Video Memorial for 5 Executed on May 9th

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 I still don't know how upload video here.  Well you can watch it here: //


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All this has upset me so much

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Capital Punishment, Capital Fear


It talks about the 5 people executed and has picture of Kamangar  with his class of children in a Kurdish village, he was also a poet and author. 

Fereshteh Ghazi updates on alleged regime harassment of the family of Shirin Alamhouli, executed on Sunday . Alamhouli’s sister and mother are reportedly out on bail, but Ghazi says her grandfather, uncle, and cousin have now been arrested and are held in the Ministry of Intelligence. The family’s phone has been disconnected since yesterday., the house is surrounded, and a curfew is in place.

Nazila Fathi of The New York Times follows up this morning on her reporting of Sunday’s executions of five Iranians.

The centrepiece is an interview with Khalil Bahramian, lawyer for the three of the five slain prisoners. Bahramian said that authorities are refusing to release the bodies and asserted, in line with reports from the family, that the sister and mother of the executed Shirin Alamhouli, were arrested at their home in northwestern Iran. (They were later reportedly released on bail.) He also said the family was not aware of the execution until Monday afternoon.

Bahramian noted, “They [the authorities] even turned down my request to allow the families to be present while they are burying them [the executed].”

Fathi also draws from Rah-e-Sabz to report that Abdoljabar Karami, member of Parliament for Sanandaj, the capital of Iranian Kurdistan, was threatened by the provincial governor when he tried to stop the executions and was unable to secure the release of the bodies.

Human Rights Activists News Agency claims that authorities are trying to arrest members of the family of Farzad Kamangar.