Open letter to Arash Irandoost, Ken Timmerman, Hassan Dai, & PDMI


Open letter to Arash Irandoost, Ken Timmerman, Hassan Dai, & PDMI
by MaryamJoon

Dear Dr. Arash Irandoost, Ken Timmerman, Hassan Dai, and PDMI et al.   


This is going to be fun.   Here is what has been said: 


"by arash Irandoost on Sun Sep 16, 2012 05:05 PM PDT: [Ken Timmerman] was an expert witness on [sic] a recent 9/11 trial, when the judge ruled that IRI corroborated [sic] with AlQaeda ...."


What's your Ph.D in?  Not knowing the difference between the words "collaboration" and "corroboration"?


"by arash Irandoost on Sun Sep 16, 2012 05:05 PM PDT: ... I have read all Ken's books."  


You better ask Ken Timmerman to write a dictionary and then read the dictionary before gloating that you are, "published in numerous magazines around the world ... a researcher and literary translator."     


My first point is that Iranian leaders are required to be literate -- it's also probably why you mixed-up the words "Iran" and "Israel" when making your 'Pro Democracy Movement of I[ran].'  Who is a member of this movement of Iran?  Nobody I know.  But I will pretend to understand what you wrote, otherwise this article will turn into a free kindergarten class for you in English diction, journalism, and translation - subjects that you seem to be a self-proclaimed expert in along with investigating Al-Qaeda on behalf of world-wide Jewry.  


The second, and more important, point is that the vast majority of Iranians (80 mil. of them) view individuals like Ken Timmerman, who buddies up to militant terror groups in Iraq on behalf of the Jewish Lobby, as ... (How should I put this?) ... garbage!  You know those "conspiracy theories" where people go around saying it's hard to trust Jews?  Well, bingo dada, I think that's the kind of thing they are talking about and the people that support PDMI, like Timmerman, are the ones that create those reputions.


Hopefully you recognize Ken making nicey-nice with an armed militant in Iraq in the photo I provided above.  Oops!  I'm sure some jive reason will follow (Let me guess: He was selling them bagels and investigating Al-Qaeda, right?).  If that had been Trita Parsi in the photo instead of Kenny-boy, right-wing Rabbis from LA to NY would have been on CNN screaming about it.  


PDMI's official page shills for Ken Timmerman who is running for public office and Kenny-boy works with the Jewish Lobby.  Here's what PDMI's page says about Kenny-boy:  


"In his book, Ken [Timmerman] masterfully exposes IRI nuclear ambitions and IRI and Al-Qaeda cooperation, when Osama's family was hiding in Iran during and after the 9/11. ... With Ken in the Congress, Iranian[ ]-Americans will have an ally on their side in Washington ...." - PDMI  (A direct quote from your site). 


Ken Timmerman's writings prove nothing approaching the wild conclusions he spreads around like a farmer spreads around manure.  His books are moneymaking and self-promotion devices based on rumors, contrivances, speculation, and (if I had to guess) a prescription to Jamaican 'Wacky Weed.'  His work is nothing more than shilling for the Jewish Lobby. If you missed it, I put a video up of last week showing Timmerman's Iranophobic rants, hate-mongering, and lunatic theories.  (See Timmerman defame Iranians before a Jewish congregation.) 


The court case that you are referring to, where you state Iran lost, was a default judgment (when one side does not show up in court the side that shows up wins).  Do you know what you accomplished with your explanation of that case?  You have shown the public that PDMI, and the Jewish interests behind it, are dishonest.  If I had to guess, Iran most likely did not defend that case for the same reason Israel does not want to defend a case in Iran (sovereign nations ordinarily use legal resolution procedures that guarantee the appearance of impartiality by the tribunal).  For some reason, I think you knew that Ahmadinejad was not going be showing up in the Brooklyn courtroom of the Honorable Rabbi Shlomo Gerberstein.    


PDMI's website goes on to state, "Knowing full well how much Iranians care passionately for their motherland and particularly Azarbaijan.  NIAC is simply using its divide and conquer tactic." Huh?  So, NIAC now is involved in the issue of separatism in Azarbaijan?  That's rich.  Let me explain something to you: If you click this link you will see that one of the people stoking those movements is a billionaire Jew named Ishak Nazarian who previously served in the Israeli army.  I am pretty sure Trita Parsi is not working with him, but I would not put it past any of you to weave that into your tapestry of fraud and wear it around your neck like a Hebrew prayer shawl.


You ask a question:   


"by arash Irandoost on Sun Sep 16, 2012 01:44 PM PDT: ... Can Jews not call themselves "PDMI"?" 


Of course Jews can call themselves the 'Pro Democracy Movement of Iran,' if they disclose up front that they are shilling for the Israeli lobby and prove they are not writing under fraudulent pseudonyms to prop up a group or individuals nobody would otherwise support.  That's why your types are disliked: Dishonesty.  


You have one chip left to cash:  Hassan Dai says that, 'Trita Parsi was paid by the CIA.'  I will keep an open mind on this point, but do you know the saying: 'Put up shut up' ? Well, Put up or shut up.





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Nope, I didn't write that. Where's the CIA quote IsraelDoost?

by MaryamJoon on

Are you going to show Iranians the CIA quote that you claim is in Trita Parsi's deposition or are you going to look for new ways to serve Israel with the same nonsense?  



arash Irandoost

Proof positive that Maryam Joon shills for NIAC and IRGC

by arash Irandoost on

علام کاندیداتوری عضو سیا در منزل یک ایرانی


Please read this write up from an IRGC website in Iran and compare it to Maryam Joon (NIAC and its useful idiots) letter above.  The only think it lacks is her/his name on the article! need I say more ... ?

مهر ۱, ۱۳۹۱بدون دیدگاهچاپ

به گزارش خبرنگار بین الملل پایگاه خبری فاطر، کن تیمر من داوطلب نمایندگی کنگره آمریکا شد. وی در اطلاعیه ای از مردم آمریکا خواسته که در مهمانی معرفی و اعلام کاندیداتوری خود شرکت کنند.

این داوطلب کنگره آمریکا از مردم بابت شرکت در مراسم اعلام کاندیداتوری اش، مبلغ ۱۰۰ دلار هم اخذ می کند. میهمانی اعلام کاندیداتوری این آمریکایی با سابقه، قراراست که در منزل « حسین شاه آبادی » برگزار شود.گفته می شود که برگزاری این مراسم با تشویق و حمایت هوشنگ انصاری، بهمن باتقان قلیچ، بیژن کیان، نسترن سمیعی در منزل شاه آبادی صورت می گیرد. تیمر من از اعضای باسابقه سازمان سیا است تیمر من یکی از نزدیکان جیمز وزلی رئیس سابق سازمان جاسوسی آمریکا است. وی اخیراً سفری به منطقه کردستان عراق داشته و با برخی عوامل گروهک پ.ک.ک درباره ایران گفتگو داشته است. تیمرمن، رییس و مدیر عامل بنیاد دموکراسی ایران و مسؤول پنهانی «همبستگی برای دموکراسی و حقوق بشر در ایران» و “کارشناس” مسائل ایران است. در سال ۱۹۸۳ میلادی در مجله کوئین در اورشلیم نوشت: برای اینکه اسرائیل ماندگار باشد، باید کشورهای بزرگ خاورمیانه درهم شکسته و تجزیه شوند؛ آنگاه، مثال عراق را میزند « با کرد، سنی و شیعه؛ و مصر با قبطی، عرب و ترک … که آماده تجزیه اند.»

در تاریخ ۱۵ تا ۱۷ ژوئن ۲۰۰۷ تیمرمن آمریکائی، درهمایش ایرانیان بی حمیّت و چند تن تجزیه طلب از اهالی کردستان ایران و بلوچستانِ ایران در پاریس شرکت کرد و با سلطنت طلبان و بخشی از گروههای چپ و راست همایش پاریس را ترتیب داده و با طرح سال ۱۹۸۳ خود، ذکر شده در بالا، با شروع موضوع حمله نظامی آمریکا و تحریک اقوام ایرانی و تحریض حاضران به تجزیه ایران، به دنبال جانشین سازی سیاسی (آلترناتیو سازی) در ایران رفت.

آقای تیمر من ارتباط خوبی با گروهک های ضدانقلاب، منافقین و گروه های مسلح ضد نظام اسلامی دارد و شاید بر همین اساس است که وی در منزل یک ایرانی تبار اعلام کاندیداتوری می کند


Arash Irandoost knows how to ask questions but not answer them

by MaryamJoon on



Hassan Dai chickens out ...

by MaryamJoon on

... can't produce the goods.   


Hassan Daieoleslam's tongue missing ...

by MaryamJoon on

... the kitty cat stole it just when he was about to give facts supporting his claim that Trita Parsi is paid by the CIA.

Here's the video where he makes that claim:  //

Please ignore the picture of Ken Timmerman ( Daieoleslam's champion ) with militants and their machine guns in Iraq.  Those are exactly the kind of people that are credible in making the charge that Parsi worked with a terror network, right? 

Hassan, we can't hear you ... tell us when you find your tongue.   


Israeli lobby shaking hands with people holding AK-47s

by MaryamJoon on

It's my pleasure to show that.  

Looks like Ken Timmerman is enjoying the Iraq weather, while PDMI tells Iranians to vote for and support him.

hmmmmmm ... something's not right with that equation.  


long live Iran


by long live Iran on

Thanks for your information about PDMI.

Long Live IRAN for Ever,



Has anyone heard from Hassan Dai yet?

by MaryamJoon on

Or is he still unable to provide facts for his wild BS stories?   

What kind of victory does he think he obtained?  A handful of dollars.  

Wouldn't a bake sale in honor of the MEK have accomplished the same thing?  


That's what the Israeli Lobby says to gutting of its sham group?

by MaryamJoon on



But I can hear the characters mentioned in the article coughing-up hair balls trying to figure out how to address the lies they have told.

NIAC is an anti-sanctions group.  I'm against sanctions.  Don't care who they work for, as long as it's not the Israeli Lobby.

You realize that the Israeli Lobby has painted itself into a corner that it can't get out of, right?   You realize the utter-contempt with which Iranians (and quite honestly the world) hold it in?

You think about that while I watch some videos of Iranian missile tests.  

I'll check back to see if you boys are still banging your heads against the wall, and have thought-up some answers to the trail of duplicity that you have left behind.  

How embarrassing for you! 



by Cost-of-Progress on

....that you darlin'?


The Israeli lobby is well known for using and discarding people

by MaryamJoon on

... There's no doubt about it.  

Look at the fools they sent into Iran on motorbikes; Iran caught several of them and hung them and not one word out of Israel.  They all said they had been flown to Israel and promised all kinds of things.  

If the Israelis had to pay up on every promise, they would go bankrupt.  

Soosan Khanoom

Interesting ... Thanks Maryam

by Soosan Khanoom on

Unfortunately they neither put up or shut up ... As I said before Daee will be used by neocons for now but once the Bankstrs are done with him and his stooges then they are going to be dumped like  garbage( that's a more polite way to put it) ... These people have serious agenda yet they dare to come on this site and blog about their win in the court.  Just like OJ ..I guess the gloves didn't fit them either. 




Who thinks Hassan Dai can return to Iran even w/ a new Govt?

by MaryamJoon on

Tell me your reasons.