The 'Truth' behind Azadeh Azad's 'Slanders'


Jamshid R
by Jamshid R

Yesterday, in her blog, Azadeh Azad repeatedly accused my good friend Shae'r of misdeeds. Since I was at the center of the entire story, I feel obligated to set the records straight.

I recommend everyone to read her blog, together with all the comments left by various people in support of Shae'r. This is the link to her blog:

//  (*)

The following is the  full account of what happened. Every single point in this blog that I am writing could be independently  verified. I posted this article in her blog in order to set the records straight.  I am reposting it for others to read, and make their own judments.

This is the full acoount:

Last week on April 21st, I left a respectful comment for Azadeh in her article titled: Persian Dirt Under The Carpet. This is the link to her article:


I noticed that my comment was 'Deleted'. I left my comment a second time, and again it was deleted. This is a copy of my comment:

'Dear Azadeh,

As you can see, there are quite a few people who take exception to the manner in which you portray Iranian men.

We all hope that your future work would be more balanced.

Be good .....'

I asked Shae'r, who is a good friend of mine, and was a moderator for the site, to look into this. He asked me to re-post my comment a third time, and after seeing it deleted again, he said that it was Azadeh Azad herself who was deleting my comment.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing vulgar or offensive about this comment. The only thing that I was doing was bringing to her attention the fact that many people disagreed with her point of view on Iranian men. That included many Iranian women.

After she deleted my comment for a third time, I noticed that she started deleting all other comments that were left by everyone else. If you go to her article, Persian Dirt Under The Carpet, which I provided the link above, there are absolutely no comments left by anyone else. All deleted by Azadeh Azad herself. A great majority of those comments were also critical of her article. And finally, I noticed that she 'switched-off' the setting for leaving comments on her article.

I reported this entire incident to Mr. Javid, and this is his e-mail response back to me: 

'Thanks Jamshid. Deleting your comment was the wrong thing to do. I will look into it and write to the editor who was responsible for


At no time, did I leave a disrespectful comment for her. When she switched off the setting on her comments, I sent her an e-mail indicating that she was acting very 'insecure', and that she needed to act 'more mature' and 'grown up'. Her e-mail address is posted on her blog page. I have kept  a copy of my e-mail to her, and I would gladly post the entire e-mail, if requested.

I also forwarded an e-mail to Nazanin Canadaei to inform her of what was going on. I follow her articles and enjoy her work. In a number of comments by her in the past, she had expressed her displeasure on how her comments were similarly being deleted 'unfairly'.

What all of this boils down to is this: In my humble opinion, Azadeh did not like the criticism that she was receiving on her article. Furthermore, she was trying to manipulate the messages that were left for her article: Keeping those that she liked, and deleting those that she didn't.

Just to make sure you fully understand her way of looking at things, Shae'r indicated to me that Azadeh, herself, was generating a couple of positive comments for her article with 'unregistered' names while all of this was going on. Remember, she was deleting my comment, which was neither vulgar nor offensive, and at the same time generating her own positive comments under 'unregistered' names, and then 'approving' them as a moderator.

I would be glad to answer any and all questions that you may have on this issue. I truly believe that Azadeh's approach was completely 'self-serving' and 'deceptive'. Rather than taking 'full responsibility' for her actions, she tried to shift the blame on to others.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I would gladly address any other concerns that you may have.


Jamshid R .......

(*) - This blog is no longer available. Last night, I was copied on an unpleasant e-mail from Azadeh Azad which  was addressed to a lady who remains name-less for her protection. Essentially, the e-mail indicated that Azadeh had violated her trust by publishing  some of this lady's private e-mails, without her permission, in her blog. Consequently, she took her blog down because of that violation. Again, as a show of respect to this lady, we shall not reveal her name. (Updated on April 28, 2008)


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

long time no see.  have you been back long and perhaps i've just missed your comments?  if so, it's been my loss.  welcome back.

i wouldn't engage in this discussion for nuffin'...:-)

talk about "he said, she said"... it's a pity but unfortunately human nature.  azadeh is hardly the only one here with thin skin.  while i might not always agree with her, she has always been a powerful voice on  it's my hope that everyone will calm down and chill out. 

the discussion of editorial powers has and always will be a unfair practice.  the powers of moderation have always been and will probably always be unfair.  while i believe JJ has done a tremendous job with the creation of, it is soley and completely his responsibility for fair moderation and soley and completely his fault if these moderators act impartially.


I am trying to reach marjan

by T (not verified) on

I am trying to reach marjan raghozar she used to live in New York,DC and MD. Help me find my friend.



by Nadias on

Jamshid R,

Thank you for offering to forward me the e-mails that you received from her. However, it is not necessary.

Yes, this site does seem to be working out the bugs on the new format. It is all part of the growing pains of any new venture. I must say though that, too many people is truly a success story already.

It all started from the imagination and effort of one man, JJ. Talk about amazing.

I do agree that the site could use a little more structure but at the same time, too much discipline and seriousness and the site would become a professional (scholarly) journal which has never been the intent or focus for this web-site.

I would not be surprised if JJ does draw up some guidelines for the moderators as to what they can and can not do. Like I said before, moderators should be held to a much higher standard. I know of two that do meet that requirement but I will not say, who they are. No, I am not a moderator.  Lord knows, I already have enough on my plate. :o)

I do wish you the best.



Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)

Natalia Nadia

Khanom Nahid Panahi

Dear Jamshid

by Khanom Nahid Panahi on

I hope you had a nice trip to Iran. I haven't been to Iran in almost 3 1/2 years.

I would like to say that I read both your blog, and Miss Azad's blog before it was deleted. I found your writing clear, and  to the point. As I mentioned in a previous comment that I left for you several weeks ago, it was not difficult at all to follow your argument.

On the other hand, Miss Azad's blog was perhaps a bit too long, and maybe not very well organized. I have read her explanations in her comment below.

At the end of the day, the question is really that of a believability. Since there are distinct discrepancies between your argument and that of hers, then one has to make a judgment call as to which is more believable.

I have to say that after reading your blog here, and her blog before it was deleted and her comment here, that I find your narrative and argument much more believable. I especially liked the fact that you invited people to engage you in asking questions, and you in turn, responded to them.

I know that Miss Azad would perhaps not be very happy with what I have written here. Nevertheless, I believe that it would be best to just move on. There is no point in churning this issue any further.

Nahid Panahi

Jamshid R

Dear Nadia

by Jamshid R on

Thank you for your comment. I would like to caution you about something: some people are wolves in sheep's clothing. I have to say, that I was terribly disappointed by the e-mails that I received from Azadeh. Her language. Her tone. If you like, I could forward them to you so that you can read them for yourself.

They were so Low Class that I wouldn't even want to denigrate this blog by quoting them here. If anybody else wants to read them, please let me know. Just e-mail me through

Regarding the moderating on this site, I have to say that many of these problems would have been prevented if Mr. Javid had a decent policy in place before all of these happened. But you know, like everything else with this site, it is a sit-of-the-pants policy, and improvise as you go along.

I believe that if Jahanshah Javid wants this site to be a success, then he has to adopt a more disciplined and serious approach to it. I just don't know whether he is capable of that. Sometimes I think that he is his own Worst Enemy. A Shame .....

Jamshid R

Anonymouse Jan

by Jamshid R on

There is one thing that you have to remember about Azadeh: She has a thin skin. She can't take criticism. Period.

All this stuff that the comments on her blog were accidentally removed is just pure B.S. I am a computer engineer, and I know how such software work. With the safe guards in place, the comments can not be deleted unless someone actually does that. If there was a failure of the system, not only comments from her article would be lost, but also all other comments  from other articles.

As I said in my comment below, everything about this case is documented. If you are interested in looking at them, please e-mail me.

Finally, please don't be fooled by her less-than-smart explanations. Everyone knows what happened. Really :)

Cheers .....

Jamshid R

Dear Azadeh, Rostame' Dastan, and Others Interested

by Jamshid R on

Sorry for getting back to you this late. I was in Iran, and I just came back. As you may know, is blocked in Iran.

Regarding Azadeh's comment, I have all the e-mails from Azadeh, from this other lady that Azadeh violated her trust, e-mail from JJ, and other stuff related to this issue. If anyone is interested to look at these, please contact me through, and I will forward them to you.

As I have said in my blog, everything that I have said could independently be verified. Regarding Shae'r having previous history of abuse, well JJ has told me in his e-mail that was never the case.

Also RostameDastan:

Kouroush Jan, we all know that Kouroush Sassanian was not a viable registered name for you after the chaos that you created with those blogs. Believe me, we all know you, regardless of what user name you use. I also want to update you on Shae'r:

About three (3) weeks ago, he created a mailing list, and he e-mails Poems on a daily basis to people who enjoy them. At the beginning, there were about 100 people. Last I checked with him, it is now at about 240. I receive them on a daily basis. If you want to get on his list, just e-mail him through

Best to you all ......


Azadeh, Where is the Smoking Gun for JamshidR?

by Anonymouse on

Azadeh, what are the vulgar word(s) he used?  That seems to be the smoking gun.

Were the offensive and vulgar word(s) "... words such as "fascist", "grow up" and "you are way too immature"," that you did not tolerate as you've stated in your comment?

"Fascist" seems to be the most offensive one. It is not vulgar. It is also used a lot on this website and with many of the authors or poets.

We're all adults and have heard all kinds of words in this website alone.  Just go back few months and there are plenty.

Anyway, the idea of having some contributors have "editorial powers" is just unfair and a sham.

Azadeh Azad

The Real Truth & Time To Move On

by Azadeh Azad on



1) I did not generate positive responses for myself, for my own poem. "JamshidR" argues that the commentator before him who had left a short positive response was myself because Shaer told him so. And Shaer told him so because Shaer thought that the commentator's syntax was similar to mine. That is such a weak argument. Following such an argument, I could say that some among Shaer's friends who have posted here are Shaer himself because they use the same syntax as well as words with either bold or capital letters, which is characteristic of Shaer's writing. How convincing such an argument would be?

2) I deleted "JamshidR"'s comment because it contained offensive words that he has omitted to include in his presentation on this blog. There were already plenty of negative but polite comments on my poem to some of which I had responded. Why should I delete a comment that is neither vulgar nor offensive? Why? "JamshidR" has no answer for that.


Jamshid says, "The only thing that I was doing was bringing to her attention the fact that many people disagreed with her point of view on Iranian men. That included many Iranian women." The truth is:

a) My poem was not my "point of view", but * my experience. People cannot agree or disagree with our experiences, only with our point of view.

b) In my experience, a percentage of Iranian men on the city streets of Iran (especially in Tehran) did harass women. While there was no hint of *all* Iranian men being harassers, most commentators wrongfully assumed that I was speaking of *all* Iranian men. I did not speak of all Iranian men, because in my experience not all Iranian men were abusers. Most commentators were trying to save face in front of the Westerners, as I had already mentioned in my poem. While the role of a true poet is to tell the truth, it is the prerogative of the reader to either accept the truth or deny it. The opinion of a majority is never the criterion of the truth of anything.

c) Authors/poets read the comments left for them. I had read all the comments and responded to some of the negative ones. Why did "JamshidR" find it necessary, in such an obsessive way, to bring to my attention the fact that many disagreed with me? Why was it important to him that there were "many Iranian women" among those with negative comments? Maybe because he is not aware that the Iranian culture is a traditionally patriarchal one, that in such a culture it is natural that the male chauvinism of the majority of the male population be accompanied by "mard-navaazi" of the majority of female population? Male domination persists precisely because women submit themselves to it by varieties of ways, including denial and "mard-navaazi". All women who lived in Tehran before 1979 and are 40 years old or older have either been subjected to male harassment in the public space or have witnessed girls and women being harassed. Princesses who never walked on the streets of Tehran don't count

4) Why should "JamshidR" be so obsessive about leaving his offensive comment for me several times after I deleted them? Every writer should have the right to delete any comment they perceive as offensive!

5) "JamshidR" reported to the publisher, JJ, that I had deleted his comment - naturally omitting the offensive part, as he has done here in this blog. Jahanshah Javid who was not yet aware of the whole situation, hastily responded to him that deleting his comment by me was the wrong thing to do. An irresponsible response by JJ, as he later *changed his mind* and decided the opposite, that *it was quite alright for me to have deleted JamshidR's offensive comment*.

6) "JamshidR" says that after deleting his comment, I began "deleting all other comments that were left by everyone else. If you go to her article, ... there are absolutely no comments left by anyone else. All deleted by Azadeh Azad herself." Then he concludes from this statement, "Azadeh did not like the criticism that she was receiving on her article."

a) Poems are not articles!

b) The reason why there are no more comments on my last poem, is that they all got automatically deleted *after* I turned the comment setting *off*. As a new moderator, I had no idea that turning the comment setting off would lead to the disappearance of every single comment. My only intention was to stop "JamshidR"'s continual harassment, his continual posting of the same offensive comment. Therefore, the deletion of the comment was an accident and not the result of my not being able to tolerate criticism. My having responded to some criticism and not having deleted any one of the negative comments, are sufficient evidence that I am tolerant of criticism. "JamshidR"'s action was harassment because he knew full well that his offensive post was not wanted by me, yet he refused to recognise my right and *imposed his comment on me*. Moreover, it was "JamshidR"'s offensive words such as "fascist", "grow up" and "you are way too immature", that I did not tolerate, nor did I tolerate his harassment and that of Shaer that happened the following day.

c) Based on the above presentation of the truth, the reader can see how the following two accusations by "JamshidR" are baseless and meaningless: "Furthermore, she [Azadeh] was trying to manipulate the messages that were left for her article: Keeping those that she liked, and deleting those that she didn't." And "I truly believe that Azadeh's approach was completely 'self-serving' and 'deceptive'. Rather than taking 'full responsibility' for her actions, she tried to shift the blame on to others."

7) On the following day, I noticed that "JamshidR" had left the same offensive comment, explaining that he "saw my comment setting being open". Well, that was a lie. It was Shaer who had committed the unethical act of opening another poet's comment setting for "his friend" by abusing his "editorial powers". Shaer knew full well that I did not wish my comment seting to be on, yet he turned it on. And "JamshidfR" had witnessed my deleting his comment several times, yet he asked Shaer for help and posted his comment again. "JamshidR" also had ordered me "not to delete his comment". This is a good example of how so many men, especially so many Iranian men, are in grip of *control and power issue*.

8) Jahanshah Javid punished Shaer by taking away his "editoria powers", because this man did not handle them in a fair and mature manner.

9) The footnote at the end of "JamshidR's blog " is untrue. The woman whose emails I quoted had consented that I publish them. She was first contacted by JamshidR who sent her Shaer's hateful poem about me and tried to turn her against me. The woman resisted his attempt by saying, "I don't know what you are talking about. Azadeh has been nothing but courteous and generous to me". Unfortunately, this woman eventually fell into "JamshidR"'s trap and changed her mind about me. She was now manipulated by this man into thinking that she was being "tricked" by me. She asked me to delete my "references to her". Of course, I could have kept my references to her emails and only replaced her name (which is not even her real name) with the phrase "An Iranian woman". But, I really felt that more frictions were being generated by "JamshidR"'s and/or Shaer's venomous emails to her and other women. Based on this fact, and because I was determined to move on, I decided to completely delete my blog.

10) Therefore, the accusation by "JamshidR" that "Azadeh Azad had violated her [the above woman's] trust by publishing some of this lady's private e-mails, without her permission, in her blog" is absolutely untrue. So is untrue this man's conclusion that "Consequently, she [Azadeh] took her blog down because of that violation." The truth is that I opened a temporary blog with the same title as my previous one for a half a day, explaining to the readers that my blog was closed because it was time to move on.

So, now that the real truth has been told by me, it is time for *everyone* to move on!



Ps. The word *slander* is used for false *verbal* accusations, while the word "libel* is used for the *written* ones.


Just when I thought....

by Nadias on

I had read it all ...........I was wrong. I don't think that this issue with Azadeh should be dropped completely. The moderators should have a level of integrity. They should not abuse their privilege as a moderator. 

Like Anonymouse mentioned on this thread "Why are not the rest of the bloggers (not the article authors) given the option to leave on or off the comment access. It is obvious that it is available. In essence the bloggers would become their own moderators. No one would have access to moderate another person's blog.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Dear Jamshid

by As I see it... (not verified) on

Dear Jamshid,
Thank you for your civil response.
The matter is still a little vague on some points, but I belive it should be left alone since it will not shed more light on this subject.
As for 'some' posters below maybe they should
re-read their own comments to see if they are being exactly what they are accusing other people of!
Good day to you.

Marjan Rahmani

Mr. Jamshid

by Marjan Rahmani on

I agree with Ms. Golshani. They have no leg to stand on, and they are trying to incite you into an unnecessary discussion.

This is especially true after you revealed to us that Azadeh had to take her blog down because she violated a friend's trust by publishing her e-mails in her blog without her permission. For those who do not know about this, please read the Update at the bottom of Jamshid's blog in Italics.

Please ignore these people. Especially, if they are of the 'unregistered' type.

Thanks. Have a great day!!

Ms Judy Golshani

Dear Jamshid

by Ms Judy Golshani on

Please DON'T ALLOW these Unregistered users to provoke you into an UNNECESSARY Argument. Unfortunately, the supporters of her are the type that I have described below: THE 'END' JUSTIFIES THE 'MEANS' Type.

As the lady below, Nahid Panahi, indicated, your argument and blog is very clear. Although my Farsi is not as strong as it should be, but since 'PATASHOON ROO AAB OFTADEH', they don't know what else to do. They are resorting to any means to discredit the messenger.

I am asking you NOT TO ENGAGE this bunch. They are neither worth YOUR TIME, nor YOUR ENERGY. TRUST ME, I KNOW THEIR TYPE. Unfortunately, NOTHING BUT A BUNCH Of IRANIAN KHALEH-ZANAKS. Sad to say how some Iranian feminists demean themselves just to make a point.

Jamshid R

Dear 'kadkhoda'

by Jamshid R on

I have no intention of violating Shaer's request to stop the escalation of this matter. Howeveer, as I have said in the blog, everything that I have said in the blog can be Independently verified.

Mr. Javid (JJ) knows it, Shae'r knows it, and I have seen the evidence. And I am not going to resort to Name-Calling as you have. It is beneath the dignity of this blog. Forgive me, but it goes to show evryone the type of supporters Azadeh Azad has.


Slanders R by U

by kadkhoda (not verified) on

You gave us no solid proof that Ms. Azad left positive comments for herself. That's a slander by you. However, she gave us an unrefutable proof of Sha'er's guilt. I'm so disappointed in you and your quack hero.

Jamshid R

Dear 'As I see it'

by Jamshid R on

Thank you for your comment. The reason that I asked Shae'r to look in to this for me was that I read in many other comments by others throughout the site that Mr. Javid was too busy to be bothered with such things. Rightly or wrongly, I felt that the reason Mr. Javid had selected these moderators  was so that they could handle such matters for him.

Regarding the poem, Shae'r has to speak for himself. However, I do know that when he comes across a Wrong-Doing, he tries to bring that to the attention of that person without explicitly mentioning his/her name. I have seen similar poems for other people. His focus is primarly on the Actions of the individual, and not necessarily on the Individual themselves. If you noticed from the poem, there were no explicit references to the person's name, but sufficient clues for this person to realize who he/she is, and what he/she has done.

As far as why I was insisting to post a comment, frankly I was somewhat offended that Miss Azad was trying to manipulate her own article like that. How can such an act bring Integrity to a discussion. I remember that a great majority of the comments that were left for her by others were not supportive of her point of view either. That is before she Deleted all of them.

One final point, I was really appalled by the way Shae'r was treated. Here he was trying to correct a situation that was caused by Miss Azad, yet was subjected to disciplinary action. In my mind, if Shae'r did something which he shouldn't have done, then Miss Azad is guilty of a more severe conduct. What type of a disciplinary action was taken against her?

I hope that has answered all your questions. Please let me know if you any additional ones.


Sadly, you did something

by As I see it... (not verified) on

Sadly, you did something which created problems for two other people.
Why in the world were you "INSISTING" on posting your comment? Why did you go to a friend to ask a favor of this kind? You should have gone straight to JJ in case you needed to report it, not to any other person, friend or not.
And the poem if directed at A.A -which I believe it was- was not "NICE" at all!!?
So the blame does not fall on only one person.
You sir, were probably were more to blame.
*I am in no way related to any parties in this matter nor am I a friend or any one of them. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I hope we have all learned a lesson from this matter, me included!

Khanom Nahid Panahi

Jamshid Khan

by Khanom Nahid Panahi on

I have just read your blog, and I appreciate that you have quite clearly explained the problems that exist with commenting. I also think that it is Admirable that you stand by your friend.

I have read Mr. Shae'r's poems in the past, and believe that he is a gifted man. I wasn't a registered user, but after reading your blog, decided to give it a try.

I hope to see more of your contributions in the future. I believe that you write very well and clearly!! I had no problem following your argument. Merci

Jamshid R

BT Jan

by Jamshid R on

Na aziz - I just got registered a few days ago in order to bring to people's attention on what was going on behind the scenes on their comments, and at the same time, defend my friend Shae'r.  Before that, I used to leave comments as an 'unregistered' user.

I feel truly responsible for what was happening to him, and felt that Mr. Javid (JJ) was not doing enough to defend him. As you can see, I have spread all the facts for people to see. Shae'r asked me not to pursue this anymore, as you can see from his comment below, and I don't want to say something to get another round of discussions and arguments.

We Iranians stand by our friends, especially someone like Shae'r. Let's just leave it at that.

Ghorbanat .....


Jamshid khan,

by BT (not verified) on

Jamshid khan, are you the same jamshid who used to have a a blue only background as your avatar and were registered under only 'Jamshid'?
cause I've never seen you here befor and you seem to be new?!

Ms Judy Golshani

Dear Jamshid

by Ms Judy Golshani on

I am going to HONOR you request, together with that of Shae'r, and NOT mention anything provocative to get an argument going. However, I want to share with everyone some of my own PERSONAL experiences as an American woman in the hopes that it could bring some CLARITY to the situation.

As I indicated in Azadeh's bog, I am fortunate to be married to a wonderful Iranian man for a little over 10 years. I also want you to know that I PASSIONATELY believe in women's rights, and perhaps could fairly call myself a FEMINIST.

You have to understand when FEMINIST movement started many years ago, there were a lot of people, both men and women, who were SYMPATHETIC to the movement. However, as years went by, and people saw THE EXCESSES of the movement, a lot of that initial SYMPATHY was gone. That's why, in Azadeh's own blog, I told her that as an American women, and a FEMINIST, I did not appreciate her tactics in demeaning people because she couldn't REFUTE their arguments. END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

I sincerely HOPE that the young women of today take notice of that. You HAVE TO play the game FAIR AND SQUARE. Otherwise people will LOSE respect for you. 

Anonymouse moderation policy is a JOKE!!

by Anonymouse on

The moral in all of this is that's moderation policy is a joke.  If one moderator can reject a comment and another one can put it back on, this becomes just a p***ing contest not a "moderation" policy.

And they are secretly doing this?!! JJ selected these people and gave them powers based on what??!! their pseudo name?! Did seniority matter? How come he didn't ask me?! not that I would've accepted, I don't want to be a secret Deleter.

I've heard that JJ is going to be the ultimate "decider", still a joke.  One comment may get bounced back and forth and several hours or days later that it is finally put back on, it has over come by events. 

Most importantly, why can some anonymous contributors delete comments on my contribution, including my own, and I can't?!!!! 

Most importantly2, why do some contributors have leave on/off comments policy options and some don't? Is their blood more red?!

JJ my friend you have lost it with this sham of the moderation policy and I'm putting this lightly.  Where else readers and contributors get such an undemocractic policy? 

I see 4 options left:

1. Go back to 100% free comment policy and only one editor (JJ) ability to delete flagged comments (I would vote for this option)

2. Continue this sham of discriminating between the contributors and a chosen few

3. Allow only registered user comments and only one editor (JJ) ability to delete flagged comments (I would vote for this option)

4. Allow every contributor the editorial policy over his/her material (plus JJ). Moderation would be a personal choice of the contributor and no explanation would be needed for removal of a comment. People can blog on their own if they don't like someone deleting too much comments (I would vote for this option)

Marjan Rahmani

Dear Rahgozar

by Marjan Rahmani on

Out of respect for Shae'r and Jamshid, I am not going to  respond to your comment. However, you need to know that  Ignorance is not really a Bliss, especially in your case.

Have a great day buddy!!!

Jamshid R


by Jamshid R on

You are deliberatly trying to provoke others to a confrontation. I believe we should just follow Shaer'r's advice, and keep our peace.

I hope the moderators would remove your remark in order to prevent further argumentative behavior.


Dear Jamshid

by Shaer on

Perhaps It Would Be A Good Idea To Follow This Person's Advice, iraniandotcomReader, and Just Leave Things As They Are ..

Many In The Other Blog, By Azadeh, Expressed Their Opinions On Her, And Made Their Judgments Regarding Her Personality ..

As I Understand, She Took Her Blog Down Because She Betrayed Someone's Trust  ..

I Have Also Received A Number Of E-Mails From Various People Who Showed Their Support In Private, And Did Not Want To Get Into A Confrontaion With Her In Public ..

I Hope Others Would Respect What This Person, iraniandotcomReader, Has Suggested, And  Do Not Trigger Off Another Series Of Debates And Arguments ..

I Appreciate All Of Your Support Both In This Blog, And In The Other Blog By Azadeh ....

Thank You Very Much .. :)


Dear Marjan, I could not replay to you post in the Azadeh's blog

by Rahgozar (not verified) on

1-You are not only a Rahgozar, but also a Bi-khabar….>>>> [Yes, It could be that I am bi-khabar,] Thank God!

I don't know about other's experiences, but I shared with everyone my own personal experience. >>> ????????????? What was that??????

2-For your information, I have a Master's Degree in Architecture..>>>> [ why did you feel that your IQ has been questioned?????]

3-I am no dummy. …..>>>>[ well, We all are Dummies somehow, it has nothing to do with the level of any kind of degree/s!]

4-There are many who respect this man.>>>> [ So, as well as Ted Bundy]

5- This is not a cult that you are talking about. [Only women are defending him, the most, if it is not a cult, then what is? ]

6- And just to be fair, you seem to have such a wonderful view of this lady. Wow. Just passing by, yes?!! >>>> [ Sweet heart you have a master degree, right? If you did not know anybody here you would see every thing much better,,, our emotions stop us from seeing the truth. Any way I don’t know any of you here, think as you would be pleased and happy.]

7- As we say in Farsi, and without meaning to be disrespectful, 'Boro Khodeta Khar Kon'. People like you are dime a dozen in LA. >>>>{ Now, this is very low for someone with a master degree, I live in TX, when I want to go to LA I’ll take you with me. LOL

8-Have a great day Mr. So-called Rahgozar - Yadet nare' chi goftam (LOL :) Thank you for all the Mothering advice,,, thanks I wont remember'em anyway!

Thanks for the amusement!


Stop this, now

by iraniandotcomReader (not verified) on

Jamshid R
Mrs. Golshani
Ms. Rahmani

Please let this go. If you think this is helping Shaer, it isn't. Let him continue to write his poetry for, where his poetry is appreciated by many.

When you keep talking about what a nice guy he is, in fact you are not doing him a service. Believe me in this process, you are making him look less than nice and forthright, for why would an honest and good man (I believe Shaer to be a good man) be in need of alibi and witnesses and defense?

Many people don't care about this and will forget it soon enough. Many more don't know anything about it and blogging about it just informs them of something that just doesn't sound good whichever way we look at it.

You see, Shaer to us is a pseudonym, a talented poet behind a fictitious name. We like it that way, because we just want to read his poetry. When you give information about him as a person and try to defend his honor, you pull us into a situation where we don't have all the information we need to make up our minds. We hate doing that, because to most of us, the fact that behind the public interaction of individuals on the site, there actually exists a large body of correspondence, counseling, healing, etc., is just plain weird and we don't feel comfortable with it.

No, as I read all of this saddening exchange, I don't see a cult, or someone trying to act like a prophet. I am not sure what it is I see, but it doesn't make me feel comfortable, whatever it is.

I hate what has happened here. I really do. Nothing you all say is going to make it better. Please just stop talking about it and let things go back to the way they were, where contributors share their work with honesty and integrity, and the audience decides what to read and how to comment. Please stop all of this now.

Jamshid R

Miss Azarin

by Jamshid R on

Please allow me to answer each of the questions that you have raised:

First, regarding the fact that how Shae'r new Azadeh was generating all these comments herself, let me explain how:

As you may know, Shae'r is a man of the Letter. His tool is language. He told me two things:

First, as he was checking the stuff for me, he could see Azadeh logging in and out from the site. Shae'r indicated to me that the moderators have a capability to see who has signed in in red, on the right side of the screen. Also, he mentioned to me that he could see Azadeh generating these favorable comments for herself as she was logging in and out, and then approving these unregistered comments herself later.

Second, he also told me that he checked the form, structure, and the writing of those 'Puff' favorable, unregistered comments, to Azadeh's actual registered comments. He told me that it was way too obvious that she was writing all of those favorable comments herself. The way he put it to me was this: 'It was so obvious that it wasn't even funny'. The language, structure, synatx and everything else matched Azadeh's own writing.

Shae'r indicated to me that JJ had instructed him to act in a fair way in handling these comments. He felt that what Azadeh was doing was unethical and wrong. Deleting my comments, which were neither vulgar nor offensive,  and puffing herself up with self-generated comments was not the right thing to do. As you can see, there was 'no harrassment' in my comment. Just expressing my opinion.

Regarding my full comment in Azadeh's blog, I would appreciate if you tell me what vital parts of it were ommitted.

And as far as a final decison, I don't give a hoot about any decision. If you are talking about restoring Shae'r editorialship, he told me that he never sought to be one. JJ asked him to be one, and he accepted it at the time. He mentioned to JJ that he will only do it if 'Integrity" and 'Fairnes' is adopted. As you can sse from Azadeh's behavior, there was neither 'Fairness' nor 'Integrity' in what she did.

What she did was 'self-serving' and 'deceptive'. As I have indicated in the article, all of these can be independently verified. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I would be more than glad to answer them for you.

Thank you ..... 

Azarin Sadegh

Holes in your argument, jamshid R

by Azarin Sadegh on

Hi jamshid R.

First, how did Shaer know for sure that it was Azadeh herself, who had added the positive comment? Because normally a moderators wouldn't be able to know the real id of an unregistered user, or its ip address, etc. So, it is ethically wrong for a moderator to remove the positive comment based on a guess that it was the artist herself who had added it.

Second, even if this incident is exactly as you say, still, it was not ethical at all for a moderator to help a friend who wanted to harass a registered contributor anonymously, when he was well aware that the artist herself wouldn't have approved of the comment.

Third, I had actually read your full comment and I can say for sure that you have omitted the disturbing parts here. 

So, after these holes in your arguments, again, I am not sure why you're blogging on this matter as your first contribution on it is going to get only worse for Shaer. If you are really one of his friends, it would be much better if you let everyone forget this little incident. 

After all JJ has already made the final decision and that should be the end of the story. Voila! 



Marjan Rahmani

Mr. Jamshid

by Marjan Rahmani on

I read your blog, and I also read Azadeh's blog. The one thing that I was most impressed with was the Conciliatory nature of Mr. Shae'r's response, as opposed to the Hostile way that Azadeh was reacting.

I hope everyone makes his/her own judgment on this. Only Shae'r, God and Azadeh know what the real truth is.  I guess that each person has to live with his/her conscience.

Thank you for your contribution here. I really don't have any more questions.