Farewell My Stang!


Farewell My Stang!
by Latina

On September 9, 2010, I spent the last few minutes with my White Mustang. Who knew that it would be our last time together. I was on my way home when a truck stopped right in front of us. All I could do was hit the brakes and brace for the impact.

In a matter of seconds, it was all over. The air bag activated and the seat belt held me in place. I saw some smoke coming from the engine and airbag. I struggled to get my seat belt off with my right hand only, as my left arm was injured. I must of used it to brace myself. I had a hard time opening my car door but finally managed to get out.

I still remember as I leaned my back against my car, as I gasped for air. The wind had been knocked right out of me. Next thing I know, my arm starts bleeding and swelling, the bruising begins to show. The man in the truck just stayed in his vehicle looking at me while he witness my struggling. Not once did he come to my help. It was a woman that stopped to help me. She saw me struggle to call my son. She helped me as it was hard to make the call with only one hand. She was so kind. My regret is that I never got her name. May God bless her for all her kindness. She did not have to stop and help me.

Two colleagues saw me and stopped to help. They stayed with me while I waited for Julio to arrive. I am so grateful that they came and helped me to remain calm. We did notice that strangely enough the driver of the truck seemed to have disapeared leaving behind the woman to mainly talk to the police. Very odd indeed.

Julio arrived just in time to see the tow truck take what was left of the Mustang. He took me to the ER to have my arm x-rayed. Thankfully, the x-ray showed that I had no broken bones. They treated my cuts and made sure I had an ice pack to reduce the swelling.

On Friday, Julio took me  to the wrecker place and I signed over permission to the insurance to have the car picked up. I picked up the rental car. Answered many questions made by the insurance agent. I did not go to work, as to give me time to recover. I was not sure, in what condition I would be in so I made sure to have a very reliable Substitute Teacher that my students also like.

I have been at home this weekend, recovering because I want to be back at work on Monday. I really love my job and my students. They will be so happy to see me again. I have so many great things planned for them this coming week.

As for getting another vehicle. Well, I will be taking my time. I am not making any rush decisions or purchases. However, I have decided it is time to buy a truck. A Toyota truck it will be for me. After all, I still have the 1997 Green Mustang.


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by yolanda on

Hi! Natalia,

   I am glad you are making progress with your graduate studies while working full-time.....great job!

A week ago, I posted a Richard Clayderman video in your poetry blog...here is another piano piece by him:


Here is the same piece played by an armless Chinese guy who just won "China got Talent" a week ago, the music starts at (2:10) 2nd minute 10th second:


The guy lost his arms in an electrocution accident when he was little.

Take care!

P.S. Scion has "pure" pricing.......all the dealerships have to have the same pricing! It is good for the consumers......but dealers don't make a lot of $$$! ha ha!!




by Latina on

Cool vehicle! I saw some at the dealerships this weekend.

Wish you great fun in your new ride.

Just completed my first graduate class. I will begin my next one on the 21st.




by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,  

      I just bought a Scion Xd 2 weeks ago 'cause my 1996 Camry has transmission problem......it will cost at least $1000 to fix it.. so I give up.....Scion xd got good ratings on the consumer's report.....

I am trying to sell my Camry today..I need to vacuum it 1st....I also need to call up AAA for a jump......the battery is dead! :O)

Good luck with everything!



by Latina on

Today, I went to visit my familia for the weekend. I rented a Green Beetle.
It is a nice little car. Even thought of buying one but looked into the cost of repairs and decided, NOT to do so.

I am planning to go home for the holidays. Maybe I will have my little Nissan Rogue by then...if the price is right. :o)



by Latina on

Vino Rojo y Raton,

Muchisimas gracias!


Sorry Natalie to hear it but glad you're ok.

by Anonymouse on

A peeckup teruck?!  From Stang to pickup truck is a big jump!  Maybe it is the ease of using the cargo bed.  But in most other times it is left unused.  So SUVs or crossover SUVs may be better and can be used for passengers as well as folding the seat and having a large cargo area, and a roof.

Also, having a convertible is a great experience to have once or twice and unless you can afford and have a place to garage an extra one, regular cars are a good replacement because of the maintenance and worry you always have that the roof may be damaged or torn or bowed or something.

In Farsi we say someone has had a bad eye on you! So if you're superstitious you can burn some esfand (sense) for the smell and slaughter a sheep and feed it to needy!  If slaughtering a sheep is a hassle pizza will be fine!

Everything is sacred

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Querida Natalia,Gracias a Dios que estes bien...Todo saldra bien,No te preocupes.

Cuidate mucho querida mia .


thank you

by Latina on

Yolanda, vildemose and farshadjon ,

Thank you for your kindness. My left arm is  healing well.



Sargord Pirouz

by Latina on

Actually, the driver of the truck crossed two traffic lanes to veer unto my lane. It was not my fault.

 Perhaps it is best not to assume too much in such cases. I had not had an accident or ticket in over 15 years.

No, I was not given a ticket for this accident.



by farshadjon on

Really sad to hear that, Natalia jan.But I am happy that you are OK.

Mustangs can be replaced, but Natalia not!




Hope you're healing well

by vildemose on

Hope you're healing well and taking it easy.


Sargord Pirouz

That's a pretty bad

by Sargord Pirouz on

That's a pretty bad wreck.

You were following too closely, Latina. I'm glad no one suffered major injuries or was killed as a result of your driving mistake. Well, that is anyone beside your car.

Let this be a lesson to you: remain attentive and always maintain adequate following distance. 

Anticipation is the name of the game in proper defensive driving. 



by yolanda on

Hi! Natalia,

    So sorry to hear the car accident.......you are very kind that you wanted to thank the lady who helped you first and you worried about your students more than yourself! I hope you recover soon!