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Ms. soltani Letter to united Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq By: The Iranian Pen Club Printer Friendly

Tags:  Violation of Family Rights in Mujahedin Khalq | Defectors of Mujahedin khalq | Individual Rights Denial in MKO | Mujahedin Khalq as a Destructive Cult | Camp Ashraf Inhabitants | Camp Ashraf Affairs | MKO Leaders bar the reunion of members with their families May 01 2010 I, Batool Soltani Leadership Council and former MKO member, am completely up to date with the situation at the cult in the highest level.

During the past three months the families of the captured members in the New Camp Iraq (ex-Ashraf) have arrived from different countries to meet their children after years of ignorance and have gathered in front the door of this camp. This organization has prevented the reunion to take place and they have cleared conditions that if such entry takes place their commander must be presence during this meeting. 

While families want to visit their children without control by the organization, it is outrage that front of the eyes of whole word and all international organizations this cult could still follow and continue its cultic agenda. 

Thank you for meeting with the three families and you listened to them. I request and am expecting you as a person of an International institution to intervene with Ashraf’s situation and for you to follow the situation closely. 

I also want you to cooperate with the Iraqi government to eliminate any obstacles for these families to reunite with their children. 

Even this cult has announced that your representatives stay on-site of the Ashraf, but this news is false because if your representatives were on-site of Ashraf then would have resolved this issue earlier. 

Considering my understanding of the cult leaders on how they control and the enslavement of people I am ready to work with you to make you aware of this situation and to remove any barriers for families to meet with their children. 

I emphasize the members of this organization continuously are under control hierarchy and have daily meetings to enquire about their most private problems. 

The most basic human rights is considered unauthorized ,and organizations claim that people captive voluntary and accepted these conditions, but these captivity had been achieved in various ways to control the minds of members with of course decades support of Saddam Hussein's regime.And all members really need psychotherapy and are out of control and urge your immediate action. 

With many thanks and regards 
Batoul Soltani 

- Embassies of Iraq in Germany , France and Swiss 
- Relevant MEPs 
- Office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki 
- US State Department


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Well said Azarbanoo...

by Bavafa on

A bunch of terrorist for hire seem to have made themselves available yet again for hire and are getting lots of $$$ as pre-payment for their dirty work.

Of course we have seen those corrupt politicians in US that are just the same and for hire, have been collecting to bid in their behalf. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



MKO LEADERs are more Brutal than IRR/IRI Leaders

by Azarbanoo on

There is no doubt in my mind.  These Power hungry traitor leaders do anything for their goal. They have already proved this by sleeping with SAdam and killing IRANIANS youth to get to power. But Shame on them & their idiology.