Hackers Redirect Visitors from Hizbollah Site

Hackers Redirect Visitors from Hizbollah Site
by jigsawnovich

Hackers redirect visitors from an Iranian Hizbollah site to a site named "get a sex partner." And put a smiley face on the screen! :)))


redirects to



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Iranian Cyber Army

by jigsawnovich on

Third choice down on the //hizbollah.ir/ homepage still redirects to
//www.getasexpartner.com/hiz-bol.htm . But now, instead of the green screen, etc., there is a photo of Supreme Leader Khamenei with the IRI flag in the background, and the following message: "Site has been returned,and the Hacker(s) Has Been Traced By Iranian Cyber Army , We will catch them as soon possible." Of course, you may remember that Twitter was hacked by "the Iranian Cyber Army" on December 17, 2009


Whoever did it, did a good job :)

by Rea on

They say we Croats, Hrvati, come from Persia.  Personally, I don't think so.;)

However, have copy/pasted the link onto Croatian forums for my countrymen who nurture strong anti-American feelings. The Great Satan is my enemy. Ahmadinedjad is the enemy of the Great Satan. Thus Ahme is my friend.  Believe it or not. :)  



Dameshoon Garm

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thought about what to say in response. Then I said to myself: "fark it, not everything has to sound intellectual"......so...Dameshoon Gram! 




Ali9 Akbar

okay so the CIA uses cyber warfare tactics....

by Ali9 Akbar on

I'm really not all that upset that Hizbollah was hacked.....


SHAME ON YOU CIA!!!!    TISK>>>TISK>>>  waving finger at them...

gitdoun ver.2.0

porn site??

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

site named "get a sex partner."???  astaghforilah vaaay....LOOL


A mourir de rire :)

by Rea on

Chapeau to whoever did it.

Jahanshah Javid

Funny, but...

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's funny to see that this site has been hacked. But my gut feeling is that the clever perpetrators are not so "green". I just don't think that supporters of the Green Movement would use profanity or redirect to a porn site.

Who knows!