Demystifying the Talmud: the non-Rahimi versions

by maghshoosh

With the recent controversy over Mohammad Reza Rahimi's comments regarding the role of the Talmud as a manual for worldwide mischief and corruption, there's likely going to be a rise of interest in that mysterious text among the Iranians.  An example of a Talmudic teaching, as a case of bankruptcy math, has been previously posted at this site.  Not being an expert on theological topics of any flavor, I came across this 2007 documetary on the Talmud that might provide one perspective.  As the film indicates, there have been 2 versions of the Talmud, the Jerusalem and the Babylonian ones.  An update should include the Rahimi version.


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Jewish studies in Iran

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There's a Center for International Religious Studies at U. of Tehran.  I doubt, though, if they would have a center just for studies in one particular non-Islamic religion, as you suggest, but I don't really know.  There's also the University of Religions set up by some Qom scholars.  There have been at least a couple of Persian translations of Talmud-related books in Iran; not everything published there about Jewish texts is of the kooky Rahimi variety. 

The University of Religions has translated a condensed version of the Talmud, "The Essential Talmud", by an Israeli scholar, under the title "Seyri dar Talmud".  (The Israeli author is featured in the above video around min. 52.)  Pdf versions of the Persian translation can be downloaded for free from Iranian websites by googling "seyri dar talmud" in Persian.  There's also been a recent publication called "Ganjineii az Talmud," which appears to be a translation of "Everyman's Talmud."

The Tehran Jewish Committee (Anjoman-e Kalimian-e Tehran) has posts at its website about various Jewish texts, such as this one on Talmud.  Incidentally, the Committee has posted a protest to Rahimi's statements at its website.

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Do they have a center for Judaic studies at the University of Tehran?