Help Prevent Nuclear Disaster in New York


by jigsawnovich

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High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in New York could trigger earthquakes damaging Indian Head Nuclear Plant, leading to a huge radioactive disaster affecting millions of people, not to mention the potential for extremely toxic chemicals such as benzene and other volatile organic compounds to contaminate our drinking water. This is not simply a matter of health. This is a matter of security. The dangers posed by High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing far exceed even acts of terror such as bombs planted in cars in high traffic areas of Manhattan. In protecting New York we must be certain that the ban against High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing remains firmly in place. This is just as vital to our safety and well-being as homeland security and our police force.

Indian Head sits upon the Ramapo earthquake fault line, which Gov. Cuomo has been made well aware of. He has rightly shown concern about this, and now we must acknowledge the extreme dangers that fracking triggered earthquakes could pose to this vulnerable nuclear plant. //

The link between fracking and earthquakes has been reported by Scientific American //

and the Washington Post. //

Fracking recently caused high levels of benzene and other toxic volatile organic compounds to contaminated Denver's water supply. This incident was reported by Denver News 7 and Reuters, in addition to environmental news agencies. The spill was discovered on Sunday "by local fisherman Trevor Tanner, an aerospace engineer and South Platte conservation advocate, who saw oil on the water and said the area smelled like a gas station," according to Environment News Service. // //

Please make the correct choice. Keep the ban against High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in New York.


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