EMail to the Iranian Ambassador to Canada

by mahmoudg

Your excellency (if one may give you this revered title);

You represent a regime which has been tantamount to violating human rights and democracy from its inception, since the days when the demon himself, Khomeini landed in our beloved land of Persia.  How could you bring yourself to lecture democracies such as Canada to stop showing films about Iran.  When the regime you represent does not allow free and fair elections, or peaceful demonstrations, what grounds do you have to stand on lecturing others.  Perhaps Islam, this cult, has failed, perhaps you have forgotten how to be human.  But one thing is for certain.  The regime of the Islamic Rapist Cultist is on its death bed and it behooves you and your staff to turn from your errors, join the people of Iran and the world and perhaps we the Iranians will be lenient on you when you will be put on trial for aiding and abating terrorism and man slaughter.

Mahmoud Ghaffari

Resident of the Greatest country on Earth, the United States of America. 


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by Raoul1955 on

Great piece.  And hopefully one day you will become a citizen of this wonderful country.
Amazing that they are dictating to the Canadians what they may or not show.  I am laughing.   :-)