Iran "Un-contained," FULL FILM ON NUCLEAR PROGRAM: مستند مهار نشده ایران

by MaryamJoon

"Iran Un-Contained," FULL FILM ON NUCLEAR PROGRAM: مستند مهار نشده ایران

In English - انگلیسی

In Pinglish - پارسی

In Finglish - فارسی

* Enjoy this movie and I will be back in a short while with some shocking news revealing important information for both the diaspora community and Iranians in Iran.

* To all peace-loving and non-zionist Jewish people, you have my respect.


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Not an honest comment by you

by MaryamJoon on

... because the comments in the video were diverse: not everyone agreed.  

You may be disappointed that nobody in Iran parrots Likud talking points, mais c'est la vie.  


You're confusing diversity of faces ....

by maghshoosh on

... w/ diversity of opinions.


The point isn't to convince you to follow Iran's leader

by MaryamJoon on

... it's to view the varied opinions people give on the street.


Thinly-disguised Leader-worship propaganda

by maghshoosh on

The 1st half of the film is ostensibly about whether Iran is developing nuclear weapons and issues directly related to that.  Then half-way through the film it takes a 90-degree turn, where we start hearing about the Shia fundamentalist mentality of the majority of Iranians and their devotion to the cult of martyrdom.  Shortly thereafter, we hear incessant cheerleading for Iran's indisputable leadership of at least the Muslim world, if not more. 

Evidence of such global Islamic devotion to Iran's Supreme Leader comes in the form of photos of demonstrations in foreign countries w/ lone individuals holding photos of Khamenei & Khomeini, and through support expressed in Hezbollah-dominated S. Lebanon.  Or through assurances provided by Marzieh Hashemi, a PressTV correspondent.  Ms. Hashemi has in the past produced a hard-hitting and fully independent investigate piece on the killing of Neda Agha-Soltan, which amazingly arrived at the same version of events as the official Iranian one.  (Here's the 1st part of Hashemi's indepedent and unbiased report.)  In short, there's worldwide adoration for the Supreme Leader and his policies.  Whereas, w/ regards to Iran's nuclear quest, the narrator could at least find some minority voices of mild dissent, when it comes to Iran's leadership, everyone's unanimously at awe.

The narrator introduces himself as an aerospace engineering student; a field of study which requires independent and critical thinking.  Evidently, he turns off his critical faculties once he steps out of his classrooms and into the IRI's propaganda studios.