Empty Nest!

Empty Nest!
by Latina

It was only a matter of time before the "Empty nest" came to pass. After all, as parents it is our responsibility to do our best to get our little birds ready for their solo flight. Creating one's own personal and professional life is part of that responsibility. It allows our children to go forth without worrying about us.

After all, being solo for the first time will be a hard adjustment for them as well. Yes, they will come to visit. One will go and visit them. The dynamics of the relationship changes. They are adults after all.  When the urge to mother them (in my case) gets too strong, I need to step back and breathe.LOL 

Now, if they ask for advice then it is an entirely different matter. However, the advice must be a way to guide them into making their own decisions. Even if we don't necessarily agree with it. I certainly don't want to be channeling my parents. 

I must say that it does feel rather nice to receive an invitation from one's son to have a meal with them.  I am very blessed in that my youngest son's girlfriend and I get along very well. I will do my best to be a good person to her. 

It is very quiet around my place. It is cleaner too. I have more time on my hands on the weekends now. I buy less groceries and you can see the difference in my refrigerator.

I was surprised! No, in awe of one of my sons this past week. He actually saved the life of his bestfriend. I kept looking at him. Ok, I was staring at him. Looking at the man that he has become. He risked his life to save the life of another. Amazing!



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at the moment

by Latina on

Trust me at the moment it is best if Arman does not cook. I have provided him with a web site that a friend shared with me


Hopefully, it will help him gain more cooking experience. It is always nice when the woman is not the only one cooking. It also, helps in making a relationship more successful. 


Esfand Aashena

Natalie as long as one of them is & does it w/out reservations!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred



by Latina on

Arman's girlfriend is an excellent cook and baker. Arman helps out with the cleaning.

So, the issue of cooking and cleaning is not an issue.




by Latina on



As always very amusing! You must be in love with food. :o)

Esfand Aashena

Natalie do either of them cook?!

by Esfand Aashena on

The relationships that at least one is not a cook or willing to cook is or will be on shaky grounds!  Someone needs to take care of preparing and eating food before the nerves go biserk and the fight focuses on what to eat and then on to other subjects to fight on!

Eating fast food all the time will have negative consequences as well since bad food will make you even more cranky! 

On the flip side having home cooked meals is a blessing and will go a long way.   

Everything is sacred



by Latina on


Hi! I am currently on Easter break. 

Thank you for trying to find a youtube video for this blog. I still can't seem to post any videos. Oh well! Eventually, I will figure it out.


Have a great weekend and week!




by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

   Welcome back! Are you on Spring break? I am glad to hear that your son is doing great at Texas A & M and both he and his girlfriend are pursuing college education! Great! A & M is a great school, better than UT (LOL) and with a lot of interesting traditions!

I tried to find a matching video to your blog, but they don't have good ones on you-tube, only some self-made "empty nest" songs.

It sounds like your son is a completely launched young adult! I know you have ambivalent feeling to see him mature and leave your home!


Please take care!