Songs of worship reflecting the diversity of faiths in Iran


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Below is a sampling of various songs and chants of worship and religious devotion representing the diverse expressions of faith in Iran.  I have tried to cover the better-known denominations that either have had an ancient presence in Iran or are native to that land.  The choices are purely a matter of personal taste and whatever I have happened to come across, and certainly would not do justice to the varieties of expression in these religions.  Many of these religions have chants in both Persian and the ethnic/religious language of that faith.  (That some of the samples are linked to rather than embedded, is due to my inability to embed all and not an indication of giving prominence to one over the other.)


** Armenian:  This denomination is the one I had the least luck in finding samples of that are sung by Iranians. 

-- Here is a hymn that is common to Armenian churches.  Hopefully, these renditions are not too different from an Iranian one:

--I did not intend to post documentary pieces, but since this report plays hymns in the background, we will make an exception:


** Assyrian:  Ashour Aivaz performs ...

-- ... in Assyrian, along w/ an Assyrian-Georgian female singer:

-- ... in Persian:


** Baha'i: 

-- In Persian:

-- In Arabic:


** Jewish:

-- Youness (Yona) Dardashti, aka "the nightingale of the radio," a traditional Persian (sonnati) singer ...

... in Persian:


... in Hebrew:


-- Others in Hebrew:


** Shia (mainstream):

-- Rahim Moazzenzadeh Ardabili, in Arabic: 

-- Well-known traditional singer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, in Persian & Arabic:

-- Ashoura noheh in Khoramshahr, Iran, in Persian:


** Sufi/spiritual:

-- Khaksar Dervishes around Kermanshah, Iran:

-- Khalifeh MirzAgheh Ghowsi, spiritual Kurdish: 

-- This clip of Yarsan or Ahl-e Haq ceremonies in Kurdistan includes samples of their devotional music:  

More info @ //


** Sunni:

-- //

-- Red button to play: //


** Zoroastrian:

-- In Avestan at the Mantra Meeting in Iran:

-- In Avestan by Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary:

--  In Persian:


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