Reza Pahlavi & New American Reality


by Jaleho

Reza Pahlavi must understand that the Bush era is finished. While it is true that the American foreign policy is greatly formed by different interest groups and lobbies, in particular Israeli lobby when it comes to the Middle East, yet the president and the state of economy play a very important role as well. As America got weak, partly thanks to Israeli-pushed wasteful wars, and with the election of Obama who feels the colonial injustice with his bones, chances of Reza Phalavi to continue getting charity and support from American government will diminish. Mr. Pahlavi must understand the mind set of the new president, and maybe start to find an honorale job for himslef rather than wishing a foreign power would impose him on Iranians, like they did with his father and grandfather.

I wish him a happy Norooz and a better path for the rest of his life. As my Eidi to him, I will type a passage from Obama's book,"Dreams of My Father," which would help the reader understand the new president when it comes to his personal aspirations, and an oblique reference to people of Iran. This is a passage of course from his youth, when he is transferring from Occidental to Columibia University to be more around working African Americans, a time that he is exploring his own identity being partly from Africa with the momories of colonial injustice. He and his friend Marcus, are sitting in the library across an Iranian student. Marcus is reading a book about economics of slavery and the Iranian starts a conversation with them: (p.116)

"Tell me please," the man said. "How do you think such a thing as slavery was permitted to last for so many years?"

"White people don't see us as human beings," Marcus said. "Simple as that. Most of them still don't."

"Yes, I see. But what I mean to ask is, why didn't black people fight?"

"They did fight. Nat Turner, Denmark Vascey---"

"Slave rebellion," the Iranian interrupted. "Yes, I have read something about them. These were very brave men. But, they were so few, you see. Had I been a slave, watching these people do what they did to my wife, my children...well, I would have preferred death. This is what I don't understand--why so many men did not fight at all. Untill death, you see?"

I looked at Marcus waiting for him to answer. But, he remained silent, his face not angry as much as withdrawn eyes fastened to a spot on the table. His lack of response confused me, but after a pause I took up the attack, asking the Iranian if he knew the names of thousands who have leaped into shark-infested waters before their prison ships had ever reached the American ports; asking if, once the ship had landed, he would have still preferred death had he known that revolt might only visit more suffereing on women and children. Was the collaboration of some slaves any different than the silence of some Iranians who stood by and did nothing as Savak thugs murdered and tortured opponents of the Shah? How could we judge other men until we had stood in their shoes?"

At a personal level, Obama understands not only the depth of colonial ugliness, but as an highly educated human who also knows the personal sufferings of third world countries, he empathizes with them. Times of ignorant Cowboy diplomacy of Bush, and an America which could afford to watse its money on Israeli-first policies are fast ending. Hope this helps Reza Pahlavi a bit.


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Freedom is for the Free not the dumb.

by Reza Shaheh ma hast (not verified) on

This is the truth isn't it.

Freedom is for the Free (those who can think freely and logically of course) not the dumb (enslaved mullahs, their followers who know no logic).

We should call it Free-nodumb-please. Tank-ey-yu-a-very-eh-much-aziz-eh-man.

When one uses freedom logically they live in a new space where they are more able to rely on their strengths, the opposite is also true you know, when one uses freedom irrationally like a dumb mullah then they have less of an ability to rely on their god given strengths. For example lying would produce the latter result and being honest would produce the former. This is all very logical an obvious to a non-mullah. That is why most people including Obama realize the Iranian people preferred the times under the shah and miss the good old days of savak. Most people because they are less able to rely on their god given strengths realize that logically they must have followed lies. Lies like Savak harmed people. The Shah was a crook, put in power by America, which can't even sustain a government in Iraq today.

So here is to freedom or free-nodumb-please for Iran on behalf of all Iranians who choose to let the world know that the powerful lies that created a revolution have now given their logoical fruit, which tastes like shit, and we free-nodumb-please survivors of the Revolution want Pahlavi back and with a Savak to have good times again. This time we will not make the same mistake of believing mullah and communist self motivated lies.


Mola and Parviz kalantari

by Jaleho on

Mola jaan, amazing that a US president can have that much understanding, ha? Unlike Bush who spent his youth being a cheer leader clown, Obama actually decided to learn about the rest of humanity ;-)

Mr.Kalantary, please provide a link to those "newly released documents" from the National Archives, NOT from others like yourself who have heard the terminology. Then, we'll have a meaningful talk, not BS.


according to the newly

by parviz kalantari (not verified) on

according to the newly released documents of the united states the late shah was the most independent monarch and they had almost problems in persuading him to do anything against the national interest of iran. so you dont know the real history. your mind set is formed by some bullshit and you have to study and educate yourself

Mola Nasredeen

Ms Jaleh, you mean an American president has mentioned Shah

by Mola Nasredeen on

and his torturers in his book? WOW! WOW! WOW! Please enlighten us some more.

Farah Rusta

What Obama failed to understand

by Farah Rusta on

"Was the collaboration of some slaves any different than the
silence of some Iranians who stood by and did nothing as Savak thugs
murdered and tortured opponents of the Shah?"


The answer to Mr Obama's question was simply: Yes. While the white American slave owners were foreign to the black slaves, the Savak officers and agents were home grown and domestic products. The same is true about Savama and their victims. The quotation from Obama's book was therefore irrelevant. The crude and uneducated language used by some of the commentators on this page, including the author, merits no waste of response.




babak pirouzian

Cool Down and have Tolerance !!!

by babak pirouzian on

30% ( 7 out or 23 postings, excluding the main topic) here is dominated by Ms or Mr. Jaleho.

A true democratic regime after IRI in reality shall consist of all political spectrum parties, from left to right and anything in between, including Shahi's, Rajavi's, Khomani's, leftists, environmentalists etc, either you like it or not, therefore we better get use to each other and start learning,  practicing the process from now on.

NowRouz Pirooz a todos.   

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

I've placed this book on my reading list after reading your blog. Thanks.


JALEHO (Obama has to follow rules)

by futurist (not verified) on

Dear Jaleho,

OBAMA DECEPTION was released 55 days following his election. ZEITGEIST was released eight years following BUSH's final term. This documentary proves that we are moving toward New World Order. Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad are pushing for the same agenda. It means One World Government. It is not a conspiracy anymore. Do you remember George H. Bush back in 1991 mentioned the same phrase? Brown, Kissinger, and Sarkozy used it last year. IRAN has to somehow surrender to this world banking system based in London and New York. We might become part of New American Union. I was reading that on April 2nd, G20 Meeting is coming up with a new world currency. OBAMA is the Hope for our nation. Yes! He is doing his best to fix up the mess from eight years ago. He has not taking IRAN WAR option from the table. The Shiite Clerics are suspicious at him already. I read in LA Times that they rejected his Norooz message. You have to remember something, we took Mohamad Mossadegh out back in 1953 and installed the Shah of Iran and many Americans think that was a wrong move. The Mullahs used the coup to bring the Islamic Revolution. It is very complicated and we might just have a soft revolution. Reza Pahlavi does not say, "He is a king." He might become like Juan Carlos of Spain. I like him far more than MEK (MOJAHEDIN) and i am happy that Iraqi and US forces busted their compound on New Year's Day. MEK is a Russian alliance not Western alliance. They murdered seven US civilians, attacked Iranian Embassies, killing top clerics, and brainwashing their cult members.


Thank you Iraj khan

by Jaleho on

I know that Reza Pahlavi is irrelevant. But, he is also still a young man and he does not seem vicious at all. I hope he overcomes the family baggae that he had to carry and get a life, really.

And, like you I found that quote quite telling! That particular book  is really nice. His other book is more like other politicain's books and might turn off the readers, not worth reading really. But, this one, in particular the first part when he is growing up as a mixed race, the great image that is made of his father and his anti-colonial sentiments growing up with those images, his years living in Indonesia and the understanding of other cultures that he has gained from that...all is really a great read. I think you can fast read his Chicago time, but the fisrt couple of hundered pages, you'll really like. Thanks for your interest.

iraj khan

Jaleho, With Obama in charge there is hope for change

by iraj khan on

He is a man who has earned his presidency, unlike that village idiot from Texas. I've read excerpts form Obama's book called Dreams of My Father but not the part that you have quoted from this book:

"Was the collaboration of some slaves any different than the silence of some Iranians who stood by and did nothing as Savak thugs murdered and tortured opponents of the Shah?"

This sentence alone shows his understanding of Iranian politics and people. I want to thank you for publishing this part of his book. As for Reza Pahlavi I like to add he is irrelevant anyway. 


Monda jan,

by Jaleho on

the idea is that he changes his "busy" schedule of daydreaming and begging the western powers for charity and help to do something for him, to a constructive one which he might has to work a bit like the rest of humanity. The money they stole from Iranian people is not going to last forever, and wishful thinking is not a good substitue.


Dear Mr. Kashani,

by Jaleho on

I guess the funniest "brainwashed" mind is that of the person who buys Fox's "9/11 is the beginning of history" mentality.

And, no one said that either the US will not follow its own interest or the single position of a president will determine the entire foreign policy path of the US. On the contrary, I made it clear that different interest groups, in particular the Israeli lobby when it comes to the Middle East issues, historically have pushed US foreign policy to a great degree. What I have said is that the interest of those particular groups and that of the United State are diverging, and after the fall of Soviet Union they ran opposite of each other!

Thus, the argument is that the Bush and the Israeli lobby have acted to the detriment of the American people, and now we have a patriotic president who will not act so. Further, he is just one voice in the American political establishment, however the voice of a president who has been elected by a great majority of the American people (unlike the former ones) is a powerful voice. Just like the voice of Ahmadinejad being powerful becasue he has been elected with the backing of a large majority of Iranians. This is related to the notion of "political capital," and Obama has a lot of it.


Reza Pahlavi

by Parsipur (not verified) on

It is amazing just HOW MUCH Reza Pahlavi scares the IRI supporters, and the IRI beast itself! You guys would be amusing if you weren't so obviously in the tank for your sheepish masters in Qom! God bless Reza Pahlavi and his chances for a return to Iran, in whatever capacity the Iranian PEOPLE choose. The rest is wasted print.

PS: Has Marge left Homer for Jahelo? They seem all too cozy. Get a room already (in Qom)!


IRAN does not trust OBAMA

by JUNE (not verified) on

Miss Jaleho,

I read in the newspaper that VEVAK agents have been deployed into AMERICA to watch out! REZA PAHLAVI was encouraged by AYATOLLAH to just stick with his education. OBAMA is seeing as a different BUSH in the eyes of Islamic Republic. I want you to watch a new documentary called OBAMA DECEPTION.


I dream for the day when

by dreamer (not verified) on

Obama becomes the Shah of Iran.

Farhad Kashani

What you and people like

by Farhad Kashani on

What you and people like you need to understand that there is no such thing called “uniquely Bush era policy”! you all were fooled by leftist media to believe that everything was nice and dandy and the world was in peace, but that all changed since he came to power! Its like these people used some kind of a memory eraser machine to erase you guys’ memory of everything that happened in Iran since 1979 and how and who started this animosity, and what Khomeini did and his followers are doing and did well before Bush come to power. There is only one change that happened during (Not WITH Bush’s coming to power), and that is before 9/11 it was the trend that Islamists, represented in IRI and Al Qaeda and others, were on the offensive ideologically and through bullyism and terrorist attacks, reversed, and although Islamists have not yet given up, and although Bush’s strategic mistake of invading Iraq, the civilized world and people all around the world are on the offensive now. No time before 9/11 did people realize that the cure to fight Islamism is to confront them with Democracy. So whoever comes to power now or in the future, has to follow that strategy of being on the offensive against Islamist Fundamentalism.


The measure that you guys take things at face value and go with the flow of “News” and not the “Independent Analysis of News” is amazing to me! You never try to actually “think” about what you’re being told.


Obama will continue Bush’s policy, and Bush continued his predecessor, and so forth, when it comes to national security and world security, and since they are well aware that IRI is the biggest threat to peace, stability and co-existence, they HAVE and WILL confront the IRI regime.


Rests assure.


Get it done already

by Esmail (not verified) on

I think this Marge has a thing for Reza Pahlvi.
What's the fascination? You'd think he dated, and then dumped her. Every single time there is RP, there it is Marge.
You pay wayyy too much attention to someone you find irrelevant.
Screw him and get it over with.
We are getting tired of this.


Good post

by Gloomy (not verified) on

Jaleho, that was an interesting quote from Obama's book, thanks. As far as Reza Pahlavi is concerned, I am afraid he'll spend the rest of his life playing shah in exile, making irrelevant noises here and there.


Jaleho think about it

by B (not verified) on

Peres is a passing wind. Ok. He is however the scape goat Iranian hardliners are looking for to attack Obama's message.

They are going to say look Peres the Zionist zion is giving a "rare" message to start a velvet revolution. It is of course bullcrap but so are many other statements by the same group.

I believe his message was sent to try and make divisions. Peres is looking for Israel interest so anything he can do to help.


Nice commentary..., new approaches are definitely needed

by Monda can'tlogin (not verified) on

this is a good Noroozi message to RP! I hope he gets the time off his busy schedule to read it.


B, you must be writing from either US or UK!

by Jaleho on

In those countries Shimon Peres comes all the time in the Zionist media, given equal time and the allusion of importance.

In Iran, Shimon Peres is considered a criminal idiot representing a piss-ant-bound-to death-illegal-entity! A passing wind to come and torpedo the president of the United State??!! Be serious.


No love for Iran

by capt_ayhab on

Reza Pahlavi has no love for Iranians, much less an understanding of them. Even the Cuban-Americans who have held the foreign policy of this country towards Cuba hostage for decades, do not have the audacity to select a leader
and have someone represent Cuba from exile. 

Reza Pahlavi, A self-appointed traitor who has surrendered his reins to the neo-cons and AIPAC does not speak for Iranians. 


He just needs to shut up and get fatter.




No Jaleho they are not toning down!

by B (not verified) on

The only reason Peres sent a "rare" message was to torpedo Obama's message!


It DOES matter, see:

by Jaleho on

"Israel's Peres sends audio greeting to Iran

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli President Shimon Peres has sent a rare greeting to the people of Iran praising them and saying they would be better off without their hard-line leadership.

In the taped audio message, Peres lauds Iran's ancient culture and urges what he calls the "noble Iranian nation" to "return to its rightful place among developed nations."

The greeting marking Iran's Nowruz holiday was broadcast Friday on the Voice of Israel's Farsi-language station. The station is beamed to Iran, but it is unclear how many Iranians had heard it.

It coincided with President Barack Obama's video message to Iran in which he appealed to Iranians to shift away from decades of confrontation."


Although Iranians wouldn't care of what Peres barks one day or the other, the fact that Israel President has to tone down his ugly typical voice, following Obama's fantastic message,  should be telling you something! Pretty much what I was trying to tell Reza Pahlavi!


it does not matter who is in

by bob (not verified) on

it does not matter who is in the white house. america will purse what is in her best interests silly!
if they want reza they will have reza if they dont then they dont. its that simple. they interests come first. one minute they have a right wing president and then they have a less than right wing president. one minute republican and then democrat. american presidents repeat themselves. think about it!


Thanks Marge,

by Jaleho on

Happy Norooz to you too. And, I really also meant that if Reza by any chance reads this site, to shake himself, look at a possible new "other" side of the other side, and look at his own life!

After thirty years, I would really start re-evaluation of my priorities and check if I could have been wrong and dreaming all these times! He is better remember that the Russians after the Russian revolution celebrated every one of their new year with similar messages to "their" Russian "hamvatans," with the wish of Tzars coming back to power in Russia! They did that from Paris from 1917 revolution all the way to the disintegration of the Soviet Union :-) :-)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Happy Norooz to everyone!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Happy norooz to you too! Thanks. I am predicting this blog is going to be a most discussed. Reza always garners attention.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hi Jaleho,

I forgot to add that when Reza made his comment, he spoke on behalf of America and the military. Saying "WE have incurred casualties in Baghdad, but they equal less than what we would sustain if the war were fought here on US soil." What a dipstick. Someone asked him why he was speaking on behalf of America, or maybe he was talking on behalf of Iranians since Iraq had invaded. His proudest moment i'm sure.


Happy Norooz Marge,

by Jaleho on

I have not seen his remarks on Iraq. But, I am not surprized, since he comes from exactly the same mentality that Israelis come from:

"It is great for American military to stay in the Middle East and in particular near Iran. We'll be lucky and will push for a foreign policy in which the  American blood and money does "our" fight for us! "

Don't forget that immediately after the Iraq invasion, Richard Perle, one of the main builders of WMD lies and the case for Iraq invasion said:

"Anyone can go to Baghdad, but real men go to Iran!" 

Boy, he did use a language that ususally worked with a macho idiot like Bush, but he just couldn't sell him exactly the same set of "concocted lies" in the midst of a mission that proved to be "not so-accomplished" quickly!! Instead, Perle was kicked out of Pentagon :-)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

One of the creepy Reza Pahlavi facts

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Nice blog. I don't know if you've ever heard that quote by this moron in which he was talking to some "washington policy elites" and he said that the iraq war enabled America to lessen the casualties in the US by fighting in Iraq. This would be ok if it wasn't 3 years after the Iraq war, when people knew it was a phony war. 

Basically, he was still seeing the benefit of the Iraq war to the American public in order to (I THINK), offer an Iranian option. In the spirit of NOrooz, SCREW reza pahlavi. Time for a new focus on Iran, or at least a new clown.