What is Islam and what you can do to rid yourself of evil!


Kouroush Sassanian
by Kouroush Sassanian

The terror and death inflicted on humanity is not the work of radical Islam, neither the political Islam, nor the militant Islam. It is Islam, period. Get it? And the perpetrators are not fringe elements confined to brainwashed Saudis, loony Taliban, or a know nothing Pakistanis who have hijacked Islam and are now in the business of mas
s murder. The latest project of the practitioners of the “religion of peace” aimed to blowing planeloads of innocent civilians to smithereens in midair over the Atlantic -- ought to finally drive the point home: it is Islam, dummy. Get it?
How could people calling themselves sincere God-fearing religionists bring themselves to even think of acts of such barbarity, yet plan them methodically and cold-bloodedly proceed to execute them?

The answer is Islam. The life manual of Islam, the Quran, is a document of exclusion, hatred and violence that shapes the Muslims’ thinking and behaving. This stone-age document is optimally suited for people of stunted development. People who prefer to follow than to think for themselves, to hate than to love, and to seek death rather than to celebrate life.

Sadly, Muslims themselves are the ones who are most victimized by Islam. They have inherited this viral psychological disease of hate and violence; they live by it, and transmit it to their children as well as to receptive others.

A puzzle to non-Muslims: why any intelligent and reasonably sane person would live his life by the dogma of Islam? It is particularly disconcerting when this Muslim lives in a secular non-Islamic society. The befuddlement becomes mind-boggling when seemingly educated women in free societies voluntarily submit to the yoke of Islamic misogyny.

There are a number of possible explanations to the enigma of believing in Islam and even propagating it with zeal and violence. Some possible explanations are treated here.

For one, Islam is stamped on the impressionable mind of the child from birth. The parents and immediate members of the family are the ones who make the very first impressions on the tabula rasa of the young mind. These early impressions are the grid-work for further formation of the person’s mind and belief system. It is by far easier, as life goes on, to incorporate “items” that readily fit into the grid-work, than to modify it or dismantle it altogether and begin anew. It is in recognition of the importance of early training and education that people such as Saint Augustine and Freud considered the first few years of life as critical for molding the person. “Teaching the very young is like itching in the stone,” says an Eastern proverb.

Another reason is the herd mentality—stay with the group, be one of them, and don't strike out on your own. This strong disposition to belong is reinforced by privileges that the group bestows; social pressure, as well as the fear of castigation by the wielders of power. There is security and power in numbers—in any numbers.

Islam is also appealing for giving purpose and order to the person’s life—both the life on earth as well as an immortal life after death. Islam is omnipresent and omniscient father figure who draws the boundaries, points out the path, dictates the terms, holds the carrots and the sticks. It absolves the person, for most parts, from the often demanding tasks of dealing with difficult questions and choosing what to do with oneself—a highly attractive trade off for many. Accept Islam as your guide, follow its path and you will never have to suffer the agony of not knowing and having to make decisions by yourself; you will be guided along the path of eternal happiness and salvation. Just follow the unerring guide given to mankind by the seal of the prophet, Muhammad.

An elaborate package of mostly illogical and bizarre prescriptions and proscriptions comes with the Islamic offer, covering every imaginable aspect of life. In the matter of being a good Muslim, nothing is left to chance that one needs to figure out for himself. “I think, therefore I am” said Rene Descartes in substantiating his claim to being a conscious being. “I don't think, I faith; therefore I am an automaton,” says the Muslim in absolving himself of the need for independent thinking.

Even the minutest detail of the Muslim’s life is rigidly structured. He is to perform the obligatory prayer, for instance, five times a day at the exact appointed times. He must drop everything and go through the prescribed gesticulation and recitation of the verses while facing Mecca. Before saying his prayer, however, he must perform ablution. The Ablution, using water, must be carried out in a precise manner and sequence. In the absence of water, the faithful can substitute soil for water and go through the practice of “purifying” himself by running soil over his hands, arms, face and feet. After completion of ablution, as prescribed, he may proceed to say his prayer unless he commits flatulence. In that case, he must re-perform the ablution all over again.

Being a good Muslim, particularly a good male Muslim, is indeed a full time job. Male Muslims are obligated to go for Hajj—women don't have to do so. Islam is a man’s religion, through and through. Women are to please men erotically, to attend to them like chattel, and birth them boys. Going on Hajj and accumulating merit points for admission to Allah’s paradise is reserved for men. Women may also go to Hajj, if they are lucky enough to afford the journey or allowed by their owners, men, to do so. For women, there are no promises that by going on Hajj and paying tribute to the house of Allah they endear themselves to him. “Women are calamities, but no home should be without one,” is an old Islamic characterization of women. Hence, a woman is a necessity and not much more.

In short, Islam treats its believers as children irrespective of age. An extensive cadre of mullahs and imams, who themselves are thoroughly indoctrinated, minister to the children. These professional leeches—the mullahs and imams—systematically program the mind of their charges through liberal use of fear, threats of hell, and occasional promises of eternal life of bliss in Allah’s paradise if they be obedient good children.

So, what do you need to do to rid yourself of Islam:

- If you are freedom-loving person and believe in Free Society then you can not be Muslim .
- If you believe in Human Rights and Women Rights you can not be Muslim.
- If you love peace then you can not be Muslim because Quran is a book of war
- If you hate violence and Terror you can not be Muslim.
- If you are Freedom-loving Iranian then you can not be Muslim.
- If your name is Islamic and after research you find out that you don’t agree with Islam then you might consider to change your name.

How Can We Become Iranian?

It is the irony of history that in the land of Cyrus The Great, the birthplace of the first charter of the “Rights of Nations” and the “Declaration of Human Rights” over 2500 years ago, there is today no respect for human and civil rights by Pro Hezbollah Islamofascist occupiers of Iran. Cyrus, who was exceptionally tolerant of local religions and local customs and against slavery, is famous for freeing the 42,000 Jewish captives and allowing them to return to their homeland. His name appears twenty two times in the Bible. Were it not for Cyrus, it seems at least possible that the Jewish people would have become extinct in the fifth century BC and we would have never received their great contributions to mankind. Unfortunately, present day Iran is ruled by a small group of Islamic Mafia Clerics who are the embodiment of evil and have no respect for Human Rights in this land which is the birthplace of Darius The Great, Babak, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Hafaz, Saadi and Rumi.

Top Harvard University Scholar Professor Richard Nelson Frye
Lecture at UCLA Royce Hall - March 13, 2005
- Iranian is a culture.
- The second occupation of Iran By Muslims and Arabs happened again with the revolution.
- Iranian poetry is world poetry, no one is better than the Iranian poets.
- Everyone in Iran is a poet.
Listen to an excerpt of the lecture - Real Audio (05:09)
Source URL: //www.parstimes.com/audio/frye.ram


Ferdowsi : The following is the highest level of code of ethics for all time defined for humanity from masterpiece of The Epic of Kings by Ferdowsi (935-1020) the World famous Persian (Iranian) poet. This is unmatched by anything that has been written before Ferdowsi :
“Crush not even the tiny ant that beareth a grain of
corn, for she hath life, and sweet life is a boon.”

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."
A Quote from Famous Persian Poet Saadi Shirazi
( 13th century Persian poet, from Shiraz the birthplace of Ms. Zahra Kazemi) 


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I believe ur article is very

by giana (not verified) on

I believe ur article is very interesting, but the truth is u are entitled to your own opinion, but true Islam does not teach hatred or violence and neither does the Quran. I believe that only politics and a greedy society or group actually uses the Islamic religion to further their needs. It is their constant need and want of material and non-material things that make them evil, and the Quran does not teach that, but society does. So please refrain from publicly shunning the Islamic religion, because I believe that ur an Iranian Jew, which is fine, but respect is not a bad thing. And yes we do have the freedom of speech in this country, and that is why I am expressing my utter disgust with ur article, being a praying Islamic believer and actually knowing that I receive the help I need thru prayer.


I believe that ............

by Nadias on

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

               -Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dedicated to Kouroush Sassanian

by Anonymous c ya (not verified) on

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KS everyone has a limit........

by Nadias on

and I have finally reached mine, I am done with your ignorance. I may have said many things to you but you are unbelievable.

 Kouroush Sassanian: Nadia, please shut your trap, just listen to Gloria! You are too shallow, as I said before to really get it.


Iranian-.....I mean this in the nicest possible way but.........

by Nadias on

KS does not need to divide the Iranian people because you are doing a wonderful job all by yourself.

Take a look at your latest post. Lacks objectivity which is necessary to  unite the Iranian people.

You are so similar to KS that it is scary. It is why KS does not feel it is necessary to respond to everyone on the thread.


Kouroush Sassanian is a clever Zionist plot …

by Iranian- (not verified) on

Kouroush or whatever the hell your real name is;

You are not a "Zartoshti". Actually this has been a clever plot on your part, you Zionist devil! You call yourself a Zartoshti but in reality are just a clever little Zionist who likes to divide the Iranian nation.

You have tried to pit Iranian Muslims against Zoroastrians! Well, for your information, Iran will remain a Muslim nation and Zartoshties are our brothers and we will never allow a filthy Zionist like you to create hate between the Iranian people!


Nadias Jan

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Thank you for your support. As you can see, I have a personality conflict.

Again, my apologies to all those Iranians that I have hurt. I am a "Zartoshti". The "Jews" took good care of me when I was growing up. That's why I am sensitive to their causes.

Please pray for me. Thanks


The Hallow men........T.S. Eliot

by Nadias on

Between the desire


And the spasm


Between the essence


And the descent


Falls the Shadow


Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the shadow


This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but with a whimper.


I want to "Apologize"

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

to all my Iranian friends that I have offended.

Yes, that's correct, I am a "Zartoshti". It is also correct that when I was growing up, I grew up among the "Jewish" people.

The combination of these two, developed within me a hatred of Islam that I am still trying to overcome. Please forgive me if you were on the receiving end of some of my Nasty remarks. Whether they were made under my name, Kouroush Sassanian, or under other aliases.

Thank you for being patient. I hope that I would be successful to overcome this problem.


The Islmofascists on the

by going back to our roots (not verified) on

The Islmofascists on the terrorist IRI's payroll have certainly come out in full force to silence any opposing views. Imagine if you were in Iran, you would have already been hanged or your eye had been gouged and who knows what other atrocities and torture you would have been subjected to. I admire your tenacity in face of evil and ignorance.

IN Future iran for every mosque there should be one Zoroastrian temple built. Other religions should be able to prostelyize and build their own churches, Budihhist temple, Sunni mosques or any other place of warship.

Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

I belong to a sect that worships frogs instead of Mohammad!



by Ali (not verified) on

what are your policies about spammers? This user "Kouroush Sassanian" has been spamming the blog section with defamatory posts which mostly consist of copy-pastes from other hateful websites.

Some monitoring would be very much appreciated.


The Battle is Has Been Joined

by Anonym (not verified) on

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 03 - Authorities hanged two men in public in Tehran on Thursday for killing a senior judge in 2005.



Please Explain Your Relationship with "Jews"

by Hamid-23 (not verified) on

when growing up.

Discussion in same Blog Mahnaz brought up:



Are You a "Zartoshti" Kouroush?

by MahnazU (not verified) on

Everyone in your other Blog is talking about it:


Could you please Clarify.