirty game between regimes secret services and Israelis .his trip to Israel will harm the green movement due to propaganda by the regime on Neda and other martyrs These guys think they are master of politics and analysis while they are manipulated .he regimeHow ever those who helped him direct or indirect to cover his hidden agenda has to apologize to the people of Iran for messing up 


روزنامه نگارو فعال حقوق بشر در تبعید - تورنتو

Holden Caulfield

Shalom, I'm here to pick up...

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Ah, these Israelis....

Could not they simply mail the cheque?