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I am writing regarding the recent incident and a brief of my story. I saw in the news that U.S.A is trying to help the Iranian- American journalist who has been arrested in Iran, through human rights organization and I have also heard that this Iranian- American journalist has been able to retained an Iranian Attorney to defend her in the court. At least this Iranian- American journalist has been given that much right to retain an Iranian attorney to defend her in the court in that third world authoritarian country with no freedom (As we always hear in the world news), but surprisingly as an Iranian- American, who is a Mathematics high school teacher in an unprivileged area in New Jersey for seven years and has been being adored by her students because of her hard working, consideration and compassion, I have not had a chance in USA to retain an attorney while I have been being discriminated against and harassed in any possible way by my new school administrators for six years. Unfortunately with the all strong physical evidences including recorded voices, written documents which shows how these administrators have been violating my civil rights and how they have even been acting against the USA constitution (Regarding equal pay act, Disabilities act, Sex discrimination, Retaliation, and etc), no attorney had courage to accept my case and defend my civil rights, not because I do not have a case but because I am an Iranian-American Citizen whose case was dismissed by EEOC because of conflict of interest after a year investigation (I have been told by some of those attornys that I have a decent case but they do not work on this type of cases). So LUCKY HER, that she has been arrested for spying and despite this fact she has also had this chance to retain an attorney to defend her in the court in that third world authoritarian country as we hear always.

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Has it occurred to anyone

by Anonym (not verified) on

that this might be this person's real name?!!!


Go get them!

by Dash Akol (not verified) on

You may find some help here:


I wonder how far you would

by Anonymous 2 (not verified) on

I wonder how far you would get with trying to protect your civil rights back in Iran. I say I wonder because I honestly do not know, but why do you have to downplay the seriousness of Saberi's situation just to draw attention to your own? You sound like you have had a hard time, but I would like to know if you would switch places with Saberi since you think she's so lucky.

Kaveh Nouraee

This is very fishy

by Kaveh Nouraee on

To the writer:

No one here knows who you are, so there's no reason to question your integrity or the credibility of your claims.

However, you are being extremely vague. In order to help your case, you need to be more specific. What are the specific acts of discrimination? What are the specific acts of retaliation? The burden of proof is upon you.

How many attorneys have you consulted with? If you have met with several, and they all tell you that they cannot help, then there must be an element of truth to that. It is not about the attorney's "courage".

You say you have a "decent case". Maybe you do, maybe you don't. The bottom line, it's not up to you to decide. It's up to a qualified legal professional to determine that, who will then have to prove it to either a judge or jury.

Since you're a mathematics teacher, I'll put it to you in a way that you can hopefully relate to.

Map the equation, show your work, prove your calculations, and solve.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Iran dokht

by Nazy Kaviani on

I am not a lawyer and I don't know how to help you. I share with you what little I have read about another discrimination case against an Iranian which was filed with EEOC in 2007. Perhaps you can read up on his case and find leads there, or maybe you can contact Dr. Borumand or NIAC who wrote supportively about Dr. Borumand's case.

In 2007, EEOC filed a discrimination lawsuit against Merrill Lynch on behalf of an Iranian physicist, Dr. Majid Borumand. A few months ago the outcome was published in newspapers in favor of Dr. Borumand.

Here's Dr. Borumand's 2007 piece on


Here's something from NIAC on the case:


And here's the EEOC bulletin which announces the settlement in favor of Dr. Borumand:


I hope this is a little more helpful to you. I wish you happiness whether you can take your case to court or not. I wish Roxanna Saberi is released soon, too.


Good luck

by not irandokht (not verified) on

I have no stake or agenda in the outcome of this,I don't know you or her.. I was just perusing the topics, read her article, and was taken aback by your response, I can see that you have a point by being angry for her highjacking your online log in, but obviously the website let her do it,why not yell at them?? Why attack her personally and call her a liar, instead of kindly suggesting she pick another name (even though it might actually be her given name or it might just be that she is a great admirer of yours...imitation is the sincerest form of flatttery after all...) and then direct her to the ACLU or whatever like other people have...??? WHatever happended to human compassion??? I am will not be back here so don't bother barking at me either. Good luck to both of you.


Dear unregistered "not irandokht"

by IRANdokht on

Why aren't you giving her advice instead of trying to find fault with my response? is it because my advice would carry more weight than yours somehow?

you're criticizing me for not showing sympathy while you leave a completely unrelated comment for this blog.  Are you here because you feel sorry for Iran dokht or just despite IRANdokht? It's great to set one's priorities ;-)




who is who?

by capt_ayhab on

mano bash, edaaie hosh o zekavat ham mikonam nasalamati.

For a moment I thought this lady was our very OWN IRANdokht. Not that I would not support her plight but the name should be changed to perhaps another one.

I officially only recognize ONE IRANdokht with them those very beautiful eyes[her aviator] ;-)




ملا بپر


این سایت فقط یک ایراندخت دا‫رد که عقائد انساندوستیش نسبت به شما چندین ‫سال نوری فاصله داره.

‫این نصیحت را از من بشنو، برو به اون اربابات بگو که زمان زور و ظلم شما جانوران به پایان خواهد رسید. حالا این دم آخر بنفعتون که دست از این نیرنگاتون بردارید، زور بیشتر سر این مردم در نیارید و اون بیگناهانیکه تو زندوناتون قطار کردید را آزاد کنید.


are you serious?

by not irandokht (not verified) on

Oldtimer Irandokht (at least according to your friends here)... are you for real? This is the best advice you can dole out to this poor woman who is your namesake and your hamvatan: "Correct her grammer and stop making up her job"?? Give her a break, last I heard, teaching math ( a complex subject for many) did not require perfect english and grammer skills,as is evidenced daily across college campuses in physics, math and engineering classes across the country, I can name ten professors off the top of my head that I , nor any of my "all american" classmates could understand a word of, but we passed their classes with flying colors... so there goes that genius theory...second, she is asking for sympathy and advice, why not be helpful , and stick to the topic at hand, rather than criticize and dismiss?? Not very Irandokhty at all...



by capt_ayhab on

The land of liberty and equal rights. Khandeh dareh vala.

IRANDOKHT jan, first of all I am so dishearten to hear about your plight. This is horrible and inhumane to say the least. If you allow me, I should try and find someone who can work your case. Meanwhile I am wondering if you have contacted groups such as ACLU and local Woman's organization?

You should not stop till you get your case heard. Link to ACLU:


I shall keep you posted. Meanwhile hang in there.



Maryam Hojjat

IRAN a 3d world Country?

by Maryam Hojjat on

IRAN is considered a deveoping country not third world country.  IRAN has an authoritarian regime which having an attorny means nothing.


Down with IRI

Ali P.

This is horrible!

by Ali P. on

That Roxana girl can wait.

We should start a petition on your behalf, NOW!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Wait a minute

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

There are two Irandokht? Why?


Dear friend

by IRANdokht on

I wouldn't call Roxana "lucky"!

To be arrested for espionage in IR is not as simple as you make it sound. Even being represented by an attorney she can easily face harsh punishment for a crime that she's most likely innocent of. You are trying to take the school to court for charges of discrimination, Roxana is trying to defend herself in IR in a political case and very serious accusations. How can you draw a parallel between these legal cases?

Besides, I have a hard time believing that you are a teacher here for as long as you claim. Teachers in America should be able to write a simple blog without as many grammatical errors. Maybe you should proof read your blog and make those simple corrections. Just a friendly suggestion from one Irandokht to another...   




by Anonymous9821 (not verified) on

So what? Irandokht is a very common Iranian name and this user has obviously registered it on the site. What does that have to do with the point Irandokht is making here? READ her message and say something useful.


So confusing

by bolbol on

I didn't read your soon as I realized you're not Irandokht!!

 Why have you chosen an id that alraedy belongs to a very active member of!!!!



Your choice id is confusing

by I'm not logged (not verified) on

Irandokht is another active registered member on! So your choice of id is very confusing...I stopped reading your blog as soon as I realized it is not written by Irandokht!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you.

All, I can think of is to ask Nikki. I believe that she is an attorney. She maybe able to recommend someone or an organization that can assist you in this matter.




Dear Irandokht

by Negin M. (not verified) on

I think we should show compassion for both Roxanna Saberi and for anybody else who is suffering unfair treatment and discrimination. I care about the discrimination you have experienced. What can we do to help you? Didn't an Iranian win a discrimination case agains his employer not too long ago? I can't remember his name but I know the news was publised on