Darwin missing in Iran

by mannya2001

The IRI plans to purge universities from social sciences.  This is shocking to many and an affront to any civilizaed nation. 

 Yet truth be told, no Iranian has had the interest, courage or whatever you may call it   to translate into Farsi books that have essentially defined the new age.  Unfortunately, a problem with translating these books is that they are scientific to a degree.  THis means that the translators who happen to be mostly graduates in literature have very poor understanding or no understanding of scientific issues and hence they cannot translate something they don't understand.

This is a a list of books that need to be translated in Farsi.  Any takers?

1. A Brief History of Time  - by Stephen Hawkins

2. THe Blind Watchmaker -- Richard Dawkins

3. The Selfish Gene-- Richard Dawkins

Please add to the list- perhaps someone out there who is proficient in translation would decide to take on one of these books during the current economic depression and make a buck or two.



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Add two more

by Arthimis on

While at it,

4- Four Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz

5- Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

And after Iran becomes Free, ship all Religious (Islamic) fanatics to North or South pole permanently and don't let them back ever...




by Abarmard on

Evolution doesn't exist in Iran