3-D panoramic images of Iran


by maghshoosh

You may enjoy the many 3-D panoramic images that are now available online, in particular from various Iranian cities.  Here are a couple of sources.

Virtual tour of Yazd and surrounding areas (Persian, English).  A few pointers that you will surely notice, but in case this makes it quicker.  You can rotate each image in all dimensions by click-hold-dragging the mouse (besides using the controls under the image), most useful for viewing ornate ceilings. Various images from each location marked on the map on the left.  The selection on the right side of the page is a sampling from the more extensive choices at the bottom.  A smaller set for Yazd at (Persian, English).


Alternatively, just search for your preferred location from the large collection at 360cities.  Here are a few familiar but nice ones (click-hold-drag and ceilings):

Golestan Palace (1, 2, 3); Roudkhan castleVank cathedralMassouleh; Chehel Sotoun (1, 2);  Babak castle; Eram Garden;  Naghshe Jahan square (1, 2); Imam/Shah mosque (1,2); Katalekhor cave.




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Milady's preferences

by maghshoosh on

What started as a budding suspicion is now a matured certitude that Lady Yolanda is of exquisite taste and impeccable discernment.  Pray thee though, what failings in the other Persian landmarks did eliminate them from thy list of favorites?  Is the Golestan palace too glittery in its vainglory?  The Roudkhan castle too Inca-esque for the Persian plateau?  The Vank cathedral too colorfully crammed with iconic imagery?  The Babak castle too insanely perched on the ledge of historical catastrophe?  Or the Imam/Shah mosque too schizophrenic in its identity?  What sayeth thou, desert bloom of a damsel?



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting! It is gorgeous! My favorites are Khan Bath, Lariha House, and Hazireh Mosque! They blew me away. I bookmarked the website!

Thank you!