I miss Feraydoon Farrokhzad badly

by manesh

What a man we lost in our times. Just watch the videos at the bottom and tell me you didn't love him:


He is my idea of the ideal Persian in these times. He loved his land and people. He laughed, he sang, he loved and he made everybody feel good and proud.

The most amazing thing about his life story, to me, is that he was sometimes belittled because it was said he was a homosexual! That's odd because he was the bravest man I know after the revolution.

All you homophobic Persians MEN out there take not: the bravest Iranian of our time was a homosexual.


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We all mourn his absence!

by IranWrites on

Thank you for your moving comments.

Here's something along the same lines which I wrote about him.


خدایش بیامرزد




by jamshid on

He gave his life for Iran. He will be remembered as a true patriot.


Feraydoon Farrokhzad was 50 years ahead of his time!

by farrad02 on

Farrokhzad had an outstanding mind and was way ahead of his own time. If you watch his 1970's shows from and listen to his speeches and comments after the revolution, you will find an incredibly kind, smart and passionate individual who loved Iran and her people to no end. His loss was a tragedy, although an overwhelming the people he was so passionate about have never realized what they lost!

God bless his soul!



Me too!

by Sophie on

Farokhzad was a man of integrity and substance which is quite rare these days. I miss his work and his presence dearly. I just remember when I was a kid, he came to a theater where the school took us for a movie. He was all smiling and nice with children and I liked him. However, later I heard he is a “bache baaz” and I was scared! After many years when I finally learned to think independently and resist the waves coming from our rigid and shallow thinkers in the society, I found him and amazing man: his thoughts, his approach and his love for Iran and for people. A Manesh mentioned, he was one of the bravest men I saw after Islamic revolution. Just see one of his shows in London that shows he challenge and make fun of those rich ones who left Iran with all the money they couldn’t ever make out of Iran! He didn’t fell into the trap of singing and performing and brown nosing the rich for fame or money. He was a man of integrity and substance and I salute him!

David ET


by David ET on

He was a real man. We need and miss more outspoken like him. This regime knew it and that is why they killed him.

God bless his soul.