New Rule for People too Stupid to Know the Old Rules

K Nassery
by K Nassery

Perhaps, someone will light a bush on fire for me and the so called men of God will wake up and see what is happening on this planet.

There was an explosion in a mosque in Shiraz. The numbers of dead and injured rised every time I look at the news. The cleric of the mosques was known to preach against Wahhabism and the Bahai faith.

I think all religious leaders have to come out with fatwas against killing praying people whether it be in mosques, churches or temples. Apparently, some people on this planet failed to get the memo about the Ten Commandments that have been distributed multiple times in the past 3 thousand years.

New rules: Kill a praying person and you go to hell for eternity with no exceptions. In hell, you will have unending agony well past the ending of this universe. Any friends that support you in this endevor will suffer in hell forever just like you. If your mom thinks you did a good thing, she's there too buddy.

This rule applies to all religions and even those who don't believe because they must believe in something even if they don't admit it.

If I can live next to people of many religions and take in their mail while they are on vacation, so can the rest of the planet.


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Sad but no need another rule

by Troneg on

Indeed it is very sad.

We don't need another rule. Nature rules are enough :

You take what you seed.

So as soon as people start preaching the peace, everything would become great.


Most Unfortunate News

by Shaer on

Thanks For Sharing It With Us Anyway ..

May The Innocent Dead Rest In Peace ..


Sad news

by Souri on

This is a very sad news. Let's pray for those victims.

One thing I can assure you, this terrible incident has nothing to do with the Baha'i people.

I am not a Baha'i myself, but know them and their beliefs well.

You can be sure, Baha'i would never go trough terrorism.