Gaffes by VOA that humiliates Iranians in Iran & IRIB reaction

by i_support_khamenie

VOA manages to insult Iranian decency and the video as well as IRIB reaction.


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One Man's Gaffe is Another Man's critical enquiry

by fozolie on


The Mollafia supporters like American political correctness. Now that, is really funny.


Mr. Fozolie


erooonman, you see to not want to understand

by i_support_khamenie on

Initially, the lady said that she is wearing her hejab "out of respect" for somebody.

Now, let's see who that somebody is?

Could it be that this lady happens to come out of a very traditional extended family with many relatives still in the dehat?

Could that person whom she happens to wear the hejab for, happens to be an over 80 yr old father close to his death, who has consented to his daughter's choices in life, but has asked her to "atleast please wear it infront of the camera, that is my only wish, so that our dehati relatives can let me rest in peace when I die"

Obviously, after she removed it, the host asks, what about that other person?
Her reply was "he/she already broke it" as a way to save face.

Clearly, she informed the host, she wears it out of respect. Had it been any American journalist or even Dave Letterman, they would have been satisfied , but heactually "pressured and cornered" her. This is not journalism, this is more like a white inquisition. I tell him, Kose Kesh betoche dighe, leave her alone, madar jende. The same I would tell to a baseeji harrasing a bad hijabi in Iran.

This is not about wearing hejab- woman empowerment. This is about Humiating a person and cornering them.

People in Iran and our culture IN IRAN don't accept that. The same can be said when Columbia's President insulted Ahmadi. Even his biggest adversaries were extremely insulted. Why? Because Ahmadi represented Iran as head of state when he went to Columbia.

Even the Dixie Chicks were lynched by most Americans when they bad mouthed Bush while in a foreign country.

There is a time and place for everything. If you don't get it, then you're not connected with Iranian mentality in IRAN....


And your point is???

by Khar on

You like them bare-footed and pregnant, don't you buddy!?

Marg Bar in Eslaam va Hejaab-e Ejbaari!


Hejab is the enemy...

by eroonman on

What is certain is that BOTH videos use the hejab to dramatize the demonization of women. As you can clearly see, Mohajer is obviously conflicted, on the one hand she thinks she supports the hejab personally, and wears it on air. On the same other hand she clearly sees it as a symbol of the very tyranny and oppression she is desperately trying to speak out, with some coherence on. She looks frustrated and confused. A clear sign of someone under a great deal of emotional pressure. This is precisely how the IRI likes it's women.

VOA called her on her quotes, a new thing for Iranian journalism, TV and social culture to understand and tolerate, and although it seems harsh, she handled it well, although more than a bit perturbed at the sharpness of her own truth biting her.

The IRI video puzzlingly uses ugly or unattractive pictures of her in a chador repeatedly, along with outland sound effects (howling wind noises and ominous chords) and fuzzy dark scenes in the background to portray her as the ominous beast, and evil. This is entirely obvious. What is puzzling is if the chador is so islamically cool, why are you using it to demonize Mohajer? After all it's your chador that makes her so ugly.

Her position in all of this? The thing she has said that is most disconcerting to everyone? That Iran's constitution is undemocratic, and must be changed from within.

Wow! What audacity! Of course she must be stopped!

I think she's great, these videos illustrate just how far gone the IRI is with their anti-woman policies and social engineering plans. Although very obviously and reasonably damaged by the oppression she lives under, she cannot be expected to operate in perfect flawless condition when a systematic, soulless methodically applied process of dehumanization and degradation of a group of the human species whose genetic code is off by merely 1 missing Y chromosome.


Geda Ba'zi...

by Midwesty on

You all give too much credit to both sides. It outweighs the IQ they carry.

Nader Vanaki

To: Ari Siletz

by Nader Vanaki on

VOA is getting more annoying as time goes on.  Another silliness is named Jamshid Chalangi who is conducting the lowest form of TV jibber jabber with Nourizadeh and Sazegara over neck ties.  The viewership tunes in to hear what these two have to say-only to be dumbfounded by this man's silliest questions and even worse, interruptions.

Ari Siletz

Just as pissed, Nader Vanaki

by Ari Siletz on

Was this really a gaffe, or is VOA now in the business of destroying Iran's freedom movement following the Leveretts' policy advice?  

Nader Vanaki

این مجری برنامه رو از کدوم آژانس تاکسی پیدا کردن؟

Nader Vanaki

این مرتیکه جلف و سبک، مجری برنامه خیلی فکر می کنه که خوش مزه و تیزه.  با این سوالات و لوس بازی ها انگار که می خواد توی کافی شاپ بعد از لاس زدن طرف رو بلند کنه.  این هم شد مصاحبه؟  مرتیکه به تو چه ربطی داره این خانم با چه ظاهری می یاد روی تلویزیون؟ خودتون رو هم نماد آزادی نمایش می دین ولی در عمل عقلتون به اندازه یه الاف ولگرد خیابون هم نمی رسه. یه سری هم به برنامه های زبون های دیگه بزنین که فکر نکنین که آخرش خودتونین و بس.

Ali P.

In America, at least,...

by Ali P. on

One is free to cover up, or not to cover up.

Also, people are free to ask you to cover up, or not to cover up.

Of course, no force, or intimidation is allowed.

What you do at the end, is your pregorative.

This lady can do what she pleases, as far as I am- and the state is- concerned.


I feel sorry for this Iranian woman who is cornered by a man

by i_support_khamenie on

She wants to fight for human rights yet feels pressured to cave in to a VOA bazjo