Stop Indian Gasoline for Mullahs’ Repressive Machinery


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

Since there is oil in Iran, there has been always a strong correlation between the structure of dictatorial power and oil. Not only government expenses, industry and services are heavily dependent on oil revenue, but also, on a larger scale, all repressive forces and institutions of dictatorial regimes rely on it. Oil production in Iran is not at all in the service of the country’s development, but mainly serves the interest of the corrupt ruling elite and, most importantly, the survival of their oppressive Islamist regime. 
In the case of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), oil is the greatest source of income for the state mafia and it enables the regime set up their repressive institutions, propaganda machine, thousands of plain clothes thugs to beat up angry people, apologists groups in the West, sell-away intellectuals from various factions, who propagate the regime’s legitimacy and its reformation from within, and terrorist groups to advance the regime’s agenda inside and outside the country. The regime also spends a part of this Iranian national resource to help the two Islamist terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, to prevent peaceful solutions in the region. 
The U.N. Security Council resolutions and E.U. have already indicated the possibility of oil sanctions on the Iran, due to its nuclear ambitions and its strategy to export violence in the region. Added with them the ongoing brutalities after the recent electoral coup, the world must step up actions in a timely manner to impose sanction on Iran fuel supplies as the first step to shake off the regime. This action is now widely expected by both Iranians and the international community. 
Although Iran is rich in oil resources and is the world’s fourth-largest oil exporter, Iran’s capacity to turn the resource into the gasoline and diesel fuel is limited and thus up to 40 percent of Iran's gasoline is imported. Thanks to the IRI incompetence, the regime cannot expand refinery capacity to satisfy its domestic fuel requirements and thus heavily relies on imports. 
The domestic consumption of gasoline is estimated 75 million litres a day, of which 36 million is imported from India. If the gasoline delivery is stopped, Iran’s domestic consummation, including that of the repressive machine of the regime, can be paralyzed within a week. Under such a situation, the heroic and able people of Iran can do the rest for making the regime history in Iran. 
Besides the western oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell, French Total, Swiss Vitol, and British Petroleum: Indian large industry group ( Indian Reliance ) is another main partner of the Mullahs’ regime. The group is the long-standing culprit and buddies of Islamist regime. It supplies a great part of the needed gasoline, which helps the Mullah regime survive: it imports Iranian crude-oil, and exports refined gasoline to Iran. 
The Group's activities span exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and petrochemicals. Indian suppliers are the other constant partners of the IRI. According to official resources, Indian crude oil imports are circa 75% to meet its oil requirements. The cheap oil price, it is believed that Iranian oil is sold by mullahs below market, will sufficiently reduce costs for refinery. Essar Oil, an Indian oil company, has now green light from Mullahs to import as much crude oil as desires from Iran. The company sells a part of the refined oil as gasoline with much higher price to Iran, what covers the purchase price. 
In solidarity with the brave Iranian people’s struggle against the illegitimate regime of coup d’état and by stopping any oil trade with the IRI, India as the biggest democracy of the world, can play an honourable role by not playing bedfellow with the brutal Mullahs. 
The oppressed Iranian people cannot expect the reminders of totalitarian regimes like Russian and Chinese states to stop trades with the totalitarian IRI. Instead, the free world and in its top the biggest democracy, India, are largely expected to show solidarity with the oppressed Iranian people. India can do its own reputation and the longing of the freedom-loving Iranian people a world of good by suspending its oil trade with the IRI and consequently siding with Iranian people in their struggle against the totalitarian Islamist regime which is today challenging by an increasing majority of people.


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Look if you

by MRX1 on

were in charge in India, a country of one billion people multiplying like jack rabbits, the only thing you would care is to feed and shelter your population and not much else. You know this kind of thinking sounds good on a paper and when you are eighteen years old, but  real world does not operate that way. IRR is like a cow that provides free milk for the entire village. no body in a right mind would want to harm this cow!



by jamshid on

"let's show those Mullahs' we mean business. Let them suffer in hunger as they surely will because of sanctions! Everybody knows gasoline is only for the Basij!"

It is a funny thing that what an IRI supporter would say is so similar to the above:

Let's show those yankees we mean business. Let our people suffer in hunger as they surely will because of our stupidity! Everybody knows the Basij has saved gasoline for six months, it will only be the people who suffers... But then again, let's show those yanks and jews we mean business, who cares about the people?

Q, we don't need your nor the IRI Mafia thugs to protect us from foreigners. The people of Iran are more than capable to protect themselves from foreginers.


STOP this Stop that,who do you think is listening

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

the BIG SHOTS ???

and do you think they give a rat's a_ _ what you have to say!


GET REAL FOLKS, I thought past 40 man's brain is actually complete

 Gees, some of you are so hopeless i dont know where to begin

Anonymous Observer

This regime will go

by Anonymous Observer on

with or without sanctions.  The Iranian people will get rid of it.  The vast majority of Iranians are too politically progressive to allow a backwards religious dictatorship like the IRI rule them...and this is notwithstanding the break that they have to take in the afternoons for the obligatory afternoon siesta.  They will nap, and then overthrow the IRI. :-)))

Seriously, they will insist on getting their rights...and they shall.  Iran's future is bright.  People will eventually succeed in bringing about a representative government. All WE can do is to state our support for what the majority of the people want, and to do waht we can to get their voices heard.


Stop food/medicine and technology exports to Iran

by Q on

let's show those Mullahs' we mean business. Let them suffer in hunger as they surely will because of sanctions!

Everybody knows gasoline is only for the Basij!


Jahanshah Rashidian

by jamshid on

Considering the monumental profit the Indians are making from dealing with its corrupt nokars in Iran, and considering how a democratic government would interrupt this profit, I doubt India would ever side with the Iranian people.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

As usual and May be that's exactly what they want; chocking the average Iranian with fuel ration  and the rest it always can be purchased at black market rate since the SEPAH is in charge of Indian negotiation and also runs the inside MAFIA people pay the extra,sepah pocket the difference and India gets its free oil supply.               Maziar

Darius Kadivar

Sargord Maybe You are Right ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I grant you that We don't understand the difference between Authoritarian and Totalitarian.

but You Don't understand the difference between a Dictatorship and a Democracy !


And Yet you seem to live in a Democracy unlike our brothers and sisters back home who don't have YOUR LUXURY !

Send My Regard to Your Friend Mojtabah and sorry for Freezing his Billions of Assets in UK Banks ! ... At least It won't end in Your Pockets !






Fan mail to Sargord

by Cost-of-Progress on

Hate is a powerful emotion and best practiced by your Fellowship of Reesh-O Pashm.  

What you and other lunatic supporters of the murderous regime on this site advocate is to continue the status quo, but like I said earlier, which I'm sure you read, rapists and murderers can only rule for a limited amount of time. 

One more thing, the term exile applies to a very limted number of Iranians abroad most of whom are much older than we are.  We live outside Iran becasue we refuse to live by your twisted and sadistic Islamic rules - IT IS BY CHOICE. I said this to your Basiji buddy Q (perhaps you're him...but you are more polished than him...who knows, who cares).

The majority of Iranians want you to disapear, but are too scared to admit  it. For every one person who's brave enough to pour into the streets, there are a 1000 who are simply petrified of your goons and murderous bikers.

Ponder on that for a while.





xerexes, sargord: Your

by vildemose on

xerexes, sargord: Your insanity blinds you to reality. Your rigid religious belief patterns prevents you from processing infomation accurately. You live in a warped and twisted perception of  reality of a religious zombie. That is the only way one can describe your ignroance and blindness.

There is no hope for you. Your brain is organized to only accomodate and assimilate infomration that are congruent with your version of reality. In other words, your brain is impaired and not fully functional...



Sargord, IRI is the Republic of Hate, Injustice, and Murder

by AMIR1973 on

IRI is the biggest source of injustice, economic harm, and misery for the Iranian people. No one is more out of touch with the welfare and interests of ordinary Iranians than advocates of the rapists and their Fellow Travelers, like you. This government is a government of executioners and torturers. Okay, now keep spreading your garbage propaganda: I hear that IRI is about to surpass South Korea in terms of standard of living any day now  :-)

Sargord Pirouz

Honestly, you don't know the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Honestly, you don't know the difference between authoritarian and totalitarian (or Islamic Republic, for that matter, and you're advocating (additional) economic harm be brought upon the people of Iran?

Some of these exiles are just blind with hate, they wish all sorts of injustice be committed upon the people of Iran, in the name of their warped, self-centered and out-of-touch political agendas. 

Darius Kadivar

Good Suggestion J.R. Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Lips to Indian Ears ...