Will Iran Control U.S. Drones Flying Over the United States?


by jigsawnovich

Looks like Santa brought Iran a nice present. Will it be a gift that keeps on giving? President Ahmadinejad reportedly claims Iran can control the drone, and some Americans admit that Iranians have skills in reverse engineering. Today Iranian State media Fars News reports that the RQ-170 drone was downed by an Iranian cyber attack. If they were able to control the American RQ-170 drone inside Iranian airspace well enough to land it, that could explain why it appeared undamaged on Iranian state media. The Fars News article goes on to say that, "It was reported earlier this year that drones dispatched from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada were plagued with a computer virus that made its way into the cockpits of the crafts without American authorities able to quickly identify it." Is Iran already able to control U.S. drones in U.S. airspace as well?

With drones set to patrol U.S. skies, and Iranian pro-regime hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, what is the probability that they'll be able to control U.S. drones flying over the United States and what would they do with them? This is something to consider, especially given that even police drones may not only be used for reconnaissance but could potentially be weaponized. Didn't know U.S. military drones are flying over the U.S.? Meet the North Dakota family of anti-government separatists busted by cops using a Predator drone... after 'stealing six cows'  

Daily Mail is a bit tabloidish, but the story may be true. It could all come down to who controls which drones. There would be no pilot to disobey foreign orders. How secure is the signal controlling the drones and how well trained will the police departments planning to use drones be?~Julie Ashcraft (A.K.A. Jigsawnovich) This article originally appeared at //cheshm.org and is reproduced her with permission.

Here's the video regarding the capture of the drone that was broadcast on Iranian State media outlet, Press TV:


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by yolanda on

If IRI can reverse-engineer, she does not need to buy airplane parts from the West!


Reverse Engineering!

by Faramarz on

If the IR Regime was good at reverse engineering, it would have reverse engineered the parts for F-4's, F-5's, F-14's and the night vision goggles that it so desperately try to smuggle from the west. And remember, these are the products and technologies from the 60's when the Beatles were the kings!


Yeah, the whole U.S. military is going to collapse now

by Onlyiran on

at the hands of the great Islamic Republic! The White House will be turned into the Hoziyeh Elmiyeh and the country will be ruled by Velayat Fagih!

One has to hand it to Iranians.  Flies who think they are dragons.  I guess the size of your egos compensate for the fact that the IRI's air force still flies American aircraft that have been placed in American museums for the past two decades.

Keep on fantasizing! 

PS- Israel will also collapse tomorrow and everyone in Iran loves Khamenei!