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Jalil Bahar
by Jalil Bahar

I'm watching Netroots Nation Blogger Convention (and I have seen other similar forums on C Span) with some really interesting exchanges with Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi...good questions, good analysis, and the bloggers are able to take the podium and provide speeches on valuable subjects. I think an convention would be a unifying and illuminating event for Iranians here... and perhaps provide the first forum with wide ranging views being exchanged among Iranians (versus singular dimensional political party meetings etc.) It should be dual language...and perhaps I am  curious if there is wideranging interest in having an event like this?


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Niki Tehranchi

LooooooL Q!!!

by Niki Tehranchi on

That was a very funny comment (I am 1 of the paranoid ones) :)


Mr. Bahar

by Nadias on

I found the blog that has information on the benefit from back in April. Perhaps it could provide you with some useful information as to whom to contact

You Are Invited! 


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié




Jalil Bahar

Dear H:

by Jalil Bahar on

I enjoyed meeting you too, and you might recall that the essence of my talk was Iran's national interests in the Persian Gulf. As you know, Iranian national interests transcends the current regime or any other previous regime or future (hopefully democratic) government.

Iran and Iranian people historically have had NO permanent friends, or enemies or governments - BUT IRAN DOES HAVE PERMANENT INTERESTS, especially in the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea.

I would be delighted to take advantage of ANY forum to further Iran's and Iranian people's interests; and make any contribution to further maintain and protect Iran's and Iranian people's interests. This has been the legacy of my family and my life.

You can reach me directly (and quicker) by email at I will be in London in the fall.

Jalil Bahar


by Jalil Bahar on

I think if there is general interest - by virtue of responses to the blog post - then we could organize it easily. JJ would obviously have to support it; and perhaps give this blog better exposure.

We'll need to invite a few interesting key note speakers/panelists, and set an agenda for presentations from bloggers - then just do it. We'll rent a hotel conference room, and try to get some sort of a contribution by each attendee.  We could and should get it televised on one of the Iranian channels. Maybe post some interesting exchanges on youtube and the website.

The whole concept really would be to maintain the 'democratic' forum that provides - with a wide ranging set of view points being openly exchanged - BUT in the end showing unity, and ability to agree to disagree.

I even think we should start the meeting with holding hands and a pledge to eachother (loudly) that we can agree to disagree, that there is room for every viewpoint in our forums. That passionate debate should not turn into disrespectful debate. In fact I think every one getting a badge to enter, should sign a pledge of respect to every other person in the room, and a pledge to maintain a democratic forum.

We can make it work...I am sure it would be well attended.


Dear Mr Bahar

by Friend from London (not verified) on


The last time I met you was a few years ago when you and your friend and former colleague, Mr Ghassemi (ex-Ambassodr to Kuwait under the Shah) gave a very interesting speech in the Islamic Centre England (ICE) in London. Your speech (about the politics of Persian Gulf) was well attended by more than hundred of the Embassy and Islamic center's personnel and I remember the Head of ICE, Ayatollah Araki (the representative of Aytollah Khamenei in England), was so delighted to see that two of the Shah's high ranking diplomats were so ready to share their experiences with the new Islamic diplomats.

For the reasons that I am sure you appreciate, I cannot disclose my name but I really enjoyed your speech and we the memebers of the Islamic Center of England look forward to see you in our misdt again in the near future. Please pass our thanks to you friend Ambassador Ghassemi of Kuwait.




Well, there was the

by Nadias on

 gathering of the bloggers this past April for the fundraiser for the website. They could turn it into a full day or two day event

I believe the event sold out this year. Now, that the web community knows, it will probably be an annual event

solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié





it would be just 5 people in JJ's living room

by Q on

too many bloggers are paranoid, don't think they will show up.

ebi amirhosseini

Dear Dr Bahar

by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks for bringing up the subject,I'm all for it.The question is how?

Best Wishes