"You're a Dick!"

by MallyJack_Secrets

Ode to the Iranian.com writer

Keyboard in one hand, a mirror in the other,
Iranian.com writer, searches for a brother,
incessantly posting about this or the other,
Seeking a lost twin, from another Mother,

Writer Oh Writer! The hidden commentors ask
Will not khejalat silence your self-appointed task?
Writer Oh Writer! The nameless critics proclaim
Have you no shame posting something so lame?

Undaunted, some hairless, and some hair gelled heroes,
Post undeterred, stubborn, some ones and some zeroes
For this is the internet! Connected light's twine
I have lots of friends, except they're only online!

No really, I'm popular! Just Google me and you'll see
I'm search engine optimized and page ranked for free
By this online phenomenon that grows by the day
Like a sex virus spreading among straight and gay

Writer Oh Writer! The snipers pronounce
You're wrong, and a fool, as they ambush and pounce
Writer Oh Writer! Take me on if you dare!
I'll crush your weak logic and make fun of your hair!

But like the wind blowing a summer's warm wind
The writer continues, a new yarn fresh-spinned
Some bullshit from childhood, or something fresh-canned
Spellcheck or grammar check all to be damned

You see the internet's really a mirror to our souls
We don't care if you think we are being assholes
It's us and about us, and FAQ if you don't get it
We actually don't care if you love it or hate it

Writer Oh Writer! The pansie-ass-fuckfaces do bleat
But we so love to harass, and with you compete
Your writing sucks ass and now you make me sick
Oh Writer or Writer! I still say, You're a Dick!


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ebi amirhosseini

To Dear JJ ; With all due respect !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks again for giving me & others,a forum to express ourselves.I totally agree with you;BUT ?I didn't expect to see the language that you used in your  comment;" They're retarded......",from you who are a professional by trade!! I believe, if we ( the non-professional writers) write like that out of frustration or .... can't be blamed much! because you are always their to bring us back to "Polite Discussion Path".But if we lose you to the same language too;who would do it for us?,at least for ME.



Anything that rhymes with

by n.zanincanadai on

Anything that rhymes with Dick is a MASTERPEIECE!

Jahanshah Javid

They don't get it

by Jahanshah Javid on

Mally Jack, thank you... so true. Well done.

I seriously doubt that the subjects of your wrath get it. They're retarted... kaareeshoon nemisheh kard... they are born to hate and love putting people down. Bunch of silly cowards who do absolutely nothing to make this world a better place. Oh well...