Israelis against occupation

by Les

Political news linked to is generally bleak. Here is a news video link which you might find more positive: Max Blumenthal interviews Israelis protesting the Occupation on the anniversary of the Six Day War about Obama's speech to the Muslim World in Cairo the day before. Co-produced by Joseph Dana (



My 70's buddies are back

by Shirazie (not verified) on

I watched the Netanyahu speech. He gave into Obama and also included some fantasies.

He wants the gas and oil pipe lines from Arabs to come through Israel??!! Ha??

Didn't they blow up the same pipe line in 1940's?

Mehdi Mazloom

Affiirmation about Israeli society

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Indeed, I  do thank you for bringing the clip from Israel. All it affirms that Israelis are open, gregrous and, free to express their own opinion in public. (Have you noticed, there was no rabbi in sight to issue "Fatwa" against the Kafoors, and Jewish infidels)


Good for these Israelis. Like annonimouJew said it, these group make up a tiny segment of the Israeli society. Nonetheless, their right of free expression is held up as sacred.

Let in the name of Allah and the mighty enchilada that, we will see the same type of public discorse in the streets of Tehran, Mashad, where people there express their objectiion to their governmennt w/o fear of losing their head - literaly.


To AnonymousJew

by Bavafa on

Looks like you are correct and the folks in the video actually confirm what you are saying.  That is most Israelis don’t believe in the right of Palestinians and approve the fascist treatment of them.  They agree that help needs to come from outside to save Israelis from themselves, just the way German’s were saved from Nazis



When you need something to distract from your own problems

by AnonymousJew (not verified) on

focus your attention on Israel. It's amazing Iranians are being raped by their regime, and yet they are still willing to divert their attention to some conflict thousands of miles away on behalf of the Palestinians.

Well, let me tell you since I know more about Israeli society than anyone here. Israeli leftists who protest against "occupation" are the biggest outcasts in Israeli society. They are a tiny minority, they represent no one, and everyone hates them. But in Israel, we have free speech.


thank u so much !!!

by GitDoun on

this was very informative!!! i didn't know there were israeli jews against the occupation. i loved this video !!! send me some more if find any. i would love to share the links to my friends. this is the stuff Fox news and CNN don't show.  again thanxx for posting!