Dabashi's "little torture"

by jigsawnovich

Hamid Dabashi states, "What's a little torture in Kahrizak and Evin over the last year compared to what the United States has done in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and Bagram Airbase in the course of its 'war on terror' over the last decade?" www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/06/11/dabashi.iran.green.movement/index.html?hpt=C2 

 Wait a minute. This sounds more like Iran's State-run PressTV than CNN. And why is Dabashi comparing events during a one year period to cumulative events occurring during a decade as if they were of equal value? This is just plain illogical.

 Dabashi's statement makes it sounds as though torture in Iranian prisons only occurred over the last year, when in fact torture has increased over the last year. Torture has been practiced in the Islamic Republic of Iran for decades.

 Amnesty International recently released a report which includes details of torture.  //homylafayette.blogspot.com/2010/05/amnesty-international-releases-annual.html

 The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran www.ihri.org is also a great resource of information regarding specific cases of torture.

 The torture and the travesties of justice are becoming so extreme in Iran that even members of the staunch Revolutionary Guards are defecting. www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2010/jun/11/iran-revolutionary-guard-defectors 

 I welcome investigations into torture anywhere committed by anyone, because torture is ethically indefensible and I don't believe torture keeps us safe. The bottom line is that human rights should be respected everywhere, by everyone. 



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hamsade ghadimi

a little torture

by hamsade ghadimi on

jigsaw, i agree and find it reprehensible that dabashi refers to kahrizak as "little torture."  i wonder how he would feel if his family members were raped a little bit or executed a bit to deter others from demanding their rights peacefully.

at first, i couldn't believe your claim until i read the original article.  this is truly shameful and i can't see how he can justify what he wrote.


You must be so right vali sage ke bashan?

by Kofri on

check his (man na ma) latest fatva:

ما از درون خودمان به‌در آمده‌ایم تا به‌قول حافظ کاری بکنیم؛ و کاری خواهیم کرد. این فلک را ما سقف خواهیم شکافت و طرحی نو در خواهیم انداخت، ولی این‌بار این طرح نو بر انداختن یک نظام غلط و به‌پا کردن نظامی مغلوط نخواهد بود. ما به‌دنبال اصلی اصیل‌تر هستیم. به‌دنبال آزادی‌های مدنی ما که حق بلافصل ماست. اگر این رژیم، این آزادی‌ها را حرمت نگاه داشت و تامین کرد، از جانب ما حقانیت و مشروعیت خواهد یافت وگرنه دیگر نه به حق است و نه مشروع؛ و خودبه‌خود کان لم یکن است.




by jigsawnovich on

Yes, you are correct. It says so on the NIAC website. Hmmm.... I saw Trita Parsi speak recently and he seemed earnest. But there is something undermining about Dabashi. Some of my friends have said that they think Dabashi's general agenda (not regarding NIAC) is to define and contain the Green Movement, and to keep it from becoming a movement that would demand a new form of government in Iran.



by benross on

A despicable manipulative creature, and now a NIAC adviser isn't he?!