New Bahram Album, Sokoot (Silence), Released Today!

New Bahram Album, Sokoot (Silence), Released Today!
by jigsawnovich

Iconic rapper, Bahram, releases new album with 14 tracks from inside Iran.

This is a very deeply emotional album. I can only understand some of the lyrics, but still feel it. Bahram's previous album 24 Saat (Hours) was tremendous, but this album seems even more intense. I'm looking forward to understanding more of the lyrics.

Executive Producer : Ehsan Ghareh Ziyaeddiny
Lyrics And Vocals : Bahram Noorai
Producers : Atour And Mez'Rab
Mix And Mastering : Atour
Graphic Designer : Atour
Record Label : Divar

Full album available for free download here:  //


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