Urgent to Sell

Urgent to Sell
by kombizz

"In Iran a regulated system for kidney donation with monetary compensation was introduced in 1980s.  Under this regime the donor receives a monetary compensation from the recipient and enjoys additional monetary and non-monetary bonuses from the government. The system has been criticised harshly (i.e. Harmon & Delmonico, 2006 and Zargooshi, 2001) as well as receiving some warm support (i.e. Daar, 2006 and Mahdavi-Mazdeh et al., 2008) both inside Iran and internationally. Ghods & Savaj (2006) is one of the most recent papers which tries to reason in support of the system by highlighting the benefits and answering some of the critics. Data show that in 2006 1858 kidney transplantation took place in Iran. 13% and 12% of these transplants were harvested from cadaveric and emotionally related live sources respectively and the other 75% was from unrelated live donations."

I called one of the phone numbers and asked for the selling price. Apparently the price of kidney is around 80,000,000 Rials to 100,000,000 Rials.
For your information the exchange rate is (for today) 13,000 Rials = $1.00

The diamonds among the debris //www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/jan/14/youtube-movies-joe-queenan

Regulated market for kidneys in Iran //mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/regulated-market-for-kidneys-in-iran/



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Very Sad

by divaneh on

I watched the short video that you have provided the link to and that was sad enough. Nothing wrong with giving life to someone else but when people are forced by poverty to take such risks, it is extremely sad. And, what about those who do not have the means to pay? The Akhonds have dragged Iran as low as they could.