Ross Mirkarimi: Forbidden Secrets


Ross Mirkarimi: Forbidden Secrets
by ILoveIran
My personal opinion is that Ross Mirkarimi was the victim of a biased prosecution and police force: It wasn't because he is Jewish, but because he is Iranian.  Mirkarimi is an Iranian-Jew, which I believe both helped him and hurt him.     Firstly, I will state that I do not believe that Mirkarimi has any legal recourse for being treated harsher than others, but only time will tell.   Secondly, I believe the facts that indicate bias against Mirkarimi are as follows:   Judge James Joseph McBride of San Francisco -- who was also the presiding judge for the city and county of San Francisco -- was arrested, charged with crimes relating to spousal battery (under far more serious facts than Mirkarimi).  McBride's arrest and treatment by his judicial buddies bespeaks of favoritism because McBride returned to the bench and was elected by his judicial peers shortly afterwards to be the top judge (the presiding judge).  McBride is an Irish-American. The city and county did whatever it took to keep that story under-wraps:   Here is the description of (and link to) the event by SF Weekly I dug up from one of the few newspapers that reported it:      "On May 2, McBride was arrested on one felony count of spousal abuse. The district attorney later charged the judge with three misdemeanor counts of battery and domestic violence, and one count of intimidating a witness. McBride has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He faces up to two years in jail, the loss of his seat on the bench, and the revocation of his license to practice law." S.F. Weekly.  //   

If that wasn't bad enough -- given that Judge McBride earned his salary by sending others to prison (mostly people of color, the mentally ill, and people of lesser economic means (including children) -- Judge McBride was also later busted for deliberately taking away the due process rights of criminal defendants appearing in his court room.  In essence, Judge McBride was fixing cases to promote convictions by taking away important trial rights.  It is critical to understand that McBride was elected by his judicial colleagues to be presiding judge after both of these events.  

Here is the description of (and link to) the public discipline of Judge McBride by the ethics commission (incidentally what McBride did was also a Federal crime which the U.S. Justice Department did not do anything about - it hardly ever does).     

"Judge McBride engaged in the disregard of the due process rights of the parties involved in the cases constituted an abuse of his judicial authority and warrants discipline."  California Judicial Ethics Decision.  // 


Keep in mind that even the Ethics Decision is watered-down to show favoritism to McBride (more than 3,000 cases of judicial misconduct get reported in California alone each year, and more than 90% are never heard.) 

Ross Mirkarimi's situation is that he is Jewish (which actually probably helps him because there are many Jewish judges).  It's no secret that America's prisons are unfairly filled with 'colored-folks' (less affluent minorities: i.e., Blacks, Latinos, etc.), which is a heritage of the system of racial bigotry, segregation, and slavery which has stained most of America's history as a country.  And don't get me started about the Native Americans (American Indians) which were killed by the millions so white Europeans could take their tribal land.  And for those of you who don't know, Texas, California and other 'American' territories used to be a part of Mexico.  The reason I point these facts out, is that America is one of the last countries in the world that should be pontificating about human rights -- its very existence is testament to genocides, massacres and human rights abuses in the tens of millions.

In returning to Mirkarimi's problem, Mirkarimi got singled-out for harsher treatment because he is 'Eye-rey-nian.' ironically the slanderous stereotypes that are being promoted against Iranians in the U.S. are largely coming from Israel (Mirakarimi is Jewish): A thousand examples could be given, but those old enough will remember the Israeli-produced film starring Sally Field titled "Not without my Daughter," which was an insidious character assassination against the Iranian people that depicted Iranians as willing to kidnap American women and mistreat children.  Sally Field played the mistreated American bride and Sheila Rosenthal and Roshan Seth co-starred as 'Mahtob Mahmoody' and "Houssein the smuggler," respectively.  The film was made in Israel.  Lovely.  

But the story gets better: The District Attorney that charged Mirkarimi is George Gascón (who was the former San Francisco Police Chief).  Gascón has employed the same 'Muslims are evil' hate rhetoric as a part of his official duties: 


"George Gascón ... publicly apologized Friday for comments he made a week earlier referring to the susceptibility of the Hall of Justice to a terrorist attack by local Middle Eastern residents (i.e., ordinary Muslims that attended services)."  S.F. Gate.  //        The San Francisco District Attorneys Office and Police force have also been implicated in thousads (yes, thousands) of acts of professional misconduct.  Forty examples with one news story:      "San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris' office violated defendants' rights by hiding damaging information."  S.F. Gate.  //       What's the moral of my article?   1. America does not have the cleanest human rights record in the world; it has corrupt politicians and government officials numbering in the thousands, all which is known by the American Justice Department, which does not do anything about it.  (Side note: Iranians beware and keep your children safe.)   2. Sites like this one, that unfortunately permit non-stop negative portrayals of Iranians will harm Iranians living abroad in ways that will surface in the future.  Iranians are generally peace-loving and hospitable people, but also peoples' attitudes towards Iranians are important.     3.  America is far from having its gender politics worked-out and it's clear that many families are made to suffer.  Anyone that tries to convince you that America has not been engaging is social experiments with families that have had harmful and unforeseeable consequences, is simply lying.  Those of you living abroad will come to learn this over time.    4. Mirkarimi's best option now is to join the Jihad against the West (just kidding about this point).    5. The final moral of the story is that there are Iranians, like myself, who will take anyone to task who unfairly tries to harm Iranians, and this story should put bigots on notice.  

I certainly do not have anything against Mirkarimi being Jewish, and I wish him and his family the best.  However, I believe his career as a law enforcement officer is toast. Good luck Ross; Happy Norooz and I wish you and your family peace.  But just remember what John Lennon said: "Instant Karma is gonna get you."  




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Anonymous Observer

Dear [Dr.Strange]LoveIran

by Anonymous Observer on's always a Jooooooo conspiracy against the great--and totally blameless--Iranian nation.  

Bi**h, bi**ch, bi**ch--complain, complain complain.  That's all you mal-adjusted, ethnocentric, isolationist antisemites have learned to do in the land of opportunity.  

How about when Mirkarimi was elected?  Was that a racist conspiracy too?  Or did that show the greatness of this country when the son of an immigrant can be elected to office--or even become President of the country?

Where's your blog about 33 years of "marg bar [fill in the blank] HATE spewing out of Iran, and IR's terrorism--domestic and foreign?That's not hate and incitement to kill Jews, Americans and other Westerners?  How about that, you racist...?

And you are lying here:

I certainly do not have anything against Mirkarimi being Jewish,...

You do have something against him because he's Jewish.  Otherwise, you wouldn't have mentioned it.  You're just another garden variety, West residing, hate filled, racist Iranian antisemite.  There are plenty of you around.  Just look at IC and the hate that's spewed on it by the likes of you against other nations. 

PS- I googled your name that you claim on your profile as a cardiac surgeon.  As a lot of people know here, I have a heart condition that needs regular monitoring.  I wanted to switch cardiologists and come to you since you're a fellow Iranian, because I think...and I am really embarassed to say this...but I think that my cardiologist may be a Jew...(GASP!!!!) .  In fact, she may have even traveled to Israel (bigger GASP!!!!).  Anyway, the Google result didn't turn up anything under your name and cardiac surgeon.  You don't happen to be lying, are you? 

PSS- There's only one sure way to rid yourself of the racism and anti-Iranianism that is so prevelant in this Jew infested United States: You must, at once, pack your jol va palas and purchase your good self a one way ticket to the great Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.  After all, you "Love Iran," so what on Earth are you doing in the anti-Iran land of America?!!! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Dr Ala

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Happy NowRuz. I turned off my contact because I was fed up with people on IC but turned it on so you may contact me. 

Yes it has become "mod-e-ruz" among some overly Westernized Iranians to bash Iran at any chance. They seem to be under the delusion that it makes them seem "fair minded" just like Fox is "fair and balanced"! 

On top of it we got some who attack Iranian "men" with a broad brush. As if they don't have sons; fathers; or brothers. All in a days work of proving how "open minded" they are. Well I am a : male; Iranian American and have nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of; nor do other Iranians or people of Iranian origin whether be male or female even if they live in San Fransisco! 

Mohammad Ala

Personal attacks and Accountability

by Mohammad Ala on

I agree with VPK that IC has changed to an anti-Iranian site and tolerates personal attacks towards people who defend Iran’s right(s).  Anti-Iranian posts are featured on daily basis and members get away with insults.  VPK is not the first Iranian who has said this and he will not be the last one.

(VPK, your contact button in your profile is not active …. not possible to contact directly.  Happy Nowruz.).


Do Not Shoot Me


by Do Not Shoot Me on

I responded to the VPK's comment.

It is good to know that the only one who is not a troll on this site is you. 

Anahid Hojjati

how do you know someone is a troll

by Anahid Hojjati on

they write all the time about angry feminists

Do Not Shoot Me

Angry Feminists

by Do Not Shoot Me on

They have no logic. Not because they are feminists but because they are angry all the time. Anger destroys wisdom. Angry Feminists can get away with anything they post on this site while others cannot.  Double standard. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Thank you love of Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have pretty much written off IC because of its deliberate promotion of anti Iranian hate. But I will comment on this one. Mirkarimi was harassed and relentlessly persecuted by a racist named Gascon. 

The witch hunt was also championed by San Fransisco Chronicle and its editors. No Iranian organization tried to help Mirkarimi. The most shameful of all were the posters on IC. In particular those who joined the celebration of his misery and convicted him without a trial. Worse were "feminists" who reached further condemning all men or at least Iranian men. Shame on the sick people who throw anyone to wolves for a piece of silver.

Now I know why Iranian.Com is losing readers.

Mohammad Ala

Thank you Dr. jan.

by Mohammad Ala on

I agree with you about changes....

Mr. Mirkarimi put up a good fight, proved his points and brought the double-standards to the public 's attention.  I believe Mr. Mirkarimi can pick up pieces and do relatively well in life.  He should divorce his wife and move on.


Let me apologize

by ILoveIran on

Let me apologize for the formatting of the article, I haven't figured out the strange things the upload feature does to the format.  I will correct the typos after people have had a chance to read it (I noticed that correcting makes the article disappear).  


WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing ALL this info :)

by Yana on

shad zee


Mohammad Ala

THANK YOU for this report. Good effort.

by Mohammad Ala on

Court cases in the USA demonstrate exactly what you reported that people with similar or worse crimes are in the high office or remained in the high office (Monica vs. Clinton).

Justice ignored for all is justice not served equally to all.

I am against any sort(s) of abuse by both men and women.  However, based on US police reports 90% of men do not report, but 90% of women report the abuses.  Men have been harassed, threatened, and objects thrown at them at home.  The 90% of men tolerate these abuses and do not report them (or if neighbors video tape the incidents, do not turn them to police).

Women reporting abuses dramatically increase in relations to husbands’ wealth and/or fame. 

As a non-believer, I cannot say God is fair, but I would like to say vicious people or countries will be punished eventually and rejected by the world community and friends in the long run.