by Latina

Always expected to be strong.

Never allowed to shed a tear.

My pain and sorrow, I must not share.

I must endure it all silently within.

A mask placed on me long ago. 

Expected to play my part so well.

No longer knowing where I begin and end.

The needs of others before mine.

Sacrificing everything for those I love.

They mean the world to me.

I cannot let them down.

I must be strong for them.

How can I bear my cross in silence?!

If only I had found the "one".

I could have shared what is within.

Solace and comfort enveloped in the "one".

I thought, I finally had found the "one".

However, it wasn't meant to be. 

In my travels the "one" could not be found.

I am so fragile but must be strong.


Copyright © Latina



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by Latina on



I read it and it is amazing.  :o)



by Latina on

No, I have not become Amish. It is perfectly normal not to watch television. I watch all I need through my laptop.

Actually, my television stopped working back in August. I only just bought a new replacement. However, it is so that my mother can watch television. She can't live without her Univision and Telemundo. LOL



by Latina on


 Thank you for your kind comments. Thank you for sharing the link. I will go and read it. 

I am scheduled to graduate with my Masters, May 2013. :o) I am almost there. 

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

Natalie how can you not watch television?!  Have you become an Amish now?!  Not watching television is like not caring what you wear when you go out.  By not caring what you wear I mean literally not wearing anything or wearing a pant with one leg cut off!

Even the most Amish of them all, Khomeini, made it halal for the masses to watch TV!  Before him and during Shah, despite it all, some people thought it was haram to watch TV.  And that's why we have so many satellite TVs and satellite dishes in Iran!  If Khomeini watched TV who are we not to watch it?! 

Everything is sacred



by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

   Thank you for sharing with us this heartfelt poem! Very touching! You always put your family first and have made a lot of sacrifice for them. Here is an edifying poem I read in a different blog a couple of days ago:


Please take a good care of yourself and I hope you get your MA soon!



by Latina on

Hola Raton,

I am glad you liked the poem. No, I do not watch much television these days. 



by Latina on



Thank you.

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

Natalie nice poem, we are all (most of us on this website ;-) fragile inside and staying strong for others, sacrificiing for others, or so we think!  It's good to know it's a universal thing among all cultures.

BTW do you watch Modern Family?  Last night's season finale was hilarious!  A basic scene in the hospital turned into a Mexican soap opera on a dime! 

Everything is sacred



by CallmeRed on

and true.....but sad sad.