VOA discussion on Iran, Israel & Zionism


by maghshoosh

A Rabbi, 2 professors and a radio personality walk into a sutdio.  That could mark the start of a bad joke, but in this case it is a recent VOA Persian program where the recent Bulgaria bus bombing becomes the setup for a discussion on Zionism and Iran-Israel relations.  The guests (starting around 7:30) include Borghei from the US, and Amir and Javedanfar from Israel.

Around 42:50 of the above video, Amir mentions an Israeli girl that was shot in the eye by a Palestinian sniper.  Not sure what incident he's referring to, but there was a Jewish-American college student that lost an eye after she was hit by an Israeli tear gas canister while participating in a protest against the Flotilla attack.

Also in the above video, Javedanfar criticizes the lack of any response from Israeli officials when an Israeli parliament member, Michael Ben-Ari, recently tore up a copy of the New Testament.   But there was a reaction from a Palestinian-Israeli parliament member, Ahmad Tibi, who took revenge on a photo of Ben-Ari's mentor, Meir Kahane, as in this clip:



Perhaps a related discussion on Israel is this one by BBC Persian from 6/2011:


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