America has brought many miseries to Iran!! Discourage attack(s) by Americans

by Javadagha

Will President Obama make a similar mistake to President Carter?   I was talking with several friends over dinner about the role of America in Iran.  I mentioned to them about and people such as Fred and Masoud who promote American involvement (bombings) in Iran.  

Although Iranian population is young, they can tell you that CIA has had a role in Iran’s destruction for a long time.  America has brought many miseries to Iran.  CIA has funded religious individuals or groups, and when they turn against them, they complain.

  American (CIA) paid people to create chaos in Iran in 1950s, it encouraged Iraq to attack Iran when it was weak because IRI killed many of the generals and military personnel.  Hennery Kissinger said that America wants both Iran and Iraq to continue the fight so they become very weak.   Now several members of on daily basis encourage bombings and air tight sanctions!!  If Obama orders attack on Iran, Iran will be set back at least 30 more years.  

Here is a video to watch and discourage CIA’s  involvement in Iran again and again.



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Iranian do it better than american.

by afshinazad on

look let's be honest with eachother, it is the time to stop blaming american or russian or british or the arabs or etc.

no one can make you do things that you don't want to do and if he had half a brian why we follow some old tart like khomenie and creat the monester and yet we know it is our own doing. when shah was in power, every one accusing him he is popet of western countries and yet no body understood how the hell western countries didn't care about him and they planted the mulla for us and we told them why thank you sir. if you and I would of understood what is the freedom is and if we could of understood how western countries politican get elected and we never would of complaind about our freedom we had, if you are young you need to grow to understand and our nation was young and had no knowledge about politics or the freedom, freedom is not a fruite to pick from trees, you need to prepare them to understand just like kid to teach them how to walk and talk.

We don't need american or others to give us the miseries because we are quite good at it ourself, do you see Iran today and tell me american are sitting in tehran and telling khameneni to kill people ofcourse not we iranian very good at betraying ourself and even khamenei orders the killing why our Basiji brothers or pasadr are happy to kill our own people.

You see my freind we are the nation of several personality and today you come to me and say one thing and next day I see my self in trouble or I go and report you and put you and your family in trouble and we are not honest with ourself and yet we complain about  miseries from american? 


yes Amir

by Fatollah on

Ghavam was a real politician, an old fox, but without American help, Stalin wouldn't let go that easy!

Sheila K

Iranians cause miseries upon Iranians more than anyone else

by Sheila K on

I am kinda tired of hearing about the 1953 CIA's coup d'etat. Do you really believe that Mosadegh would've been allowed to govern the country? Mullahs would've killed him in matter of weeks if not days. We should all be able to envision that reality by now, after 31 years of misery by the Shia establishment. If Mullahs took over than, we would've been worst than Afghans. At least Shah built some infrastructure.


There is no doubt that

by Bavafa on

There is no doubt that both US foreign policy and IRI has caused Iranians much pain and suffering. Likewise there is no doubt that the main responsibility falls on ourselves (Iranians) for allowing that to take place.

So we can go and keep yapping at each other who has caused more pain, how and when… or we can start uniting and fighting both against IRI and the discriminatory and hostile US foreign policy towards Iran and Iranians.

A war against Iran will kill more Iranians then IRI & the Shah regime and it will not help in any way the cause of Iranian people. A good chances that Iran will turn to another Afghanistan or at best Iraq. Is that what we wish for our home land.


Sahameddin Ghiassi

If we want a nice and independent Country..

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

We should work with each other and not against each other, cooperate and not destroy. The majority have right and the minirity should help them. The majority should not destroy the minority like other countries.



by AMIR1973 on

if it wasn't for America, Iran might have been disintergrated long a go ...

I assume you are talking about U.S. pressure helping to undermine the USSR's machinations against Iran in the years after World War 2 and maintaning Iran's territorial integrity. Regards.


"America has brought many miseries to Iran!! "

by yousef on

Sure, we dig you....... 

And make sure you point this out to as many Americans you come across too. And I dont mean your "Dinner table friends", but your friendly Red Neck neighbour! That would immediately eliminate at least 5 islamist user ID's off this site!


Liar having dinner with friends

by Fred on

I was talking with several friends over dinner about the role of America in Iran.  I mentioned to them about and people such as Fred and Masoud who promote American involvement (bombings) in Iran.”


Do you mean you lie to your friends as nonchalantly as you do here?

Would you care to back up your “bombings” accusation with citation?

Then again when was the last time Islamists had any shame or need to rely on facts you simply make it up as you go.


the islamic republic has caused more damage then enemies

by seannewyork on

the islamic republic has done more damage to iran and iranians then any enemy could ever image.

they are the enemy within us and our neighborhoods.

dont try to shift the focus off or the people responsible for ruining iran: Khomenei, Khamenei, Khatami, Rafsanjani, and crew



by MRX1 on

Neither Fred or Kazemzadeh, or Trita paris and half dozen commentators in here or CNN or any where else, have any power or real  influence over foriegn policy issues, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Az long az that there olagh's out there some body will ride them.

Sahameddin Ghiassi

That is the system of the world

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

As long as uneducated people are there in the world, we will have the same problem. They want power and money and they will get it. And we the middle class in the wohle world are their victims, until we are alos poor class. The only way is Education, and Unity of US the middle class and poor class.


What about IRI

by cyclicforward on

They are bringing misery to Iranians every second of every day for the last 31 years. What should be done about that?



by Fatollah on

dear friend

Have you ever heard of "az maast ke bar maast"? we shouldn't "always" blame others/forigners for our own short commings, and I see the new generation of young Iranians, especially the ones inside Iran are far more mature then the two previous generations, so I am hopeful. :)

p/s if it wasn't for America, Iran might have been disintergrated long a go ...


Attack or no attack

by i_support_khamenie on

It's a decision decided by the National Security Council and the White House.  Neither Congressmen nor Senators have an iota of influence.

Ten thousand sites for or against war makes no difference.

Half a million in DC for or against makes no difference.

So relax, people on these sites like Fredailure or Masmoom Kermzadeh are just too frustrated that no one listens to them in the real world, so they are doing their best in the virtual world.  They also have a virtual pet, virtual wife (if they are hetero) and virtual house.

so relax, like our black brothers say, "It's alllllll gooooooooooood!"