Video of Poverty in South Tehran!

by MaryamTabrizi

I just saw these two videos and thought that people should see what life is really like in South Tehran and the way people live. A stark contrast from the pictures we constantly see of rich people partying in North Tehran. This is the reality of the rest of Iran. Hopefully we can do something to help these people.

Does anyone have a list of charities we can contribute to?

Here is a video of an old man speaking about his problems and asking
where in Islam does it justify such conditions:


And here is a poor little girl talking about her life:



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Re: Xerxer and others ...

by jamshid on

We don't care about the US. We don't care about the little green men in Mars either. We care about Iran. We don't want to compare it to other places.

We are comparing Iran to itself. That is poverty vs. oil revenue. Talent vs. progress. etc.

Iranians should be in much better shape, than say, sourth korea and spain. There are problems with those countries as well, but the pverlty level in Iran is worst. Iran has more oil and more talent than both of those countries.

You are as incompetent as your heroes in the IRI.


Charity Information

by Kashef (not verified) on

Dear Ms Tabrizi,

Thanks for posting these videos. There are quite a few charities active in Iran. I am familiar with the work of Child Foundation, "Bonyade Koodak". They try to help children in need with providing education and health sevices. They have started building a hospital in Orumieh which with more financial help from people like you and me could be completed faster.

The sad truth is that poverty is all over Iran. For those of you "Like NB" who think these people's misery comes from Islam; They (Iranian lower class) don't think so. Please open up your minds to the fact that many Iranians still believe in god and his prophets and Quran as a source of all good, purity and truth. They separate the government from Islam, as the man in the video states.

So, let's try to come up with ways to help them instead of bashing their belief system and disrespecting it.

Here is a link to child foundation website:

There still are ways to help our countrymen. Just set the politics aside and stand up to help them.


look it's total incompetence

by MRX on

I wouldn't put the current monkey's in charge in Iran right now to even run a small donut shop much less a country! One has to ask a question, what has happend to billions and billions of dollars of money from oil revenue? The revenue that has come to Iran is more than what marshall plan spent in Europe after world war two, and they rebuilt a continent with it!!!!

Turkey with no natural resources has a GDP higher than Iran. does that not tell you some thing? folks: keshvar saheb nadareh and that's the bottom line. Khar to khar or shir to shir however you want to call it.

But To make some of you feel better as usuall you can blame  U.S, Isreal, Ziornisim,jews,  dead shah, global warming and what ever else you like for this misery.....


don't use these peoples lives for political motives

by Mehdi-Palang on

I find it funny that the author of this article acts as if no one has ever been to south Tehran (I spent 3 months there this summer) and this is nothing new to me. 


(Poverty exists and is ugly all over the world)  Instead of just cursing the government in front of people who want to make an Iraq-style war on Iran, do something.  Organize some kind of charity/sustainable development project for these people. 


I can guarantee you all if the US goes to war with Iran, these people will not be in a better position.



by XerXes (not verified) on

Oh shut up with your accusations. What the hell are you talking about? Forgive me to criticize your country, the land of opportunity!
So you want Iran to be rich than it's ok to have poor? Your stupid logic is like your stupid comment. Have you ever thought what the US would do if Iran is successful? or maybe Iran's economical problems is because of the bullies like US? Just like the US bullied Iraq and killed 1 million since Bush's war on terror? So if you have an ideology that agrees with Shah, and if he killed and tortured, you are no MOZDUR, because you're special?
No I am not pro IRI. I am just stating the facts. The problem is not IRI, is the people like you and David, who don't ever do shit but bitch and want US to save Iran. So shut up Mozdur e Amrikayee e vatan forush. Right back at you.


XEREXS: You're a mozdoor

by Anonymous1222 (not verified) on

XEREXS: You're a mozdoor through and through and scared of losing the fortunes you've plundered from the IRi's spoils-trough.

When Iran can claim and achieve commensurate GDP and income per capita as the USA, Turkey, Malysia, Peru then you can criticize the US and its shortcomings...Until then, shut the hell up....


RE: David ET

by XerXes (not verified) on

This is my problem with people like you "David", The most powerful country in the world is? that holds 25% of the wealth of the WORLD? with less population based on land? With more Oil than Venezuela?
Did you say Iran? or The United States?
Here is for you my friend: if Shah or "Masoud Rajavi" were in Iran we would not have this???? Man I am sick of Iranians who talk like Americans that don't know much about the world. Enough. I get it, you hate IRI, but "shooresho dar ovordeen".

Source One, just LA- hungry children:

Source 2, Just LA:

Source 3, Just LA:

Source 4 , Just LA:


Of course I can go on. This in only LA. So now instead of bitching about khomaini go try to do something good for the Iranians. Or giving is for the donkeys also?


The issue is not

by Anonymous1111 (not verified) on

The issue is not re-distributing the oil wealth. What happens when the oil runs out in 20 years? What then?

The problem is the mullahs utter incompetence, negligence and ignorance of economic realities and principles of creating jobs, industries and markets in running a country as large as Iran. If corrupted mullahs take over any business entities, for instance, McDonald's, the business will go belly up in less than 2 years.

Do you really trust any of the mullahs in charge to run your own business?

Iran is a an oil-based economy and in that context and by inference will never be independent, prosperous, and democratic.

Of course, some of the poverty issues are systematic and part of the deliberate policy of the IRI to avoid making the same mistake as Shah did in creating a middle class.


Poverty shall disappear...

by Mona19 (not verified) on

The arrangements of the circumstances of the people must be such that poverty shall disappear, that everyone, as far as possible, according to his rank and position, shall share in comfort and well-being.

We see among us men who are overburdened with riches on the one hand, and on the other those unfortunate ones who starve with nothing; those who possess several stately palaces, and those who have not where to lay their head. … This condition of affairs is wrong, and must be remedied. Now the remedy must be carefully undertaken. It cannot be done by bringing to pass absolute equality between men.

Equality is a chimera! It is entirely impracticable. Even if equality could be achieved it could not continue; and if its existence were possible, the whole order of the world would be destroyed.



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

sorry i do not know about a charity list. my be you are so kind and you wanted to arrange one? However I must say the one who ever dared to collect charities was the Universal iranian Champion Gholamresa TAKHTI. short after he died the suicide death. In those days died a good number of Iranians this kind of death. so I am not sure if your list would get more than a negligible amount of mony. so it can be only a waste of time if you would put on a list. Greeting

David ET


by David ET on

what else can we expect from a regime whose founder Khomeini believed that : "Economy is for donkeys"


Not just south Tehran....

by jamshid on

Poverty is spread across the entire country. With the exception of a few rich, the rest are just used for carrying the weight of the rich.

To all those assholes who defend the IRI: When your day comes, your punishement shall be hard and it will last long. Don't count on your green cards to save you....


These are Mostazafan

by NB (not verified) on

These are the people that on their behalf we made the revolution 30 years ago and created the IR. This is Islam in action as a social system. But I bet you they go to Moharam rozeh and cry their heart out and never think of their true cause of their misery; Islam.


Hajiagha, you are a loser

by Anti-Hajiagha (not verified) on

No one listens to you, a frustrated loser. If you're such an anti-Brit, why is it that you dream of blue-eyed blonds? Hypocrite!


Redistributing oil wealth to people! read article!

by Ahmadinejad!!!! (not verified) on

First of all every country in world has POVERTY! Second of all I agree this video is sad, but mind you its apparently being made by religous man who wants to help ameloriate the situation.

As for oil wealth. How much do you guys really think Iran is making a year off oil? It uses half of its oil for domestic production, which is subsidized. Only 2 million of the 4 million barrells it produces is exported aka sold for $$$. And goes to national budget. And you say why don't they do anything. Well here read Ahmadinejad's recent proposal to redistribute oil wealth:


So please do not make up stuff next time!


watch this here is your answer

by Anonymous3 (not verified) on


I am sick about all this Iran is nice place

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

all this propagande go in Iran see with your eye's, or move in Canada in best country can be more worst as Iran


More than 40% of Iranians

by Anonymous1111 (not verified) on

More than 40% of Iranians live below poverty line while the oil revenues have never been so high in the history of Iran as an oil exporting nation. The GDP is lower than it was in 1978. Indeed, they’ve wrecked the country while awash in petrodollars, and that’s evidence of, uh, monumental incompetence and thievary.


where does all the money go?

by MRT (not verified) on

one hundred dollars a barel of oil and poverty of this's mind blowing.

Saeed Kafili


by Saeed Kafili on

 I do not have satelite. My source of information is reading Iranian media on the web.

 These videos were moving. You can read all about poverty, but unless you see real faces like these, you don't feel the depth of human suffering.

Thanks for sharing this with us.



by A.nonymous (not verified) on

These videos are so heart-wrenching. I feel completely powerless. I don't think charities can solve these issues.