IRI's bigots are imbecilic & pathological liars


by maghshoosh

Following Mitt Romney's presidential candidacy, his religious affiliation became the topic of national discussion, with pundits wondering how much of the Christian fundamentalist base of the Republican party would be willing to vote for a Mormon.  In that vain, we may recall that Mormonism and Baha'ism arose in the 1st half of the 19th century in the US and Iran as offshoots of the mainstream religions of those societies, Protestantism and Shi'ism, respectively.  Fundamentalist-minded adherents of both mainstream religions view these offshoots as heresies, and from the beginning the heretics faced persecution at the hands of the true believers.  But religious persecution has long ceased in the US, whereas it's alive and kicking (sometimes to death) in the Islamic Republic.  So, a heretic Mormon like Romney becomes a successful and wealthy businessman, the governor of an important state and a presidential candidate, whereas a heretic Baha'i may not be permitted to complete elementary education or hold jobs.  So, while Romney may lose votes due to religious bigotry, he won't lose all the other privileges he has to his name.

It's often the case that bigots, being immoral, are also morons, and take their audience to be fools like themselves.  And this applies to the bigots of the Islamic Republic of Iran and those amongst its supporters, as illustrated by the following.  A first case is the following comedy show aired on Iranian state TV last month, which features 3-stooges impersonators and a clown.  The poorly-scripted story line has the 3 stooges recounting tales of appalling abuse at the hands of the Baha'is followed by liberation from the fearsome clutches of these heretics and the role of the Beloved Leader's directives.  The clown, under the guise of moderating the discussion, chimes in with worn-out propaganda points and take-home messages for the audience, one of the newer concoctions being the Baha'i-Wahabi connection.


Another example of the imbecility of these bigots is the doctored video posted recently at this site @ //
which features statements by a dissident Baha'i named Frederick Glaysher.  What is obvious from the format of this hack job is that the video consists of segments of a longer interview pasted together with no introduction of the author.  The full interview is in fact 2.5 hours long and was done by a pair of Israeli film producers as part of a documentary they were making about the Baha'i presence in Israel.  The full interview is posted in 3 parts which are linked to @

Glaysher is a critic of the Baha'i establishment in the US and Israel, and in the interview he raises issues, whatever their merit may be, on only that topic.  His objections are completely independent of the human and civil rights of the Baha'is in Iran, which he makes clear in the interview, and is not about the (persecuted) Baha'i establishment in Iran either.  In contrast, the deceptively-edited version essentially implies that the Baha'i human rights issue that's been raised internationally is manufactured by a Baha'i-US conspiracy.  But the relevant parts cut out of this clip convey a different message.  At min 9:40 of part 1 of the full interview, Glaysher states, "The Iranian Muslims have always had a great deal of animosity towards the Baha'i faith with periodic persecution, denial of the most basic human rights to Baha'is in Iran, murder, torture, desecration of cemeteries and the most hineous kinds of acts and violations of basic rights of humanity."  At min 54:40 of part 1, "There were public statements by Reagan denouncing Iran, supporting the Baha'is and so forth, which is fine and legitimate.  As an American I'm appaled too and I don't see anything wrong with my gov't trying to protect a vulnerable people in another country somewhere."  And at min 7:25 in part 2, "At times when we have to deal with Iran and we want to denounce for political purposes the Iranian fanatical gov't or whatever, how do we do that?  Well, here's a little group of people who's being brutalized, always have been and are, no matter what time of history you want to look at in Iran ... I don't believe the US gov't is in some sort of conspiracy theory with the Baha'i."  In short, all the references Glaysher makes to the historical Baha'i persecution in Iran, which he acknowledges and denounces, have been cut out of the doctored clip to convey the opposite message.

For completeness, here's the Israeli documentary for which the Glaysher interview was conducted (although the film makes scant use of it) @ //

In place of the pathological distortions, saner views would include:

and "Iran's Neo-Apartheid: Rampant Persecution of Baha'is in Cradle of Faith".


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His Real History

by MaryamJoon on


Islam and Moslems

by Arj on

One of my favourite socialists, Mansoor Hekmat, once said:"The basis of socialism is the human being."

Hence, as a leftist, it does not surprise me to see fascistic statements coming from the supporters of IRI or monarchists. Yet, I find it appalling to see those who claim to believe in socialism or even merely leftists to make categorical, derogatory remarks against an entire group of people due to no fault of their own but merely being born to a certain religious sect, which in this case happens to be Moslims!

One may have, as do I, nothing but contempt for Islam as a backward ideology, but uttering blanket denigrative statements against a whole group of people based on their faith systems, not only goes against socialist principles, but those of any humanitarian belief!


Worst despotisms in the world as role models of IRI bigots

by maghshoosh on

MaryamJoon @ 9/16/12 3:01p claims that Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan have cracked down on the Baha'i.  You can learn a bit about Uzbek.'s human rights situation here, where it says, "IHF, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, as well as United States Department of State and Council of the European Union define Uzbekistan as "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights" and express profound concern about "wide-scale violation of virtually all basic human rights" ... most widespread violations are ... various restrictions of freedoms: of religion, of speech and press, of free association and assembly ... violations are most often committed against members of religious organizations ..." 

And as far as human rights in neighboring Turk., here's a synopsis, "Turkmenistan has been widely criticised for human rights abuses ... Turkmenistan had the 3rd worst press freedom conditions in the world ... It is considered to be one of the "10 Most Censored Countries.""

As far as India & the Baha'i, Mary.Jo. why don't you provide references for your claim about recent Indian crackdown on the Baha'i?  Otherwise, it may appear that you're now slandering India's millenia-old tradition of religious tolerance, confusing India w/ your beloved IRI and assorted despot-istans.  B/c this appears more in tune w/ the Indian spirit: "Indians protest Baha’i arrests in Iran."



by Demo on

Because the 'winners,' after plundering the limitless natural resources of your lands, are daily planning new schemes to keep you divided & to divert you attentions to the trivials like insuting the GOD's prophets! As if GOD is not aware of those winners' aggressions! 


My blog doesn't advocate ANYTHING on behalf of Muslims

by MaryamJoon on

If anything, the government of Iran has been way too lenient with this group and I criticize them for it.

God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers 


All you Muslims are a bunch of Pathetic, Insecure Losers

by Zendanian on

And those "muslims" that are not insecure pathetic losers (and mind their own bussiness), because they allow a bunch of pathetic losers to take over, they also become pathetic losers.

So, in the final analysis, ALL YOU MUSLIMS ARE LOSERS.


Too Much personal Attacks on this blog.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

With out insulting anyone but the views and opinions of anyone that supports the IRI, I'd like to give my input, which is that the views of IRI supporters are filthy and their beliefs for themselves and Iranians are filthier still.  Please note that I did not insult anyone personally, I criticized views/beliefs and actions that emanate from them instead of the person, this is what we need to fight with each other over, views/beliefs can be insulted all day long as one does not insult the individual holding the views/beliefs. 

What supporters of the IRI can never deny, because their actions prove it to be the case, is that they do not practice compassion or love, they practice intolerance and unjustifiable cruelty based on they own ignorant views.  On the criminal nature of other groups, they may be right, but that is not the point.  The point today is that the IRI and its supporters actions are closer to the worst acting criminals and traitors in Iran.  I ask you what filthy mindset kills people attending their parents funeral, prostitues a society, enslaves it to drugs, and can produce no good leadership after 33 years????

This is what the late shah was struggling with, within Iran, corrupt islamic authorities who's crimes were concealed behind veils and secrecy, while pretending to be a solution/not unlike hateful communists who like right wing extremists have never had ideas of value to build upon.  The late shah loved Iran so much that he worked hard to protect all Iranians his entire life from internal and external enemies, yet when the nation was deceived against him by both intenal and external conspirators that ended his life and that of those who came to his help like sadat, he choose to act in a lawful and honorable way so as to awaken Iranians, to become aware of what they were not aware of and grow their wisdom to overcome the mistakes which they allowed others to help them make.

Dainasur and amu maad agha

I hope they will open a space for non Shiiate on Tv

by Dainasur and amu maad agha on

I wonder why the IRI tv. does not invite pastor Nadir khani, a Sunni Muslim or any bahaii person on the panel to also give their view 

that's how we can listen to the both side of the story

Dont you think so? 


This guy is such a pathological liar

by Onlyiran on

that he can't even post a news story without manipulating the headline to suit his agenda.  Look at this news posting of his: 


Then click on the story link and you will see.  The title of the story is a complete fabrication.  The Washington Post article says no such thing.  I don't think that this guy can breath one day without lying!

I remember on one of the numerous occasions that he was blocked previously, JJ actually posted a comment saying "take your hate somewhere else" or somthing to that effect.  So, the question is: why is he still allowed to post hateful anti-Bahai speech.

The good news (for the human race at least) is that his other user id, Frashogar, has been blocked (no surprise there).  So, he at least doesn't have that user id to post hate speech with, and to have a conversation with himself.  

Soosan Khanoom

Oh well. ... She has been waken up !

by Soosan Khanoom on

Just read her comment on the other blog.     

Maryam join good morning... : )

Take it easy today .. Would you?  

Soosan Khanoom

Shhhh , speak quietly she slept very late last night

by Soosan Khanoom on

We don't  want to wake her up? Do we?   LOL

Now Rozbeh dear I am not supporting her ... I am just talking to her and as any civil conversation laws suggests I try to be polite and give credit to anyone when it is due.  Or just dismiss it .. Still no need to call Muslims monkey. Ok ok  Obviously she has huge obsession with the Baha'is ...can't  stop talking about them.   But aren't we all somehow obssesed with something more than usual here on this site? 

How often do we here comment on a poem or listen to a music for change? Well. Hardly ever...

Now why don't you stop by Shirin's blog and listen to the sweetest song ever that she played so well.  

Screw politics.  Atleast for today.  



sozan jan, maryamjoon joon does not need your support!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

She has about 12 other user ID's to suport her. Some of them showed up last night! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Anti-Bahai hate propagator demands answers from Bahais!

by Reality-Bites on

MaryamJoon posting anti-Bahai drivel 24/7 since his return to IC (just like his previous IC incarnations) and then demanding answers from them is akin to Nazis demanding answers from Jewish people or anti-Muslim Preacher, Terry Jones, demanding answers from Muslims.

This odious character and purveyor of bigotry against a persecuted community is a desperate attention and validation seeker for his shameless garbage. His offensive diatribe does not deserve a moment of any decent person's time in attempting to engage him in any kind of balanced and reasonable exchange. He is best ignored and left to stew in his own squalid little world of self-generated spitefulness.


ننه جون کروبی


 کروبی از روی دست نوشته خودش نمیتواند بخواند

I wear an Omega watch


Maghshoosh Dear

by Demo on

Thnx for your reply. Haven't read your blog yet. Going to do it later. Was using the 'rope expression' per my common impulse to a profane language like that of yours with the blog title. Your surname means 'Disturbed' in English. Doesn't it? It is your choice & is not troubling me at all.


Soosan Khanoom Dear

by Demo on

Thanks for your kind comment. Voices like you are have made me to stay with this site to date against my own wishes & still going! Keep up with your remarks. Reading'em all!


Some responses

by maghshoosh on

This blog isn't about comparing, promoting or denouncing one -ism vs another.  It mostly shows a couple of examples of how people dedicated to campaigns of irrational hatred don't hesitate to perpetrate crude fraud and deception to manipulate their audience.  You'd expect this to cause more skepticism of such charlatanism.  Instead, those w/ cult-like attachment to dogmas they've been fed since childhood throw tantrums and pull their hair out to the point where one of the responders wished me death (his comment since removed).  Theirs is a black cult that motivates organized persecution of a minority.

Specific responses:

@ Frashogar, 9/15/12 4:43a
Suppose I were to summarize your very 1st response below as such:
>Frashogar responded to the modified clip of Glaysher's interview by saying "Right ... he never said those things ... it has been doctored ... Phooey"<
Here I quoted accurately from your response and even used ellipsis where words had been omitted, but I totally distorted what you meant.  I made you sound like you were supporting my criticism of the doctored video of Glaysher, whereas in your response you disagreed w/ me.  This is what you did w/ the doctored video that you posted in your blog; it was selectively cut-and-pasted to distort what Glaysher was saying, which is why it's a fraud.

@ First Amendment, 9/15/12 6:57a
Regarding "There's no doubt that our honorable Bahai hamvatans are being abused by residents of Mount Carmel," since neither you nor anyone else I've heard has provided any evidence of such abuse of your "Bahai hamvatans," it appears more sane to be concerned w/ the extensively-documented abuse they've been experiencing at the hands of the IRI & prejudiced folks such as yourself.  As far as "Bahais can no longer be denied of their natural right to self-governance in their Sacred Land, Haifa. The glorious day of defeating the savage Zionist occupiers is at hand," you should write a manual on the 2-birds-w/-1-stone trick: once lands have been liberated from "the savage Zionist occupiers," you wanna then replace the Zionists w/ your ethnically-cleansed Baha'i ex-hamvatans: "kheili polotik mizani, sarkar ostovar."

@ Ma'moor, 9/15/12 8:16a
Your "million and million of Iranians" would, technically, amount to only 2 million out of a population of 75 million, and, thus, would constitute a lunatic fringe of society.  On the other hand, there's good evidence that the idea of civil rights for the Iranian Baha'is has made significant inroads w/in the population.  You've had the fatwa issued by Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, one of IRI's main architects and dissidents, affirming such rights, followed by his disciples.  Then you had the cleric and presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi, an elite member of the IRI up to his detention, defending such rights as part of his ill-fated 2009 candidacy.  And you've also had the Nobel laureate and human rights lawyer Ebadi defending the Baha'i.  If clerical figures who were once significant members of the IRI, have taken such positions, one can guess at the attitude of the general population.  It looks like buffoonish IRI propaganda videos of the type I posted, are having a dubious effect beyond your "million and million Iranians." 

@ Demo

Thanks for the theology lessons, but in your 1st response, now somehow removed, you said something to the effect that "I'm not reading your blog.  Your username is troubling.  Go hang yourself."  So, if forced to choose only between the Khamenei/Messbah-Yazdi version of Shi'ism & your path to redemption, you're walking that path alone.

@ Soosan Khanoom, 9/15/12 8:31p
Do you really not see the obvious set up in the questions and blogs they post?  When MaryamJoon innocently asks "You want Iran to surrender its independent judgment to foreign Bahai men sitting in Israel who don't answer questions?" she wants it to be taken for granted that Iran's independence is somehow being threatened by the Baha'i men in Israel and that the Iranian Baha'i are somehow agents of such grave threats, and proceed from there.  She's leading you to take these threats and agents that she pulls out of her $a$ for granted, so that the persecution of the Iranian Baha'i is already legitimized before the discussion even starts.  These kinds of blogs and questions are like mosquitos in a cesspool; you keep swatting them individually but more will be spawned.

Soosan Khanoom

Demo jan by leaving you mean for now as now right?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Otherwise we do not want you to really leave This site ..

And thanks a bunch for the delightful Rumi ... Rumi in any form and language is a music to the heart.



So Long MJ, SK, & Mamoor

by Demo on

Leaving the site right now. Thank you MJ, SK, & Mamoor for keeping me attached with this blog through your comments. Please accept the below as a token of my appreciation to you. It is a heavenly & comforting voice reading one of the Rumi's poems in Turkish:





The followers of the Bahai movement follow LEADERS

by MaryamJoon on

Why do you think 1 group is called followers and another is called leaders?  Because Followers ... follow ... LEADERS.

If foreign LEADERS of a group (ANY GROUP) do not pass a security clearance (and won't even answer questions!), nobody in Iran has any business following them for same reason nobody in Iran has any business following Massoud Rajavi if one day a group of people decided he was the 27th and final Imam.

Do you think that just because someone says the magic word "religion" that security services will shut off their brains and not ask what the LEADERS of the religion are telling them to do?  Followers follow leaders; and the Bahai ideology is specifically crafted around a world government premise (one problem); with its headquarters in Israel (a second problem); while it proselytizes and tells people they can't serve in the armed forces even in the event of war (the third problem).  

If Zartosht had told Iranians that they can't join an army to defend their Iran, we all would have been turned into Kabobs 2,500 years ago.  


Soosan Khanoom

Question Maryam

by Soosan Khanoom on

By Napoleon I meant in case of Israeli invasion.  Never mind.

But. answer me this please, 

These others are Bahais right ?

All Baha'is as the members of same religion should be supporting each other regardless of the country of origin ..right ?  Same with Muslims ? Right? 

For a sec forget about these leaders hidden political agenda and just focus on the religion itself ... Now would not you as a person who can't practice her faith willing to seek help from your religion members no matter what?  or atleast prefer them over those who are your current rulers?  

Do not you think that Palestinians who are under discrimination would approcate any help from their Muslim family no matter what?  So the principle is basically the same...  

Now I am not sure which should come first religion or country.  But then it is up to each individual to answer that.  

I wish we would color ourselves human and never accept any discriminations towards each other.  As the result of discrimination sometimes people would be willing to sell something and buy something else instead.  

There are many Baha'is in Iran and they are Iranins just like you and me ... What about them? Whom do you think they should see to not being discriminate while IRI could care less!!!  Don't you think IRI has forced them into these type of leaders arms? Shouldnt we instead blame IRI? Or at least be critical towards its discriminatory behavior?   Not all Baha'is are a security threat or political.  What about those ordinary ones who just mind their own business yet still either have to deny their belief or be discriminated ?  Does a government especially am Islamic one have any rights to ban people and force them to do otherwise?  Certainly IRI is anything but Islamic.

A security threat is a tricky accusation which IRI is very good at.. This is the same with the Bush Doctrine after 9/11 ... Anyone can be put in jail with no rights to a lawyer just by that accusation alone !!  

I sure stand against that in this country and I would be a hypocrite if I do not stand against that in my own country especially as a Muslim ...  


 نمیدانم دارم


 نمیدانم دارم پیر میشم یا.......من هم از این فرقه بازی حداقل امشب حالم بهم میخورد!!
این را دارم گوش میدم شاید شما هم لذت ببرید!!

I wear an Omega watch


Maryamjoon Dear

by Demo on

With all the due respect, no Bahais' leader is ever going to respond to any of your legit questions, because unlike cats with 9 lives those 9 millionaires each has just one life to live & is going to commit suicide only & only if he looses his wealth!


Dear Ladies

by مآمور on

If I.R.Iran has given people papers documenting their Iranian nationality,  then it would be not just funny but hilarious for me to say, those one with a sacred Iranian passports would not be Iranians

I m with u Maryam that the mafia style gang of sub-zionist grouplet are despicable!! but my neighbor who just came back from Iran is not!!they just have different priority than Iran itself!!

Having said the above, i would question their recent claim(not historical, jut few years old) of being patriotic towards Iran and its interests!!

To your credit Maryamjoon, I know a big portion of bahais are not Iranians from their origins, many black as well as white.... but there r some Iranians one either aboard or living in Iran!!

I wear an Omega watch


مامور گرامی


پیروی علی شدن با تکه تکه کردن دین و فرقه سازی که یکی نیست عزیز! قبلأ هم که در این مورد ذکر شده بود. پیروی علی یعنی فراگیری و درس گفتن از او و زندگی کردن چون علی. 


Nonsense Soosan

by MaryamJoon on


They have leaders that never met an Iranian Mullah, Okay?  

They are 9 millionaires, okay?  

They can answer questions; You answer questions in your everyday life don't you?  But 9 millionaires who are the leaders can't ...

OK ... got it. 

Soosan Khanoom

dear Mamoor, good question but also let us be fair

by Soosan Khanoom on

To those Baha'is who have been discriminated so harshly by IRI.. Sometimes you do not know the answer.... It is the choice betwer inquistion or Napoleon... What is the answer really? For a person who suffers discrimination in the hands of the inquisitionists then Napoleon is a door to freedom of practicing their religion.  But then for the same person as an Spanish , Napoleon is another inquisitionist only this time they are not free to be Spanish although still can practice their religion. I guess both equally are bad.  Therefore, there is no answer.   


Mamur,with due respect ... I think you are missing the point

by MaryamJoon on

> Most Bahais are NOT Iranian.  Never were, and probably never will be. 

> Iran is a sovereign country.

> As a sovereign country, Iran has national security requirements that are independent of religion, and always will be.  

> Will some religious leader dislike Bahais because it conflicts with their own faith?  Yes.

> But whether under the cover of religion, economics, dancing, pole vaulting, watermelon juggling, or whatever ... a group with foreign leaders attempts to offload customs, behaviors or changes to a sovereign country, their leaders MUST stand for questioning if they genuinely seek acceptance, especially when the Bahai leaders are 9 rich millionaires living in an apartheid country hostile to Iran that is terrorizing the indigenous population of the land they are squatting on and deriving benefit from; otherwise their complaints lose all merit because anyone that HONESTLY & SINCERELY cares about wether individuals are suffering will answer questions to reduce doubt in the minds of skeptics, cynics, and doubters.  MY questions linger: Why do 9 millionaires in Versace suits (mostly non-Iranians) sitting in Israel and guiding the Bahai flock need so much help from this site, censorship on their own sites, and blogger after blogger to avoid answering 10 straightforward questions?  

MY QUESTIONS ARE HERE: Dialogue with Haifan-Baha'i Leaders -- People Have Questions.



 ike Bahiism itself Shiism

by مآمور on

 ike Bahiism itself Shiism is not a religion but it is rather a 'man
invented cult!' Islam is the pure religion of GOD and has absolutely no
-ism of any kinds in it! No Suniism, No Shiism! None, whatsoever!Quote from Demo

I only have one question:

how do bahais justify their relationship with occupying state of Israel in this time of all-out-war and at the same time  claiming to be good Iranians??

for every other questions please read the quote above!!

inquires about bicycles will still be forwarded to  Mamor !!

I wear an Omega watch