Beware fellow bloggers

Beware fellow bloggers
by javaneh29

Earlier this month Iranian parliament was debating the introduction of  more severe punishments for use of the internet i.e  websites and it will include blogging, to promote corruption, prostitution and apostasy . The bill is still in the discussion stages but if it goes through bloggers will be deemed  'mohareb' alongside rapists and armed robbers and the current legal punishment for these 'crimes' is  hanging, amputation or exile. I know which one I'd would opt for but there isn't that choice.

Shrirn Ebadi and other human rights groups have accused the Government of excessive use of the death penalty but this has been defended by politicians  who claim that offenders would have to go through a long judiciary process first. According to Amensty Int. the number of official executions last year increased to over 300 from 177 the year before.

This is really concerning. Yet another means of control that is likely to effect many of the youth and others in and maybe outsside of Iran who use blogging as a way to express themselves. Accusation of 'mohareb' can only be a matter of interpretation. And I wonder if this draft ( or should I say 'darft')  bill goes through where will that leave bloggers on websites such as given the number of Iranian journalists and scholars from outside Iran that have been arrested and murdered.




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On the children's charity thread

by Nadias on

 there was a minor discussion on how secure is the internet and this website. You are not going to like the news. Raid on Child Foundation?!


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié





I agree

by Abarmard on

These kind of moves are dangerous and we should all stand loudly against it.


start paying attention

by American Wife (not verified) on

because bush is constantly trying to sneak in more "homeland security" bullshit law geared towards invading your privacy.  Wire tapping... in depth profiling... these are what you HEAR about.  the US has cooperated with and helped implement the most radical and invasive surveillance program EVER in china.  what makes you think we're not next.  I totally agree with and support programs which truly help identify possible terrorists activities... unfortunately, that is not bush's intentions.  just another reason to MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. 


Ahah.... for former black belt champ

by javaneh29 on

 Were you a champ back home or in US? And when?

But back to the issue  .. Clearly what goes on outside Iran is monitored by someone inside Iran. We have all heard the tales of people disappearing on arrival at Mehrabad airport. This doesnt apply to bloggers yet but .. is this something we have to be careful about if this bill is passed.

The question is if we dont use our real names, can we be traced? I know the police here in the UK can trace through the ip address.



If US or other Governments are ....

by Malekeh_ on

If US or other foriegn governments are using some naiive people  inside Iran to insight crimes, voilance, and other social dis-orders through blogs and posts, this law should be fine to apply. If the law may be   used against "freedom of speech", then obviously it needs to be applied carefully (or curtailed). In that case, I would say there should be an independent judiciary to investigate.  Black/white/grey choices in the application of laws unfortunately is true everywhere and one has to be careful not to infringe on people's freedom. We all know from the US torture laws, that how the FRAUD president has (purposely)  "mis-interpreted" it and therefore is torturing people (including US citizens).


this is one problem I dont have

by mahmoudg on

My articles and my website are so Anti IRI and Anti Islam and I am so vocal about my views under my real name, that not much search is necessary.  But then again I dont plan to go back to Iran, lest it is the day the Mullah's are exiting en masse.  God Bless democracy and down with Theocracy.


Javaneh, thanks

by Former black belst champ, now a chain smoker LOL (not verified) on

you brought up a very good point indeed. I would like to ask Mr.Javid (our one and only JJ) to let us know if he knows of any cases of Iranians going back for a visit and have problem with their articles posted in

Or is there anyone out there who can shed some light on this issue?

Let's keep this discussion up for our own security and awareness. Many employers run search on Google to find more about one's public exposures and opinions.


I feel like I watch what I say...

by Anonymous5117 (not verified) on

...even in America.

I go back and forth to Iran to visit my family. Sometimes, I worry about the things I've said online, the emails I sent, and the messages I posted. Laws like this would make me think twice about what I write online. How many of us are one Google search away from trouble at Mehrabad airport.