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Plastic Surgery in Iran

by Ms Hui Gao (not verified) on

I'm in need of a plastic surgeon from your country,
Could you please let me know if you can arrange for me to meet one who can carry out a plastic surgery of my face to alter my facial look completely? I will count on you to handle this with utmost secrecy and most importantly,unanimously at your discretion
My Personal Info:
My boyfriend Huan Di Zhang and i lived in New Zealand untill a forthnight ago when we went to Westpac Bank to withdraw some money from our meagre account and were shocked to see that the machine had mistakenly credited 4million Euros into our account instead of the 4000 Euros we had in the account .Of course we withdrew all of it and though very unbelievably rich now,but have been living in great fear and under hiding here in China.

I am ready to give you 25 percent of the money if you can arrange for a plastic surgery for me in your country and most importantly assure me of my safety in your country so that i can come over there to alter my facial looks a little and then you and i will jointly invest this money which God in his mercy, granted us through a faulty machine at the bank where we operated a meagre account in New Zealand. As you can see from this site below (// -la-banque-en-votre-faveur-17baed7.html),the police is on the look out for us,but i am determined not to return a dime of this God-Gift to any bank because it was no fault of mine .

As soon as you indicate you are able to arrange for one in your country , i will package the money and remit it into your account before i can come over to meet you to invest the money with you after i have undergone the plastic surgery. I am waiting breathlessly to hear from you and to have your address and telephone number alongside your Identity card to enable me recognise you as soon as i arrive in your country.

Hui Gao


Merci beaucoup

by IraniaFr (not verified) on

Je vous remercie de votre visite sur et de vos encouragements.

Concernant le coin aide j'y avais effectivement pensé. Je vais surement ajouter ce coin en forme de forum.

Si vous avez d'autres remarques, elles sont bienvenues.


shany -

Orang Gholikhani

Très bien

by Orang Gholikhani on

Bravo, C'est un super site. Si vous pouviez créer un coin où on peut demander l'avis ou l'aide pratique des autres Iranians en France, ce serait sympas.

Bonne continuation.



Merci Jahanshah Rashidian

by IranFr on

Merci pour votre message concernant mon site. Il traite un peu de tout. Il reste encore beaucoup de travaux à faire pour améliorer le site.

Merci pour vos encouragements.

A bientôt


email :

Jahanshah Rashidian

Bonne Chance

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Je viens de jeter un œil sur votre site. En tant qu’un iranien francophone, j’aime bien trouver des sites en français qui passent un message en toute simplicité des chagrins et surtout les refus de notre peuple.

Dans les sociétés occidentales, il en va autrement car la vie est sans cesse tournée vers l'avenir, ce qui concerne une grande majorité des occidentaux dans l'oubli des gens qui sont devenus des opprimés de leur régime. Ce qui n'est pas une raison pour cacher les chagrins à coté de nos refus, qui pourraient avoir une plus grande utilité révolutionnaire.


Bonne chance


Jeesh Daram

Thank you

by Jeesh Daram on

The section that offers free books "Ketabhayeh Rayegan" is absolutely great. You made my day....


e-mail address

by IranFr on

Hi Majid,

You can send the picture to

I have also sent you an email with my yahoo email address


movafagh va pirouz bashid



e-mail me please.

by Majid on

In the comment section I can not attach a picture, but if you e-mail me with an e-mail address, I have a picture to share with you about French culture, just click on my name and send an e-mail.