Wiping the Persian Gulf off the Map

Wiping the Persian Gulf off the Map
by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Being Iranian, I notice the Persian Gulf everywhere. Maps, articles, news spots on TV/radio etc..

Being a media and politics junkie, I sat to watch my weekly dose of 60 minutes. That ticking clock is so delicious and soothing. Here came Leslie Stahl explaining Saudi Arabia's oil business operations. She said Persian Gulf. Impressive considering what happened next.

She went into the tech center or "central nerve center" according to the Oil Minister who gave her a tour of Aramco Building. It was like NASA launch center - wall to wall computers with numbers monitoring all the yummy oil that we get to use to go to COSTCO and road trips to visit Khaleh Minoo. Fascinating. Organized. 

A red alert went off in my Iranian section of the brain when I saw large letters reading ARABIAN GULF all over the place. I never really liked Saudi Arabia. I think it's ridiculous that they got away with 9-11 while other, poorer and desperate places like Afghanistan are bleeding. But hey, that's just footnotes and conspiracy. If I had the Ross Perot capability, I would have slides and photo stills, but I suggest you check it out. The Saudis are not only working to make us oil dependent, but they also want to wipe the Persian Gulf off the map. 



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Mehdi Mazloom

by XerXes (not verified) on

All the problems that you are reflecting are coming from Zions and their policy to isolate Iran. Economy has nothing to do with Iranian problem but the powers wanting Iran to fail.
Iran is the super power otherwise your country would have already done the damage. And you know that they don't give a damn about anything but their own interest, so Iran is a force to deal with that your country is helplessly begging US to attack Iran.
note, that Iran is only going up from here. Unlike your country and the US Iran is not based on the economy alone, if that was the case, under the Shah Iran was well off. We care more than just economy. You need to learn a lot more about Iran and its culture to understand what I am talking about my friend. In Iran friends die for one another, in your country you kill your friend for your benefit.
Isaar-gari, or selflessness is what made Iraq with all its support to bend its knees because we are Iran. Remember the word, Iran. That's us, where we stand for what matters. Our problems, internal problems unlike your countries' international wrong doings, will be solved by us. Because we are Iran. You don' t know much about the pride of Iran to stand here and preach Zions thoughts.


Rosie, show me your Iranian birth certificate, and.....

by Curly (not verified) on

I cut all my beautiful curly hair for you:)))


Persian Gulf + Persian Sea

by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on

You know that body of water above the Indian Ocean which they sometimes call the Arabian Sea?

Actually its real and historic name is Persian sea.
Look at this wikipedia article.


Mehdi Mazloom

XerXes - again wake up agha.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

So according your your standards "Iran is ALREADY a superpower in the region". Apparently your have different standards then others.

Lets take a look at our new "superpower".

- Inflation: 24% and climbing

- Unemployment: 27% (and climbing)

- Second and third rate military force. Its major accomplishment. Suppress Student riots in the streets of Tehran, Mashhad, and others cities.

- With its famous Ta'arrof, and the art of pretentious, Iranian leaders are mistrusted by its Arab neighbors, to such a degree, they prefer to trust the Israelis more then their own fellow Muslims in Tehran.

- Farsis make up only 51% of the rest of the population in Iran.

- Shi'ites make up only 11% of the Muslims in the Middle East.

- Corruption and under the table dealing in Iran is rampant.

- 80% of the population (particularly the young generation) loath and disdains this regime. It had lost its legitimacy with the Iranians.

- 80% of Iran budget comes from olil revenues. With oil prices dropping by the day, the regime is just about to collups under its own massive weight of subsidies which take 50% of the national bedget.

- This regime has left Iran with no real and genuine friends to rely on in time of need. rather it has to buy other countries frienship with hard cash money taked from the mouth of Iranian man woman and children (Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas< etc).



you lost me!!??

by SALTY on

What report? can you explain more?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I thought this could be an all inclusive issue. No hope I guess

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I was hoping this would be a "non-issue" i.e. an issue we would all unite around. Even if 100 e-mails go to 60m@cbsnews.com It's good. But fighting like this in THIS blog of all blogs, is just dumb. Cut it out. Please. For the love of allah/yaweh/jesus/bab/zeus/buddha. STOP arguing. This has nothing to do with IRI. IT has to do with Saudis god damn it. If you saw the report, you also noticed the oil minister sneering at Iran when Leslie Stahl mentioned them at the OPEC summit. Saudis..... 


The Persian Gulf?

by Kurush (not verified) on

I am going to burst your bubble who think by writing to 60 minutes things will be resolved. If you live in North America, you would say I live in Canada or in the US. Do you really? You might be living in Powhattan country, or, Wampanoag's, Pequot's, Iroquoi's, or Ottawa's. So what happened to Pequot? Certianly they were powereful for their time, at least they thought so. But they are no more. Genocide took care of that. If the Nazis had defeated the Soviets we would have the Reich as our neighbours (imagine that!), for the Germans would have made sure Russian names and civilizatin were eradicated. The Nazis themselves said so.
I say, perversely to make my point, yeah why not the Arabian Gulf? I mean the conquerors win the 'name game' too. With so much divisiveness in our ranks, given the fact that Iranians sat back and watched our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Iraq be invaded and humiliated, given the fact that we expect bunch of ragtag Talibans and Iraqi patriots fight the invaders, in other words fight our wars for us so we do not have to confront the terrible Western invaders and occupiers & their slaves in the Moslem world. Why should it be called The Persian Gulf? The Russians sacrificed 20 millions to be able to continue to call their country Russia, Moscow Moscow. I am against all wars, but that's how names are attached to places, by the will of the conquerors. If you want to continue calling it the Persian Gulf, then demand the Western navies leave the 'Persian' Gulf. Good Day.


Progressive Xerxes?!!

by cyclicforward on

You call IRI a progressive government? They stone people and worry more about what you wear than what is going on in economy. You have turned the country to a handout and begger nation. so don't tell me you are progressive.

Another point is that you accuse everyone as enemy of Iran if they don't agree with your nonsense and have different thoughts. Please take your nonsense elsewhere and it does not stick here. 

We lost the name of Persian Gulf because of the bad policy of IRI and they are selling Caspian sea resources to Russians just because they want get their hand on a loosely bomb. So, don't tell me the Mullah's are patriotic and I am enemy of Iranian people. Nothing is further from truth.



by XerXes (not verified) on

Iran won't be what you think it will be. Iranians are not similar to many Iranians here. They do want freedom but most of people such as cyclicforward have lost touch with Mardom e paak e Iran and have fallen for the enemies preachings such as Zions.
You know what Zions have been good for? Az aab e gel aalud maahi migiran. Thankfully Iranians are much smarter than these people and that's why Iran with IR is more progressive than Zions and every other country in the region.
Arabic population admire Iranians movement. They would have loved to be able to do what Iran has accomplished. those who just see the present and are blinded from not reading/knowing enough about the history and the region (And as you can see speak similar to those Americans who have no clue about eyeran) can't see further than their own nose.
Zions target those...

Mohammad Ala

Not just a name . . . Persian Gulf is our legacy.

by Mohammad Ala on

Not just a name . . . //iranian.com/Ala/2004/November/PG/index.html


Persian Gulf website (//www.persiangulfonline.org) was created almost ten years ago to demonstrate that we are fighting a legacy, not just a name.  Actually, our fight(s) started when Arabs attacked Iran when our country had become weak figthing Greeks and Romans.


In early 50s, history books attribute the wrong name to a Brit by the name of Charles Barkley (few years later, President Jamal Naser referred to it as A. Gulf in public).

Persian Gulf For Ever.  Join us with many members all over the world(//www.persiangulfonline.org)


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

In addition to Kuwait/Iraq you can cite Israel in the letter

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Remind the writers and producers that if someone purposely falsified a map that mistook Israel, there would be outrage. Actually Israel and its problems are the equivalent of a land dispute. When Saddam was aggressively changing maps that showed Kurdistan or Kuwait, how did the world react? 


Contact Us

60 Minutes 
524 West 57th St. 
New York, NY 10019 

EMAIL: 60m@cbsnews.com 

PHONE: (212) 975-3247  


'Being Iranian, I...'

by Zion on

Yeah, right!


Relax Xerxes

by cyclicforward on

You are reading too much into your own nonsense. The population of Arab country is not pro Iran, the same way the population of Iran is not pro IRI. The whole IRI existence is in the question at the moment and hopefully this regime will be replaces with a democratic one soon.


Iran is the super power

by XerXes (not verified) on

By itself. They can try to call it whatever they want but they all know, west and east that Iran is not a tiny submissive nation of Ghajar and Shah anymore.
It is Persian Gulf and as Rafsanjani had once mentioned, if they go out of their line the Persian Gulf will be called the Gulf of blood!
Arabs must be dealt with the way the IR has. Their population is pro Iran while their governments are anti Iran. That means Iran is more influential to their people than their own government. Now let them go call Persian Gulf whatever they want, they will have to deal with their real issues sooner or later. Especially after Iran has succeeded to become independent.


1970 World Fair

by bahram9821 on

Marge    I saw the samething on 60 Minutes, I was yelling at the TV, no matter what they do it will always be Persian Gulf. Take a look at this clip that was taken by my father in 1970 in Japan. It was Osaka World's Fair and he was filming a member of the Royal Family visiting the Iranian exhibition. At the end of the film this guy is crossing out the Arabian Gulf  and writing Persian Gulf over it. If there was an Iranian.com in 1970, he would have been the  Iranian of the Day for sure.





حتئ اگر چیزشون رو هم پاره کنن یه فنجون از سهم ما از آب خلیج فارس کم نمی‌شه، عربها همیشه دلشون به این شعر و ور‌ها خوش بوده، ایندفعه هم روش!

بیشتر از صد میلیونشون از پس یه اسرایل فسقلی بر نمیان ! اینا عادت دارن که چک رو یه جا دیگه بخورن برن عر و گ...زشو یه جا دیگه بکنند !

فقط فکر کن سردار قادسیه شون رو با چه خفتی از سوراخ موش بیرون کشیدن و دار زدن !




by PsnGlf (not verified) on

This is not something new. Back in 50's, Gamal Abdel Nasser, the president of Egypt who happened to dislike the Shah of Iran, first started floating the idea of name change around the Arab world. Then, Saddam Hossein followed his futile effort for sometime before he was hanged by the Americans.

I don't worry about the media. Those who are civilized, educated, read books, and go to the museums, read and see the original name in the ancient documents which are unchangeable. Who care about ignorant people, like Joe the plumber, who watch TV tonight and forget the subject tomorrow?


Dear Crush

by PsnGlf (not verified) on

Don't worry about what the Arabs want to call the Persian Gulf. They may be able to buy one issue of the National Geographic with the name changed, but it wont stick. They cannot change the history. When the Persian Gulf was named PERSIAN GULF by the great Persian empire thousands of years ago, people could not even differentiate between Arabs and lizards in the deserts south of the Persian Gulf.

Ze shir e shotor khordan o soosmar - Arab ra be jaee resideh ast kar.

BTW, nice picture! Iranians should make islands with these letters in the Persian Gulf (as opposed to the Palm and World Islands) so people can read it loud and clear from outer space.