1963 Iran as filmed by W. Kintner

by maghshoosh

Below are silent films shot by Watson Kintner, while travelling to Iran in 1963, from the University of Pennsylvania Museum collection.  Here's a blurb on Kintner and his travels,

"Watson Kintner (1890-1979) was a Chemical Engineer with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), where he was an early pioneer in the standardization of the vacuum tube. Over a period of 36 years he traveled to more than 30 individual countries, beginning in 1933. Kintner's first trip was to Mexico (where he filmed painter Diego Rivera), followed by visits to Guatemala, Guyana, Ecuador, Morocco, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Australia, Iran, and Ethiopia, and many other countries. A talented amateur photographer, he filmed over 400 reels, mostly color, with a 16mm camera. He recorded with great detail the daily lives, environment, and work of the traditional cultures he visited – including handicrafts, home industries, dwellings, household arrangements, personal dress and adornment, agricultural techniques and equipment, local commerce, etc. – and largely avoided more obvious tourist destinations."


And the rest of the 25 reels can be accessed through this list.


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Another "great find" would be ...

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... a response by your admin the couple of times I've relayed questions through your "contact" page.  Does the admin ever respond when you have issues with posting on this site?

Jahanshah Javid

Great find

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Thank you for bringing attention to Kintner's archives. It's a unique resource.